PSA: PlayStation Store Web & Mobile Browser to Stop PS3, Vita and PSP Sales – Get Your Sonic Games This Weekend!

Recently, Sony announced that it was making big changes to its PlayStation Store. From Monday 19 October, you will no longer be able to purchase PS3, PSP or PS Vita games from a desktop web browser, and from 28 October on mobile browser. This may have an impact on your ability to buy and download a range of Sonic games, so consider this a Public Service Announcement.

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The Spin: How SEGA is Ignoring the Middle Children of Sonic’s Legacy

2010 was the year Sonic the Hedgehog came back. Yes, we all heard the stories about how the franchise had declined not long after the jump to 3D, how gaming news outlets and critics even now would begin their pieces with some variation of “Sonic has had a rocky history,” and how every new Sonic game released around the “dark ages” period couldn’t shake off the dreaded “Sonic Cycle.” Continue reading The Spin: How SEGA is Ignoring the Middle Children of Sonic’s Legacy

Sonic 2 Now Available for Free to EU PS Plus Subscribers Until December 3rd

Sony’s got a Christmas treat for European PlayStation Plus subscribers with its ‘The 12 Gifts of Christmas’ promotion. Starting today, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download one free game, every two days, and you will be able to keep them for as long as you’re a subscriber. SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the first game, with seven more PSN titles, two minis and two PSone Classics to come. The next game will be available December 3rd, so be sure to grab Sonic 2 before then.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

RUMOUR: Sonic Generations Coming to Sony’s NGP?

PlayStation news website PSPgweber has published what is apparently the launch line-up for Sony’s Next Generation Portable (final name now rumoured to be PS Vita) and Sonic Generations is among the titles featured. The website also claims the title is coming to PC, a platform SEGA themselves listed in a recent financial report before being later removed and unheard of since. No other info is given, but PSPgweber says to expect details to be revealed during E3.

The full list of titles includes:

Uncharted NGP
Little Deviants
Call of Duty
Lumines NGP
Sonic Generations
Mortal Kombat
Lego Harry Potter (5-7 years)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
F1 2011
Hot Shot Golf Next

Nintendo Power recently unveiled a Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, so could the NGP and PC be two more mystery platforms for Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary game? E3 is just around the corner, so if the game is coming to those platforms, we should definitely find out there.

Source: PSPgweber

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

[UPDATE] Sonic 4 PS3 Dynamic Theme Coming To PlayStation Store

UPDATE: ArchangelUK of SEGA Europe and Sonic Wrecks has received European and Australian pricing and release date information from SCEE. The theme will be available Wednesday 19th January for free to PlayStation Plus members, and cost €1.99/£1.59/$AU3.45 for everyone else.
Source: Sonic Wrecks/UPDATE END

SEGA’s RubyEclipse has revealed that a Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Dynamic Theme will soon be available on the PlayStation Store for PS3 owners thanks to a joint effort from SEGA and Sony. This theme is based on the game’s first stage Splash Hill Zone and features Sonic running and spin-dashing around, with an appearance from Dr. Eggman every now and then. Another cool feature is the ring sound effect we’ve all grown to know and love that will trigger when toggling around the XMB.

This Dynamic Theme will be a part of this coming Tuesday’s PlayStation Store update in the U.S. and will be released shortly after in Europe, so maybe Wednesday’s European PlayStation Store update, if we’re lucky? The theme will cost $2.99 in the U.S. and for a limited time will be available free to all PlayStation Plus members. No European prices were given.

If you missed the announcement, SEGA added exclusive Sonic 4 Avatar items to the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 owners in December.

Source: SEGA of America Blog & Sonic City Blognik

Thanks to CobraRoll at the SSMB for the heads up!

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Want Sony Characters In ASR PS3? Place Your Vote!

The team at the Official U.S. PlayStation Blog have set up a new feature simply called PlayStation Blog Share where users can set up suggestion polls to get their idea’s out there for consideration and get a clear idea of how high or low demand is for said suggestion with a positive and negative vote system.

Casanova at the SSMB has set up a suggestion poll there for Sony exclusive characters for DLC in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing PS3. If you are interested you can place your vote here.

Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 and Genesis Collection Now On U.S. PlayStation Store


For those not in the know Sony have released the latest model in the PSP family, the PSP Go today and to celebrate the launch SEGA have released a bunch of their classic PSP games on the PlayStation Store.

The U.S. store has received the following titles –
* Alien Syndrome ($15.99)
* Super Monkey Ball Adventure ($15.99)
* Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars ($15.99)
* Iron Man ($19.99)
* Sonic Rivals ($15.99)
* Sonic Rivals 2 ($29.99)
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines ($15.99)
* Sega Genesis Collection ($15.99)
* Crush ($15.99)

If you are after a classic Sonic fix on Sony’s handheld Sega Genesis Collection has Sonic 1 and 2 on it among all the classic Genesis titles also worth buying the collection for.

Europe has received only a few titles –
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines (£11.99)
* Crush (£11.99)
* Iron Man (£11.99)

No Sonic love for Europe but we’ll be checking next week’s PlayStation Store update so stay tuned to TSS!

U.S. PS Blog
European PS Blog

SEGA granted PS Home development license


Sony Computer Entertainment have revealed 24 third party companies who have been granted development licenses to support Sony’s community focused virtual world PlayStation Home and among those 24 names is SEGA. PlayStation Home is currently available via PlayStation Network in BETA form but with all of this third party support should soon be on track to being complete.

The full third party support list is shown in the above slide shown at a press event but if you’d like a written list here it is –
AQ Interactive
Games Republic
Q Entertainment
Nippon Ichi
Bandai Namco

Big names missing are –
Square Enix

No info or media has been revealed as to what these third party companies plan on adding to PlayStation Home yet due to them only just getting their development licenses but it should certainly be interesting with the ability for these companies to be able to develop rooms themed around certain games as shown a while back with Sony’s titles.

Could we see a Sonic themed room with rings, item boxes and Chao decorated around the room. Sonic 1 playable arcade machines in the corner? Maybe it could be like Sonic’s room on Sonic Shuffle? Either way, make it happen SEGA!


Would you like a Sonic room in PlayStation Home? What other SEGA franchises could have a good home in Home? *dodgy pun* Let us know in the comments

Sonic stages deleted from LittleBigPlanet over copyright claims

CVG are reporting that user generated levels based around other videogames are being deleted off the servers due to copyright claims from Sony. These themed levels include Sonic the Hedgehog stages. So anyone wishing to publish their favorite stages like Green Hill Zone or Emerald Hill Zone will have to keep them to themselves. CVG have contacted Sony but have received no reply yet but LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule have issued this statement –

“We’re reviewing the moderating system currently to provide better feedback on why levels are moderated,” he said, going on to explain: “Primarily, any level that is reported using the grief tool will be checked over by a moderator, at which point they’ll examine it in line with the EULA. If a level is found to be in violation of the EULA it will be moderated and you’ll receive a message to that effect.

“We’re moving towards a system where additional information is given, however for the time being if you don’t want your level moderating avoid anything unsuitable for users of all ages and copyright content,”

What are your oppinions on this? Has anyone with the game had their Sonic stages deleted off the server?

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