Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection Joins Platinum Hits Range

With last week’s news of Sonic Unleashed hitting the Xbox 360 Platinum Hits and Classics ranges it looks like SEGA fans have another game to celebrate hitting Platinum Hits status with Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection joining the range. There’s no evidence as yet of the European version titled SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection joining the Classics range but we’ll keep an eye out.

With this news we can safely say there are still alot of fans of classic SEGA titles out there and now any fans who were holding out can now go pick the collection up pretty cheap in the budget Platinum Hits range.


IGN Takes Yet Another SEGA Compilation For A Spin

IGN has a preview of the upcoming (and umpteenth) compilation from SEGA, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, up on its website.  Despite the game having the infamous “butt Sonic art,” the previewer, Ryan Clements, is all smiles about this upcoming batch of 40 Genesis tiles on one disc.

Ryan notes that the game features a filtering system in the game selection menu.  You can arrange the titles by genre or your personal rating, thus putting all of your favorite 16-bit adventures at the top of the list.  It looks to be yet another winner for SEGA, as it continues to rehash its back catalog until the end of time (and by back catalog, I mean Genesis games.  My homebrew-enabled Wii can’t emulate a Saturn, SEGA.  A little help here!)

Ryan does not touch upon the “hated” (I guess?) upscaling filter that makes all the games “HD.”  Don’t worry, because has some “HD” screens of Sonic 2 and they are awful.  Let’s sneak a peak at the legendary special stage:


Aw, man, who wiped their nose with the Sonic screenshots again?  Wait, nobody did?  Well, shit.

What is ‘Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection’?

A hawk-eyed TSS reader has informed us about “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection” (highlighted), which is listed in Gamestop’s latest release schedule. Priced at $29.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and due for release on the 10th February 2009, it appears SEGA haven’t yet given up on providing all of Sonic’s classics to current consumers. It makes sense – with half the community bitching about how much better the Mega Drive games were (which I can’t say doesn’t hold merit) it seems wise to let new gamers experience the hedgehog’s glory days. For fans, it opens up a whole new world of speculation — will SEGA provide loads of meaty bonus content ala Sonic Jam this time? Will players actually be able to play Chaotix without locating a 32X? What the heck does that mean for those that purchased Sonic 1 and 2 from Xbox Live Arcade?

Before we all go jumping the gun though, it’s important to note that SEGA haven’t officially announced such a title. Having said that, retailer’s secret schedules are regularly a source for getting to know of new projects ahead of time. Jot this down in your Sonic filofaxes as a ‘rumour’ for now. Many thanks to our anonymous tipster who sent this in – top stuff.