A Sonic Convention for the US? SoniCon 2010

Now either I’m very slow off the bat (in which case this probably isn’t news for you), but it looks like the US are getting a Sonic Convention…for a second time: apparently the DFW Hedgehog Show and SoniCon is now in it’s second year. The event is being held in Plano, Texas in early November, but looks to be a much more wildlife-ish related affair compared to what goes on with Summer of Sonic. Amongst a whole host of hedgehoggy people and gothic looking rock bands (I hope they give the hedgehogs ear plugs) is Eggman voice actor extrodinaire Mike Pollock, who will also be making an appearance at the event.

If you live state-side and are planning on going to this, let us know!

You can find convention information at the DFW Hedgehog Show Convention webpage.

Alternatively, come to Summer of Sonic (shameless plug, yes).