More Sonic X-Treme Material Released by Lead Artist

In August, we reported the discovery of several models in the portfolio of Sonic X-Treme lead designer Ross Harris, including the previously unknown inclusion of Amy Rose.

Harris has now released some videos on his own channel showing off several of the assets that were seen in the portfolio in action, as well as other concept videos done in Sonic X-Treme’s development. Aside from showing off Sonic animations and Amy run cycles, there’s an early Tails model, several Badniks, logo animations and mock-ups showing off how platforms and pipes would work.

Most notably, Harris himself confirmed that a lot of this work is from the early stages of Sonic X-Treme as opposed to later on (which is when the development trouble really affected a lot of these ideas). It’s really interesting to see what the game might have looked like before the more famous period of the game’s history.

Source: RDPH Games (Youtube)

Sonic X-Treme E3 1996 Promo Video Hits the Net


A Sonic X-Treme promo video from E3 1996 hit the net yesterday, courtesy of YouTube user ArgyleDX. Some of the footage you may recognise from an off-screen recording of the SEGA Saturn game’s E3 1996 trailer, while some of it you may have not seen before. The video is very much in line with SEGA’s classic advertising combat against then rival Nintendo, who had their big N64 launch title Super Mario 64 on the way that year.

ArgyleDX has also shared a couple of other SEGA videos from E3 1996 promoting games for the SEGA Saturn and SEGA Genesis and Nomad. Those are available after the jump.
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Chris Senn Puts an End to “Project S”

Chris Senn, one of the original members of the Sonic X-treme team, has cancelled “Project S,” a community created version of the cancelled Sega Saturn title.  Senn has released a statement on his forum regarding the cessation of “Project S:”

Now the saga of Sonic X-treme arrives at a new crossroad.  As of January 12, 2010, it is with a heavy heart I announce that Project-S is officially canceled.

Many people worked very hard throughout the project’s three year and three month life cycle.  Making any product is extremely difficult, and Project-S was no exception.  Working for free and online with a wide range of experience, skillsets, availability, and dedication just didn’t work out for the team responsible for Project-S.  The hope is that the successes the team earned along the way are complimented by lessons learned that, unfortunately, led to our collective inability to reach a public release.

We appreciate how patient our fans have been, and how much they have supported our efforts.  Although we can’t provide you with a playable game, we would like to see how much interest there is in the materials we did create.  If you would like, please vote for what you would most like shared from Project-S.  Click here to vote.

Thanks for your support.  Though this has been hard for all of us, we are thankful for what we learned and the new friendships we’ve made.

Let’s welcome a new decade full of possibilities, and take positivity from this experience to become happier, more successful people!

On behalf of the Project-S team,
-Christian G. Senn
(aka “kurisu”)
Project-S General Manager Administrator

Followers of the project can vote on what the would like to see released to the public.  Since there has been no media whatsoever in the three years that “Project S” has been in development, it will be interesting to finally see what the team had come up with.  The forum has been littered with fans asking for “progress” for years, so those folks will finally get some answers.

Source: Senntient forums

UPDATE: GamesRadar uncover the story behind Sonic Xtreme

Regular visitors of will have noticed their site has been doing alot of features regarding Sonic the Hedgehog including ‘The rise, fall and deafening crash of Sonic’, ‘Retro reviews’, ‘Lost official artwork’ and most recently ‘The best Sonic moments ever’. At the end of the recent feature they explain that there is more Sonic on the way with another feature regarding the least-known chapter in Sonic’s past.

There’s more Sonic scheduled for next week too, including one extra-special story where we shed some light on one of the least-known chapters of Sonic’s history – something any Sonic fan should read. See you there.’

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Sonic X-Treme prototype released early

If you’ve been paying attention to Sonic News at all, you’ll have noticed this article that we posted not too long ago. It said that a Sonic X-Treme prototype would be released on July 18th, available for anyone to take a look at.

Well, as it turns out, someone attempted to leak it early, and this prompted ASSEMbler to make a formal release earlier on. So, today, July 16th, 2007, the developmental Sonic X-Treme release has finally been shown the light of day!

Download is available by bittorrent here, and a rapidshare mirror has been made of it here.

A big thanks to ASSEMbler for making this public! Enjoy and all that. It isn’t much, admittedly, but come on – what would your friends say if you told them you played an unreleased game? You’d be the top bloke in your group of mates. Or something.

Here’s the download links again, just in case you’re lazy (like me):

Torrent link (via ASSEMblergames forums)
Rapidshare Mirror

NOTE: You’ll need a Sega Saturn emulator to run this. SSF runs it perfectly, but you’ll need a high-end machine to run it well.

Sonic X-Treme prototype to be released to public?

Rumors have been spreading, both private and in public, about a public release of a test engine of the lost Sonic game, Sonic X-Treme, which was originally planned to debut as “the” Sonic game on the Sega Saturn, which was later scrapped and replaced with the far-inferior Sonic 3D Blast, which, even though it had a nice soundtrack, was mediocre compared to what X-Treme had offered.

According to various forum posts on both Sonic CulT and the Sonic 2 Beta page, local scener HXC, Sonic X-Treme research extraordinare, ASSEMbler, of has obtained a copy of a Sonic X-Treme test build, which was up for auction a couple of years beforehand, and was auctioned off to a collector, who had the game for an extended period of time. Now, rumors have spread that this developmental build of Sonic X-Treme will be released to the public on July 18th, free for anyone to download and research. Continue reading Sonic X-Treme prototype to be released to public?

Chris Senn launches X-Treme website

Hurrah I hear you scream, the Sonic X-Treme compendium’s first instalment has been released.

Eversince Chris Senn began spilling the beans on the Sonic X-Treme project on his forums (in mid November) he’s been promising the world in the form of the SXC, and for a while it seemed like that might never have happed. Searching through disks and paperwork, on the now extinct project, was a lengthy task. It’s amazing that Senn has got this far without giving up, despite numerous jabs an insults from the very people he is trying to help. Continue reading Chris Senn launches X-Treme website

Senn and Yasuhara to explore Sonic 1

A development has come to light over the recent charity of Chris Senn on Sonic X-treme. Chris, with the aid of Yasuhara Hirokazu, will be unearthing production information on the original ‘SONIC TEAM’ and Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis/Megadrive) game.

Chris posted this message on his message board on January 06, 2006 04:00 PM PT (US):

The Sonic Xtreme fan community will be delighted to know that I met with Yasuhara Hirokazu for lunch today, and he agreed to let me share his paper designs he contributed towards the end of the Sonic Xtreme project. They are VERY cool! These will be shared in the Sonic Xtreme Compendium (SXC) I keep mentioning. Continue reading Senn and Yasuhara to explore Sonic 1

Chris Senn Creates Tiara Boobowski’s ‘My Space’

Chris Senn has revealed yet even more information on Tiara Boobowski, the conceptual character of Sonic X-treme.

Flexing his creative muscles Senn, the former director of Sonic X-treme, revealed detailed information in the form of a ‘My Space’ log.

Such information included Tiara’s likes and dislike, location, and another conceptual image. Since there’s so much information within the log, ‘Sonic News’ suggest you visit the web page here: Tiara’s ‘My space’.

New Sonic X-treme Information Found

A recent discovery, made by ‘Sonic Cult’ member HXC has revealed some interesting and new ‘Sonic X-treme’ information.

Among the discoveries that were bought to light when HXC contacted the games former director Chris Senn were: conceptual art of Tiara Boobowski (which could be classed as a very elaborate spite, much in the guise of the Sonic sprites from the cut scenes in Sonic Advance 2), a small GIF demo of Tiara in action And finally a 3D rendered demo of the game that was apparently coded on an Amiga 4000 and used to pitch the concept to SEGA’s board of directors, much like the Jade Gully 32X demo would have been. Continue reading New Sonic X-treme Information Found

Sonic X-Treme Prototype Under the Hammer

Surely it sounds to good to be a true, a short playable demo of the Sonic title that captured the imaginations of fans across the world before disappearing into obscurity has finally resurfaced, and at a price.

An anonymous seller via the ASSEMblergames forums has this very item up for offer, a demo of the ill-fated title, wielding a few images of the prototype and a four figure minimum pricetag. TheRedEye writes on the ASSEMblergames forums for the anonymous seller:

Yes, it’s legit, and no, it isn’t mine. Read on, there’s a little bit of explanation in order here. Continue reading Sonic X-Treme Prototype Under the Hammer

First Details on Sonic X-Treme, the Saturn Game That Never Was

This game, if released, would have done for the Sega Saturn what Sonic Adventure did for the Dreamcast. Considering a lot more people bought the Saturn, of course. This was a totally 3D game for Sonic, most of the details are below, but after development problems hit at Sega HQ the company decided to can it and let Sonic 3D Blast take its place. Continue reading First Details on Sonic X-Treme, the Saturn Game That Never Was