Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack Now On U.S. PSN


U.S. PS3 Sonic Unleashed owners can now finally download the Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack from the Playstation Store for $2.99. If you didn’t catch our last two news stories on the European PS3 release or the Xbox Live release of the content then here are the contents of the pack yet again:

Shamar consists of
Act 1-2: Get to the goal in time!
Act 3: Find the Chao!

Act 2: Head for the goal
Act 3: Head for the goal!

Apotos consists of
Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 2-2: Head for the goal!
Act 4: Head for the goal!

Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 1-3 Head for the goal!

U.S. Official Playstation Blog: Playstation Store Update 4th June

The European Playstation Store hasn’t received any Sonic Unleashed DLC this week so it looks like you EU PS3 guys and gals will be waiting even longer for your missing Mazuri Adventure Pack.

Sonic Unleashed Mobile – New Trailer And Screens


SEGA have unveiled five new screenshots and a trailer for the upcoming mobile phone release of Sonic Unleashed. The game is being brought to you by Gameloft, a well known developer on the mobile phone gaming circuit. The game is purely 2D and looks to have some similarities to popular Sonic side-scroller games Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS. The levels look finely detailed and Sonic even has new sprites compared to past mobile games using his Sonic Advance sprites.

You can check the games appearance yourself by checking the rest of the screenshots and trailer out over at IGN. SEGA and Gameloft have yet to reveal a release date for the game but we’ll let you know as soon as one is revealed.

Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack Now On EU PSN


European PS3 Sonic Unleashed owners can now download the Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack from the Playstation Store for £2.39. If you didn’t catch our news story on the Xbox Live release of the content then here are the contents of the pack again:

Shamar consists of
Act 1-2: Get to the goal in time!
Act 3: Find the Chao!

Act 2: Head for the goal
Act 3: Head for the goal!

Apotos consists of
Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 2-2: Head for the goal!
Act 4: Head for the goal!

Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 1-3 Head for the goal!

The U.S. Playstation Store hasn’t received the pack this week, we’ll keep an eye out for it in next weeks update and let you know if it appears.

In other Unleashed DLC news SEGA Europe still haven’t released the Mazuri Adventure Pack on the European Playstation Store breaking the pattern that was mirroring Xbox Live’s Adventure Pack releases since the Mazuri Adventure Pack was the fourth pack released on Xbox Live before the Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack. We’ll let you know if and when the Mazuri Adventure Pack is released on the European Playstation Store.

Apotos, Shamar Adventure Pack On Xbox – No EU/US PS3 DLC

apotos shamar

Xbox 360 owners and Japanese PS3 users are in for a double whammy as you can now download the Apotos and Shamar Adventure Pack off of Xbox Live Marketplace and the Japanese Playstation Store. The pack weighs in at a massive 795 MB but still only costs 250 Microsoft Points and ¥300. The Xbox Live Marketplace describes the pack to contain five daytime stages and four nighttime stages with three brand new stages and six new missions.

I’ve downloaded the pack and here’s what’s been added:
Shamar consists of
Act 1-2: Get to the goal in time!
Act 3: Find the Chao!

Act 2: Head for the goal
Act 3: Head for the goal!

Apotos consists of
Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 2-2: Head for the goal!
Act 4: Head for the goal!

Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 1-3 Head for the goal!

European and U.S. PS3 users will be getting an update to their Playstation Stores later today, if any Sonic Unleashed DLC gets added we’ll let you know.

European and U.S. PS3 Playstation Store’s have updated and there’s no Sonic Unleashed DLC to be found on either regions store this week.

Holoska Adventure Pack Now On EU PS Store


European PS3 users have been very patient while they have been lagging behind with Sonic Unleashed downloadable content packs. For the past couple of weeks the European Playstation Store has been two packs behind Xbox 360 users and PS3 users from other regions but today you can now download the Holoska Adventure Pack. Unfortunately the Mazuri Adventure Pack is still to come but with no downloadable content released today on Xbox Live or the Playstation Store in other regions at least you EU PS3 users aren’t far behind now.

U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners get Mazuri DLC


U.S. PS3 owners of Sonic Unleashed have caught up to Xbox 360 owners again with the Mazuri Adventure Pack released on the Playstation Store yesterday.

Here’s some information released on the Official U.S. Playstation Blog

Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack ($2.99)
Download an all-new Mazuri adventure! From tree-tops to sand-stone structures, four daytime & two nighttime stages await you in this exotic town built on reddish-brown soil. This pack includes three brand new stages and three new missions. Be sure and download the other location packs to unleash the full Sonic experience!
Note: These stages are accessed in Mazuri, so unlocking Mazuri is a requirement to play these additional stages.
File size: 678 MB

U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners can also purchase and download the Holoska Adventure Pack which was released on Playstation Store two weeks back.

EU PS3 owners haven’t received any packs this week so will have to continue waiting for their Holoska and Mazuri packs.

Check back next week for further Sonic Unleashed downloadable content updates!

SEGA Releases Mazuri Download Pack on 360

Those rumblings of more downloadable content has appeared to pan out. SEGA has today released three new levels and three new missions for Mazuri on Xbox Live. Like past DLC packs, this pack costs 250 points. You can get a look at what the content looks like below, in video provided by the Youtube user 1stkirbyever. Why don’t you tell us what you think of this content below?


IGN Readers Vote Sonic 3rd Most Overrated Videogame Character

sonic-unleashed-shock-face In a recent poll, IGN asked readers to vote for their most overrated video game characters and the top 10 results are now in.

Here’s a list –
1. Master Chief
2. Lara Croft
3. Sonic The Hedgehog
4. Marcus Fenix
5. Chris Redfield
6. Kratos
7. Pac-Man
8. Big Daddy
9. Altair
10. Donkey Kong

As you can see IGN reader votes placed Sonic as the 3rd most overrated video game character, the only two they consider more overrated than Sonic are Lara Croft and Master Chief which is already causing a stir in the Xbox community but should the Sonic community take this in an equally immature manner? Well no, this is a gaming press sites poll like any other to be taken with a grain of salt.

Everyone has opinions and their own different tastes in gaming, what one person likes doesn’t mean another person will like it whether it is a good or bad game. This poll has allowed people to vote on a wide range of characters from various different genre’s too so the vote was always going to be messy and end up with some of the most popular characters ever included in this list.

Some people will no doubt give this list some credibility but that’s their opinion and viewpoint. Yes Sonic has had a rough time for a few years now games wise but I really believe that the gameplay of the Sonic stages in Sonic Unleashed was a big step in the right direction.

Now what are your views on this? Do you think Sonic deserves his spot in 3rd place? Do you think people should listen to it or just shake it off and ignore it?

Thanks to Flamerstreak over at his SSMB topic for the info.

New Unleashed Xbox 360 Update, More DLC Coming


The Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed has received a new update for download on Xbox Live this morning in Europe, no news on wether other regions have received this but Xbox Live updates are usually worldwide so other regions will most likely have this too.

The update doesn’t seem to have changed anything about the game(Adabat’s frame-rate is still choppy) although after loading up your game save the cursor on the planet isn’t over the last area you visited like normal but instead the cursor is over an open ocean area. If it’s anything like the last update the game got over Xbox Live and Playstation Network, it will be to prepare the game for upcoming downloadable content and then any fixes to the game will take effect once you have the downloadable content.

We’ll bring you more news on this as it happens.

Archangel UK over at the official Sonic City Blognik has confirmed that the Unleashed Xbox 360 patch put out today does indeed confirm our speculation that more downloadable content is coming and that current hidden areas in the game people in the research community have been digging into will be opening up.


We’ll let you know more on this when the downloadable content becomes available.

U.S. Unleashed PS3 Owners Get DLC


We have just received news that U.S. PS3 owners of Sonic Unleashed have finally received the Chun-nan and Spagonia downloadable content packs in the Playstation Store. Xbox 360 owners in the U.S. have been enjoying these stages for 7 weeks now, even European PS3 owners of the game got the Chun-nan pack a week or two ago.

The Chun-nan Adventure Pack costs $2.99 and it’s file size weighs in at 367 MB and the Spagonia Adventure Pack also cost’s $2.99 with the file size almost double that of the Chun-nan pack at 707 MB.

The Spagonia pack has yet to be released on the European Playstation Store but we’ll update you as soon as it is.

Thanks to Spicylicious at the SSMB for the update!

Spagonia Adventure Pack now on Xbox Live


A second downloadable content pack for Sonic Unleashed titled Spagonia Adventure Pack is now available from Xbox Live Marketplace. 2 weeks ago we saw the first pack titled Chun-Nan Adventure Pack which contained extra stages for both Sonic and his Werehog form.

We are currently downloading this pack to investigate it’s contents and will update you soon. The description says four daytime stages and two night-time stages are available, three of them are all new and three are new missions. No word on if this is available on the Playstation Store which in the U.S. and Europe still hasn’t received the Chun-Nan pack.

UPDATE: I’ve had a quick play of the stages and here are my findings. Sonic: The first two are hard mode versions of Act’s 1 and 2 with the other two stages being completely new. One is a tricky platforming stage held in the skies of Spagonia and the other is a chase against some flying bots.

Werehog: The first is a hard mode version of Act 1 and the second is a completely new stage that see’s you travel round the canal’s of Spagonia.

Seem’s a pretty good pack that’s definitely worth the 250 MS Points.

You can download the pack here.


So out of nowhere Kevin (Aka AAUK) posts on the blognik that Sonic Unleashed has DLC online. So I pop onto the 360 and there it is. The Chun-nan Adventure Pack offers new acts and missions to the Chun-nan area which overall are a bit “meh” but then again, they are actually worth the measley 250 points they are asking for them. We’d recommended them only if you actually enjoyed Sonic Unleashed lol.

Sonic Unleashed DLC and Patch released today!


It’s been a good three or four months since the release of Sonic’s super fast/generic action’y title on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Sonic Unleashed. SEGA have updated the Xbox Live Market Place today with some of the first Downloadable Content available for the game, a Chun-Nan ‘Adventure Pack.’

The adventure pack weighs in at around 530MB in size and contains four new day time stages (Act 1-2, 2-2, 4 and 5) and two new Werehog stages (Act 1-2 and 3.) While act 1-2 for both characters is simply a more difficult obstacle course of the standard Act 1 stages, Act 4 and 5 for Sonic and Act 3 for the Werehog offer entirely new areas of Chun-Nan for players to explore. Act 2-2 for Sonic simply adds an extra two ‘laps’ on to the already existing stage, though both of these are cleverly designed and a good challenge for even the greatest Unleashed enthusiasts.

Currently, the Xbox 360 DLC is avalible in Europe, Japan and America, while the PS3 DLC is only accessible in Japan. Worry not however, as word has it the European and American PSN will be updating later tonight with the content.

Alongside a DLC update, SEGA have released a patch for the game currently only downloadable through the Xbox Live Marketplace. While it doesn’t fix everything, incorrect totals on the map screen have been fixed and a slight optimisation of the code for the Adabat stage has been put into place, lessening the frame rate drops by a small amount.

Hopefully more Adventure Packs will be made available to download in the future, alongside more frequent patches for the game, hopefully fixing art book glitches and the loss of frame rate in Eggman Land especially.

Are you happy with the Chun-Nan DLC? Were you expecting something more? Entirely new stages? Remakes of classic zones perhaps? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SEGA Nerds.

Djahalland Reveals Sonic World Adventure Concept Art

ShadiWulf from Rings & Emeralds has discovered the website of the art studio that was commissioned to produce concept artwork for Sonic World Adventure (or Sonic Unleashed to you and I). Geoffroy Thoorens, on his personal website Djahalland, was working at art studio AOKI when they were asked to provide settings for the game back in 2007. He has recently uploaded all of those works online, and you can see them here (or on the Djahalland website).

AOKI Concept Art

Click the image to see all the Concept Art

The concept art is focused on the stages found in the final game, you can even see some of your favourite moments from the game like the lood de loops in Holoska. The artwork is amazing for the persons first job, it’s great to see how much effort went into the design on the stages and it certainly shows, in this art and the final game.

Djahalland Gallery (via Rings & Emeralds)

Pick up the Pieces: Sonic World Adventure OST Out Today!

Tasty Gatefold Artwork!

Whether or not you’ve decided that Sonic Unleashed is a good game or not, you’ve probably heard a handful of tunes that have got your feet tapping as you blast through levels at break-neck speeds or smack goofy enemies with your Wolfy pimping-hands. So for those of you who are bonkers for Sonic soundtracks, you can rejoice in the knowledge the Sonic World Adventure: Planetary Pieces Official Soundtrack has been released today.

Once again, the usual suspects Tomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani & Hideaki Kobayashi have teamed up to create another monstrous album containing a comprehensive collection of all the tracks from the game. The staggering 91 track list includes the rather sexual Werehog Battle music, Jaret Reddick’s “Endless Possibility”, several versions of the game’s theme, and the pleasant “Dear My Friend” from the ending titles. Not only that, the presentation of the box is of the usual incredible standard (there’s a CD with Chip on it!)

You can check out the track listing over at the Video Game Music Data Base, and if you’ve got some coins to spare you can buy yourself a copy from Play Asia or CD Japan for about 4200 Yen...a bit steep at around £31 ($45 – and don’t forget you’ll have to pay for International Postage on top of that), but well worth it if you’re as mad as me for these soundtracks!

OPM: Unleashed 1 of 4 Biggest Diaspointments of 2008

sonic-unleashed-disapointment-OPM:UK-award chip-worst-new-character-OPM:UK-pic

In their latest issue, Official Playstation Magazine: UK have revealed their 2008 game awards as voted by you the public.

Sonic Unleashed was 1 of 4 games to be voted ‘Biggest Disappointment’ for 2008, the other 3 titles are Haze, Need For Speed: Undercover and Army Of Two.

Here’s what OPM:UK had to say –

Only disappointing in the same sense as a wayward child’s final, severing act of betrayal. We fervently hoped the hog would come good. He didn’t.

Many fans of the series have seen this game as a high turning point for the series, a step in the right direction but it looks like the general UK Playstation public don’t feel that way about the PS3 version at least. The PS2 version of the game has been placing pretty high on Chart Track in the UK Budget Priced charts since release.

The UK Playstation public didn’t stop striking Sonic Unleashed there, oh they had a problem with a certain someone from the game… Namely, Chip who was unfortunately crowned ‘Worst New Character’ for 2008.

Here’s what OPM:UK had to say –

Another year, another disastrous attempted comeback from Sega’s answer to Elvis. But for all the bile Sonic Unleashed triggered in our bellies, we reserved the purest rage for our spiky (ex-)friend’s latest sidekick, Chip: a purple douche who loves ice cream, trots out an endless stream of banality and looks like a flying Chihuahua. Which is kind of fitting given that we’d rather let a lap dog gnaw on our own undercarriage than play the big bag of balls that was Unleashed ever again.

That has to be the biggest over-exaggeration I have ever seen, there is no real reason given as to why he has been voted Worst New Character. Anyone can say they hate a character and just describe said character with vulgar words and phrases. Oh well, I guess this childish rant fits in with their review score of 4/10

Do you agree with the UK Playstation public’s votes? Let us know in the comments.

Channel Watch: Get Romantic With Chip Wallpaper


Sonic Channel, for the uninitiated, is Japan’s official Sonic the Hedgehog website. It’s about ten thousand times better than the American counterpart, Sonic Central, and is currently 100% better than the European Sonic City, which doesn’t exist yet (expect that to change when it re-launches though). It’s updated on a regular basis and provides plenty of decent fanservice for Asian fans of the blue blur. Every so often, we’d like to track the updates we find on Sonic Channel, so you don’t miss out on some good stuff.

Every month we’re treated to a new desktop wallpaper and calendar PDF, which features the talented artwork of Yuji Uekawa (who should really do more artwork for promotional purposes like game boxes – too many CG pieces flying around) – and every so often a little bio written by SEGA Europe’s Community Team as well. Recently the character art has been in a sketch style, which is a cool way of seeing how Sonic and Tails are usually drawn.


February’s calendar character is none other than Chip from Sonic World Adventure / Unleashed. I guess it makes sense – Valentine’s Day is the time of love, and Chip just happens to ‘looooooooove’ chocolate. We’re glad the little random sprat is getting some facetime. Even though it’s pink, it’s on my desktop. Because hey, I’m comfortable with my sexuality. Are you? Click here to grab the wallpaper and here for the calendar PDF.

The other main activity on the Japanese website appears to be on the official microsites of Sonic World Adventure and Sonic and the Black Knight, with the latter updating with a pretty cool video featuring Jun ‘Junny Baby’ Senoue and Johnny Gioeli performing ‘Knight of the Wind’ in a SECRET LOCATION. Well, a studio. A studio in a SECRET LOCATION. It’s pretty good stuff, head to the microsite and click the video called ‘Hey All’ to see it.

Finally, even though they’re really old items on the website, we want you to take a look at this video featuring Junny Baby and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (of the SEGA Sound Team live performance band) singing Happy Birthday to Sonic (totally epic), and some awesome ‘Basic Sonic’ stationary that you wish you could buy.

Rumour: 4Chan’s ‘Wentos’ Hints At Future Sonic Team Plans

wentosthreadimageThe SSMB Forums have brought to light a discussion that has recently taken place on popular imageboard 4chan. In it, an anonymous tipster called “Wentos the Travelling Salesman” has hinted at details that could be included in the next major Sonic title. Click the image on the left there to give it a good read.

Claiming that he knows a few people in the Localisation department of SEGA, it appears he has been privvy to Hashimoto’s desire to create the perfect Sonic game, as he tells captivated posters on the imageboard that the current Sonic Team is built of old school fans fresh out of college. It is suggested that the new team will handle the series for some time yet. “Wentos” also let slip on the conclusion to the reaction of Unleashed;

“The next Sonic will be just Sonic with optional characters in the sense that they were optional back in Sonic 2 and 3; the levels will be in the style of Unleashed daytime levels, though there will be an increased focus on careful platforming to replace what the Werehog strived for.”

Having said that, it was then suggested that an announcement on this project is unlikely to happen for some time. Dubious 4chan readers were challenged to archive the thread and see if the crystal ball-gazing was in fact on the money. “Wentos” then wrote some development information regarding Sonic Unleashed, and how the Wii version was specifically made to recoup the losses of the intentionally superior Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases. Continue reading Rumour: 4Chan’s ‘Wentos’ Hints At Future Sonic Team Plans

Roarey’s Raccomic: Double Feature!

In the past week, Roarey made two comics that were stemming from the same subject: the Sonic Unleashed reviews.  I forgot to put issue #4 up when he finished it, so now it’s grouped with #5 for super-awesome-double-feature-madness time.

Issue #4 deals with all you assholes in the community who pushed the mods at TSS so far that discussing the reviews in such a manner warrants a 7 day ban.  Issue #5 deals with the comment boxes at TSSZ, which are, easily, producing a hell of a lot of controversy within the community. Reading the comments after each and every Tristan-spun (aka “Trispin”) story on negative reviews made me take a much needed Internet vacation over the past week. Do we really need a story for each review, picking it apart its every word?  Heeeeelllll, no.

Unleashed PS3 EU Release Date, Back Cover

SEGA Europe’s Sonic Unleashed product page has been updated with the release date of the PS3 version of the game. The game will hit stores before Christmas on Friday the 19th December 2008. Mr. AAUK has also confirmed this in his latest Sonic City Blognik entry.

In other news, Zavvi.co.uk are now displaying the back cover of the PS3 version and reveals the following:

  • ‘Network Features’: Will most likely be the downloadable content listed on the Xbox 360 back cover
  • Dual Shock 3 compatibility: For all your rumbling needs
  • 720p, 1080i and 1080p compatibility: The text is tiny but most PS3 games just list 720p on its own with no other text in that box, theres only 2 more words of text in there if a game is 1080i and 1080p compatible. Sonic ’06 was compatible with all 3 so it makes sense that Unleashed is too.

SEGA Europe’s Sonic Unleashed product page

Zavvi’s Sonic Unleashed PS3 page

Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Sonic World Adventure Xbox 360/PS3 dated

For those hardcore Sonic merchandise collectors out there who want a copy of Sonic Unleashed under the name Sonic World Adventure, SEGA have announced a release date for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions that were delayed from their 18th December date a while back. The new date is 19th February 2009. The Wii version however is still going to be released to the original plan of 18th December 2008. 19th Feb is a long way away to say their still getting the game we’ve got in quality standards as SEGA said in a press release given when these versions first got pushed back.

The Japanese text announcement translates(in Google translator at least) to –
PLAYSTATION3 version / Xbox360 version, Release Date Announcement
2008 Release Date November 7 to tell us postponed, and was released in the spring of 2009, PLAYSTATION3 version of Sonic Adventure World and is the Xbox360 version of the “February 19, 2009” make the decision to release MASHITA.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will notify here.

Before the Release Date: Spring 2009
After the change of the Release Date: February 19, 2009
※ Wii version of the 2008 will be released on December 18


Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

TSS REVIEW: Sonic Unleashed

I found it hard to write this review. Not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I wasn’t sure how I was going to say it. Hashimoto-san and company have worked very hard on the latest Sonic adventure. It’s clear to see when you take a peek at the screenshots, or learn about the Hedgehog Engine, or hear about how they spent countless months designing Sonic stages that cover hundreds of virtual miles. Sonic Team haven’t scrimped here, they had something to prove after Sonic 06 that they can create a well-produced, non-glitchy game. And they have. Based on the effort put in, I’d give them as many Thumbs Up as humanely possible. Continue reading TSS REVIEW: Sonic Unleashed

Circuit City Unleashes Ad Blunder

Do you live in the U.S.? Do you own Sonic Unleashed on Wii? Tried out the variety of control schemes but still not satisfied? Well your local Circuit City are selling an awesome, super cool, limited edition version that supports the Wii Balance Board where you can make Sonic run with your very own two feet and use new all powerful sumo wrestling attacks as the Werehog. Or so it would seem anyway…

The ad is of course an error on Circuit City’s part. Do people even check these things before they are printed? Come on Circuit City, it’s nearly Christmas so get your act together!!

Source: GoNintendo

Night of the Werehog – Full Animation Online

We saw, for the first time in Europe, the awesome little animated short that ties in with Sonic Unleashed, called Night of the Werehog. It involved, as our Community Day roundup said, two ghosts vying for the attention of a female ghost by scaring the crap out of Chip and Sonic.

The official website for the cartoon has now been updated with the entire film, so you all can see it too. Aren’t Sega nice to you all? It would be nice to see this on other mediums other than just online though – clearly a lot of production work went into this, and it would have been a no-brainer to have had it included as a short in cinemas before Madagascar 2 or something. Would be cool to see it on TV as well maybe. We’ll see how it goes. Watch the full animation at the official website, click here.

Sonic Unleashed is set for an Xbox 360 release this coming Friday. (Thanks to everyone who tipped us in!)

The Day We Played Sonic Unleashed

Most Community Days have been situated at Nintendo’s rather swanky Wii Flat in Central London, but yesterday a troupe of Sonic fans were collectively invited to Sega Europe’s Headquarters in Gunnersbury to have a taste of Sonic Unleashed on Xbox 360, a week before the rest of Europe will get a chance to. Naturally, there were a lot of happy faces around at the mere thought of being in such an illustrious temple, let alone having the chance to play a high-profile Sonic game before release.

A few of the usual suspects were there – myself, T-Bird, Violet, Sonic Yoda, B’man, Fastfeet and Vger were joined by Jemnezmy, Flyboy Fox, Shadz, (DJ) Dan Dyer, Paul Street from TSSZ and some more friendly faces as Kevin kindly took us through the basics of Sonic Unleashed. When Jemnezmy and I arrived, we had just come from Leicester Square, enjoying the treats of the Japan Centre (and scoffing a Bento Box on the train to Gunnersbury, earning a few scornful faces from the people in the carriage) and were therefore a little late, but it was OK as Kevin was showcasing the game in the best way he can. Slowly Thoroughly. Continue reading The Day We Played Sonic Unleashed

We’re Playing Sonic Unleashed Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, (most of) the TSS crew will be lounging it up in Sega Europe’s HQ in London, getting back rubs from ArchAngelUK and Vodka Martinis from the female crowd. Or should that be the other way round..? We’ll be there for one thing and one thing only. Except for seeing AAUK. To play Sonic Unleashed, preferably on the Xbox 360, but possibly on the Wii as well. Who knows what fun and random shenanigans we’re in for. What we do know is, it’s cause for another Community Day; so watch this space come tomorrow night (when I actually get back) where I’ll be posting photos, comments from the guys at the event and random PR speak from the AAUK himself. Oh, and we’ll be putting down our impressions of the game here too. It’ll be a joyous occasion. Stick around. Not all day and night mind, you’ll make yourself ill. Take a break.

Sonic Unleashed: US 360 Release Date Broken?

It appears that certain retailers in America are flatly ignoring Sega’s release date for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed, with images from NeoGAF and other community websites of retail copies in their homes. The Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of the game were released on Tuesday, but the Xbox 360’s was to be held back until the 24th or 25th  November (depending on who you believe; North American retailers usually put new stock on shelves every Tuesday).

So, what happened? If it’s true, it’s possible that various GameStop stores are confused in thinking that the 360 version of Unleashed is to be on sale with the Wii and PS2 ones. Regardless, if Sega were able to get the 360 stock to stores early in the first place, it would make the original staggered release date somewhat pointless.

In any case, it reminds us of the good old Dreamcast days in Europe, where retailers completely disregarded Sega Europe’s release dates and put games on shelves a whole week before official sale. Ah, Shenmue, how perfect the extra week I had with you was.

Good luck in getting a copy early though, all you American readers – if Sega start slapping retailer’s wrists for this release date break, you may soon find yourself at a store reluctant to sell you one.

Official NA Release Date: Broken! It’s out – SSMB (Image from NeoGAF)

SOA/SOE Community Teams Interview Patrick Riley

The Sega Europe Community Blog has been doing a fair bit of Sonic Unleashed coverage over the last few days, with a daily dose of what’s actually in the game for those just waiting with anticipation to find out. Today, the company’s European and American divisions worked together to kidnap interview the Lead Producer for Sega America, Patrick Riley, to ask him more about the upcoming Sonic title.

It’s a fifteen minute long conversation featuring SOA’s ClumsyOrchid and RubyEclipse, SOE’s ArchAngelUK and Martin. The questions range from Werehog gameplay, the new moves that Sonic has at his disposal and the release of the game in the West before Japan. The guys really seem to want to hit home that this isn’t a return to the classic Mega Drive games but rather a brand new direction for the series. We wouldn’t have it any other way, long as it’s actually good. Look at Sonic Rush Adventure, after all.

One thing that we found interesting was the influence SOA appear to have had during the game’s development, and the mention at the very end of ‘something nobody’s ever seen before’ which will very briefly take control away from Sonic. They pulled a fat rabbit out of the ridiculous hat with DarkSpines in Secret Rings, so we’ll be interested to see what happens here.

Listen to the audio programme by clicking here (nice cockney there at the end, Martin).
The Sonic City Blognik has daily updates in the only way an official blog can, so keep checking here.

Listen All The Way To The End Of ‘Endless Possibility’

Remember that Sonic Unleashed theme song? What was it called? Endless Possibility or something? That track you all went nuts over when it was played at the Summer of Sonic Convention in London this year. Yeah, that one. How would you like to hear to full version? Oh, I know you do. Just so happens we have it for you to listen to. Click on the link to TSS’ Media Portal and be forever Reddick’d.

Oh, if you’re also into all the music in Unleashed, Sheza has an awesome topic right here, give it a look if you want more for your music player.

Endless Possibility (Full Version) (TSS Media Portal) – 3.9MB
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Super Sonic Figure Now Added to Unleashed Toy Line

So the US version of Sonic Unleashed is already out, apparently (for the Wii and PS2 it seems). Those lucky gits who decided to take it slow and start with the manual noticed an advertisement for the Werehog figure we spoke about a while ago. But wait, what’s this other circle about? Yes, looks like Super Sonic is also available as a collectible figure, thus increasing my British envy.

The toys will supposedly be available this month, it’s worth checking out Sega America’s official website for more details on where you can grab ’em.

Image: MarioandWeege’s DeviantArt (thanks, Clayton!)

Now Your Kids Can Sit On Sonic

Gaming chairs are a pain in the arse. I mean, seriously, what good are they for? You get a leather chair that tears easily, has to be on the floor so you feel like a Hobbit watching the screen, and you get ‘surround sound’ blaring into your ears that most times sound all distorted. Worst of all are those gormless fools on the box, sitting in them making idiots of themselves. Who in the hell would want one of these things?

… oh, there’s a Sonic one being released? Get down, that changes everything.

Well, maybe not, but it’s still some interesting news that’s travelled across the Interwebs. According to PRWeb, Sega have teamed up with Ultimate Game Chair to release the new Reactor Mini, a gaming relaxer for kids ages 3 – 9 years, that features a picture of Sonic on it. It’ll coincide with the launch of Sonic Unleashed in North America.

These gaming chairs supposedly rumble at every little thing happening in the game, to totally immerse the player, but we wonder if it’ll do anything out of the ordinary whilst playing Sonic Unleashed. Shaver adaptor whilst playing as the Werehog? Oh wait, they’ll be too young for that. Apparently the chair is also labeled as a massager. That may come in handy if they get addicted to Sonic hen- oh wait, they’ll be too young for that.

You can buy the Reactor Mini Game Chair from Ultimate Game Chair’s website from the 21st November; it’ll set you back about $70.

Ultimate Game Chair Unveils First Video Game Chair for Kids – PRWeb (Thanks, ‘Knux’!)

Sonic World Adventure OST Coming January

Just like clockwork, the latest Sonic the Hedgehog title is to get an original soundtrack release in Japan. Called ‘Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack: Planetary Pieces’, no doubt it will be a pretty comprehensive collection of tunes from all the stages, bosses and events found in Sonic Unleashed. If you’ve yet to hear the sublime music so far, you can catch a preview at the official Sega website. That Chun-Nan track sure is tight. Those wanting to sit patiently until the release date can file behind T-Bird for the 29th January 2009. Bring some crisps. And 4000 Yen.

Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack Planetary Pieces – CDJapan (thanks, Rob!)

Sonic Unleashed selling out already

Sonic couldn’t believe his game has sold out

Yes, you read the title right. Sonic Unleashed is selling out of stock before the game has even hit launch day. After taking pre-orders for just a couple of months, UK retailer Woolworths ran out of pre-order stock for all versions of the upcoming game that sees our beloved Hedgehog travel the globe. It has been ages since a Sonic title has sold out after launch, never mind before release (not counting Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games), and with Christmas coming up sales can only increase. With good impressions from previewers, fans happy with what they’ve seen so far and now this, Sega might just have a winner on their hands.


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Sonic fan creates Sonic Unleashed YouTube Channel

Someone in YouTube land is really looking forward to Sonic Unleashed, so much they have created a YouTube channel dedicated to Sonic Unleashed. The channel is called ‘sonicunleashedinfo’ and currently has 134 video’s all containing Sonic Unleashed news, info, gameplay video’s, images, trailers, music and magazine scans. The owner of the channel even lists their interestes and hobbies as just Sonic Unleashed.

If this isn’t dedication then I’ll eat my Knuckles plushie *shot by Gabz Girl*

You can check out the channel here.