Archie Comics Now Shipping Internationally

If there is one common complaint I’ve heard from my chums over in the UK, it’s the difficulty in finding the Sonic Archie comics. I’ve often heard stories of people struggling to get issues months after they’ve come out, usually from a store called “Forbidden Planet.”

Well, while they may still not be available on your newsstands, Archie is now finally offering everyone overseas something even better: they’ll mail it straight to your door. That’s right!  Archie Comics now provides international shipping for subscriptions of all of their comics series, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe.

International subscriptions will be going for $35.50 for 13 issues, $13 over normal subscriptions. You can buy your subscriptions over at Archie Comics’ Sonic Store.

Archie’s Sonic Universe No.10 Preview

Archie Comic’s have released a preview of Issue number 10 of Sonic Universe, the 2nd part of it’s 4 part series focused on Knuckles and the Chaotix.

Here is an excerpt, the cover and first 5 pages they’ve revealed –

“Echoes of the Past Part Two”: As Knuckles’ friends try to valiantly defend the Master Emerald against a seemingly never-ending horde of robots, Knuckles delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding him… until he finally finds Dr. Finitevus! Knuckles is bent on revenge, but he’s not counting on the surprise twist that will delay his quest. You can’t afford to miss this exciting, action-packed issue!

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Gamma & Shadow fight Omega in Sonic Universe #3, available in comic shops!

   Sonic Universe’s Shadow Saga continues with Part 3, “Old Soldiers”. After last months disappointing Sonic Adventure 2 adaption, Sonic Universe #3 looks to get back to the here and now with the introduction of Omega and the resolution of Gamma’s long hanging plot thread. Will Shadow be able to save Gamma from Robotnik’s wrath, or will both robots share Metal Sonic’s fate? Find out in this comic! Below are the sample scans and official solicitation:

“Old Soldiers”: Shadow is sent into the remote mountains to find E-102 Gamma. At the same time, Dr. Robotnik launches the over-powered E-123 Omega to hunt down and destroy the rogue robot! It’s a race against time to see if Shadow can save Gamma and offer him asylum – if Gamma even wants to be saved! It’s the latest installment of this exciting new series presenting unifying continuity while spotlighting the many characters from Sonic’s various video games and animated series.
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn.
ART: Tracy Yardley.
Shipping Date: April 22nd, 2009
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: April 29th, 2009
On Sale on Newsstands: May 12th, 2009
32-page, full color comic
$2.50 US

From what I can gather, the opinion regarding last month’s Sonic Universe #2 is near unanimous: the story was not very good. It’s pacing was a mess, and it didn’t have a very coherent narrative. Sonic Universe #3, going by these pages, appears to be a lot better. I personally look forward to reading the story later today. I will update this news post with my thoughts later.

Perms for Herms Art Contest: We Have A Winner!

A few weeks back, we set you guys the task of sticking a crazy barnet on the heads of your favourite Sonic characters. We received a whole barrel load of entries, and they’ve certainly given us a laugh! So, before we get to our winner, we’ve got some other noteworthy entries and some runner-ups too!!!

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Sonic Universe #1 Debuts in Comic Specialty Shops Today!

Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog offshoot series, Sonic Universe, finally debuts today, and it’s something every Sonic fan should be excited about. Posted below is a five page preview of the story, and an awesome cover crawn by Spaz. The picture quality is a little low this month, so some of the text can be a little illegible.

I rather enjoyed this little preview, and the chemistry between Marine and Shadow reminds me of exactly why I enjoy Ian’s writing as much as I do; Ian knows how to do character chemistry. The first page of this issue also perfectly exemplifies why Tracy is one of my favorite artists to ever work on this book; while his style can look deceptively simple, it is nevertheless full of life and great to look at. Overall, I have high hopes for Universe, especially this issue. This is the first time in which Ian will be able to build a mythos from the ground up, without having to do any house cleaning like he did on the Sonic book. It should be interesting to see how he works Shadow’s world into the comic and turns him into something more then a fan favorite guest character.

Below is the blurb for this first issue. I hope you all will enjoy this comic as much as I do.



“Living Weapons”: This is the comic the fans have waited for – an ever-expanding, all-encompassing series revolving around Sonic’s many friends and foes whose continuity aligns with the regular monthly Sonic comic. Along the way, we’ll deliver some of the popular supporting cast from the many Sonic video games, including many who have never appeared in the comics before! The first issue of
“Sonic Universe” debuts with a story that’s out of this world – literally – as Shadow and Metal Sonic continue their series-spanning fight and wind up in a whole new dimension! And things are bound to heat up when Blaze the Cat and a Chaos Emerald enter the mix! Don’t miss the explosive beginning of this universe-spanning series!

SCRIPT: Ian Flynn

ART: Tracy Yardley!

Dimension-defying cover by Patrick
“Spaz!” Spaziante

Shipping Date: February 18th, 2009

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: February 25th, 2009

On Sale on Newsstands: March 10th, 2009

32-page, full color comic

$2.50 US

Sonic X Ends, Sonic Universe begins

Next month, the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic will do something it has not done since the last terrible Sonic Super Special released November 2000: it will launch a spin off comic based off of the main book. That spin off title is called Sonic Universe. Here is the cover:


Sonic Universe will be replacing Archie’s successful Sonic X series, and released monthly alongside the Sonic the Hedgehog book. Instead of focusing on Sonic the Hedgehog, SU will focus on the various characters that populate his multiverse, most notably Knuckles and Shadow.

In addition to taking place in the same universe as the main Sonic book, Sonic Universe will occasionally dive into other universes as well. Headwriter Ian Flynn has not ruled out returning to the Sonic X universe sometime in the future.

The first issue of Sonic Universe continues where Sonic X #40 left off. After Shadow and Metal Sonic where transported through time and space into the Sonic X universe in Sonic the Hedgehog #196, Shadow now finds himself in a new world and a new comic book series. The official solicitation is after the jump.

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