Preview: Sonic Universe #62

The mission in space comes to an explosive end in this month’s issue!


We’re at the end of our look into the dilemma in space, and Comicosity has a preview of Sonic Universe #62 in preparation. Shadow, after revenge for what the Black Arms have done to him in the rest of the arc, is now confronting Black Death directly in a fight that neither will want the other to be able to walk away from. It’s sure to be a no holds barred beatdown! Meanwhile, the rest of team Dark and the Spider Troupe are finishing up their business on the Black Comet to escape the weapon. But to get to safety, they’ll have to get through Eclipse and the other Black Arm troops first. How will they fare? That aside, how will Eclipse’s sanity fare?  Belt up and find out in “Shadow Fall”: Part 4.

The EPIC CONCLUSION to the alien-smashing saga starring Shadow the Hedgehog IS HERE! “Shadow Fall” Part Four: Shadow vs. Black Death – for the fate of the world! Who will walk away alive? Who won’t make it to see a new day? Meanwhile, Rouge and Omega desperately try to save their G.U.N. comrades as Eclipse hunts them down! All this with a ticking nuclear time-bomb in the background! Don’t miss the pulse-pounding conclusion! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Yardley and a special “CGI” variant by newcomer Sonic superstar Rafa Knight!
Written by Ian Flynn
Art by Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli, Matt Herms
Published by Archie Comics
Release Date: April 16, 2014

Sonic Universe #62 is out digitally, and comes out in comic stores today. There’s a little extra as well; there’s a different ending depending on whether you get the standard cover or the variant cover. Be on the look out for both if you want all the tantalising teases!

Source: Comicosity

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