USAOpoly Reveals the Sonic Monopoly Board!

We’ve known about it for months, we’ve seen boxarts and listings on websites, but the biggest question? What would the board look like? Tonight, USAOpoly answered that question. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the Sonic the Hedgehog official Monopoly board.

That is… a lot better than I was expecting, especially after seeing what the Mario version looked like. USAOpoly say that the game will be in stores this September and more information about their other Sonic board games will be given over the coming weeks.

What do you think about the selection? Let us know in the comments, and yes, that is Mad Gear and Splash Hill on the top spots. A full list of What Zones they all are can be found here thanks to SSMB forum member Blue Blood.

Source: USAOpoly Facebook.

Now… Anyone got £200 I spent the night at the Sky Sanctuary hotel and I… might have… accidentally… eaten every single muffin from the mini-bar.