Sunday Poll: The Suite Life with Sonic

You’ve seen the pictures from Dread’s first stay at the Sonic Suite at Alton Towers.  From what you’ve seen and heard about the room, how badly do you want to stay in it?

  1. Oh so badly: I need to have my honeymoon here.
  2. Badly: I need to stay here before I croak.
  3. All right: I won’t lose sleep over not staying there, but it’d be a nice treat to go.
  4. Not really: It is really expensive and I’m not that interested
  5. NO.  Can you say “chick deflector?”
  6. I have no damn money and I don’t live in England.  FML.

SPOnG Exclusive: Photos of the Sonic Suite at Alton Towers

Dreadknux, the founder of TSS, is also a games journalist, writing for Because of this, he was able to visit Alton Towers and earn the distinction of being the very first person to sleep in the Sonic Suite. He has written his impressions of both the Sonic Spinball ride and the £300-a-night hotel room at Sonic Spinball Opens At Alton Towers – Pix! on The picture above is from the article – click to see the rest of them.

Note the wall decor… it’s more Sonic 4 art!  Looks like speed boosters are returning.  For those of you rabid for more Sonic 4 media, wallpaper is a rather odd place to find it, yeah?

The room isn’t the only Sonic-related happening at the theme park.  The rollercoaster, Sonic’s Spinball, is opening this weekend as well.