April Fools: Explanations and Clarifications

OK, first of all… APRIL FOOL!

Second of all, some clarification. THE WHOLE LAUNCH OF SONIC SMASH CARDS TODAY WAS A HOAX. THE SMASH CARDS THEMSELVES ARE STILL GOING TO BE MADE. The page is a PHP page, sure, but the design is mostly static. The header “User Bar” (Blue bar saying ‘Sonic Smash Cards’, ‘Forums’, etc) is static, you should try going there when NOT logged in ;). The cards are hoaxes, in fact I left the tiniest clue – check the Card Numbers on each of the five cards (in the top right corner of each card).

Third of all, a Disclaimer. The ways of the Internet means that the 12noon rule so implied with normal April Fools has been null and void online. However, a good concept of _international_ time is always good. For example, right now would not be a good time to try and April Fool someone. However, the time we began ours (3pm GMT) is not so bad. So you can let us off for that one, Prometheus.

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AFD 2005: Sonic Smash Cards – IT’S FINALLY HERE

It’s here. It’s finally here. Remember back in October 2003 we announced something called The Sonic Smash Cards? Well, you’ve all been waiting for it to pop up, and here you are! The first initial build of the Sonic Smash Cards is here for your delight and amusement! Continue reading AFD 2005: Sonic Smash Cards – IT’S FINALLY HERE

Movies, Music and… erm, Navigation Bars

Right, I did a few things today, let’s try to remember what the heck I added… New movies have been added to the Movies Zone – they are the Sonic & Tails and Sonic Ride movies from Sonic Jam and the entire Director’s Commentary from Sonic Adventure DX director Takashi Iizuka. Split into 4 parts, mind. The Music Zone has had a brush up, with previously submitted MIDIs and a slightly new format now added to Sonic 1, Sonic 2 on both Mega Drive and Master SystemSonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles.

Also, the first step into listening to people’s suggestions as to improving this site navigation wise, I’m changing the navigation bar to it’s old format. This is the format where everything we had to offer on The Sonic Stadium would appear as a seperate link in a simple menu. Many people felt this was the best navigation bar and made the TSS design previous to this one the best ever made. So who am I to argue with that eh? Won’t be on every page for a while though, so just be patient. Also added three links just for the hell of it – the Donation page returns, as does the Banner Service, as mentioned in the last update. Finally, since it’s been ages since there’s been any word of it, and people are starting to ask the questions again, The Sonic Smash Cards information page returns.