Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004 – Today

Yep, the Sonic Site Awards 2004 Ceremony will be kicking off in less than 8 hours!
5:00pm GMT is the ‘GO’ time for when TSS officially begins it’s fourth anniversary!

A quick round-up of what is to come today, tomorrow, and during the rest of next week (TSS’ Birthday + Half Term = Longer Celebration Period :D).

– SSMB Revamps with special TSS Default Skin.

– Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004: Hosted by Dreadknux & Roareye
– The SSA Ceremony will also kick-start a brand new series of “The Sonic Hour”
– Straight after the SSA Ceremony, is SpawnofSonic and the Sonic Top 8! [*]
– SEGASonic Radio officially merges it’s 24/7 and LiVECAST stations into one.
– =TSS= opens ‘Events’ Page on the main site as a guide to what’s happening.
– =TSS= Launches the Activities…

So, what ARE the activities? Well, you can be the VERY first to know the details!

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TSS’ 4th Birthday!

This is how the celebrations will work out. Sunday 24th October 2004, at 5:00pm GMT (UK Time), the celebrations will all kick off at the SONIC SITE AWARDS 2004, for the final announcement of the winners! Who has won the Sonic Site of ’04? And who is the best Elite Sonic Site? Roareye and myself will host the show, which will also kick off a new series and season of programming for SEGASonic Radio, our radio station. SSR will merge stations so that Live and Streamed will combine. All you can want, in one station.

The new series of popular show “The Sonic Hour” will debut when the SSA Ceremony begins. Fastfeet Media will return, which includes the return of the TSS FTP Service (after some considerable downtime), and a new BitTorrent system will be placed in the FFM halls. The SSMB Forums will get a makeover, plus a new skin to celebrate. Continue reading TSS’ 4th Birthday!

The SSR Sonic Top 8 Awards 2004

In conjuction with the SSA 2004 and Sonic Stadium’s 4th Birthday SSR is going to be hosting the Top 8 Sonic Tracks. Just like the Site Awards the Top 8 tracks of this year will be voted upon by you and will involve a two stage voting process with categories.

Stage One will give you the listeners to nomiante 6 tracks in each of the catergory’s. Stage Two will be voting on the compiled nomianted tracks.

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The Sonic Site Awards

Just a quick note to say, that The Sonic Site Awards is now officially open! Do not bother to submit larger, established sites like Sonic HQ, Shadow of a Hedgehog or even TSS itself into the SSA this year – all very popular sites will be denied entry into the Sonic Site Awards and will instead enter a single poll seperate from the main event called the Sonic Elite Awards. Check out the page on the SSA mini-site for more details on these events. Also, I added another Top 50-mahoobitz button, whatever the hell they’re called. Yay for pointless updates-ism!

Happy Birthday Sonic!

What, you thought I’d miss Sonic’s 13th Birthday? For shame! 😛 I’ve managed to make a special article to commemorate the Sonic anniversary, “Let’s have a Happy Birthday“. Because we all should. My birthday is on the 30th too, on a completely unrelated note!!! 😀

Also, the Sonic Site Awards website is fully up and running, although voting will not officially start until Monday. Check out the noiceness! Finally, as I speak I’m just about to hop into a special SEGASonic Radio LiVECAST gathering with all the SSR:LiVECAST DJ’s for Sonic’s 13th! Join us if you will, we’re all at the TSS Chat Room. Have a good one!

Chaos Con Event Starts, and bleh.

Sonic’s birthday is nigh on a few days away, and what do we have planned? … Erm, maybe not a whole lot. 😉 We could just surprise you though. Bear in mind I’m trying to open The Sonic Site Awards 2004 by the 23rd, so if we can do that, then that’d be good enough, eh? ^_^; Another event has spawned in the community, called Chaos Con, and is a showcase of all manners of fan works. We start covering it today, so check out the link and read our coverage so far. Then check out the site itself. We’d have begun when the event actually opened yesterday, but alas certain circumstances meant it was delayed until today. But still. 🙂

Also of note, I’ve added two more new fan articles to the Articles section. One by Cake, and one by Sonicoman. Read ’em and… weep. Possibly. Also bear in mind that Sonic Advance 3 is already out in the UK! That’s right, it was released early, so get it in! I’d also like to point out that I’m preparing a reshuffle of the Games Reviews, what with older reviews not being ‘Sonically correct’, so to speak. That is all, enjoy!

A Proper Update, and the SSA 2004!

I have a loooot of stuff submitted and that needs to be added, so I’m spending this week to get it all online and sorted so the site is back up to date 🙂 To start with, I went through the ENTIRE list of Sonic Links for dead links. I would have named them all here to commisserate the dead sites involved, but there turned out to be 139 dead links! 139! Added a few links too, and will be adding more throughout the week too. Assuming they’re not dead. The links, that is.

The reason most people have not been able to get onto the FTP Service is because the details changed – again – and TSS’s page was no longer up-to-date. Apologies, and you can now use the details on the updated page to successfully enter. Interviews have been added: two old interviews withShayne Thames and WB, and a recent interview of myself by Miles Attacca. The Movies section of the downloads zone is under renovation, so it’ll be finished and ‘n00’ during the week. That, and new sections on the Sonic E3 DS Demo and Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic [A new pirate game.. sigh] are up in the Games Archive.

Finally, today is the first day of the warm-up to… The Sonic Site Awards 2004! The SSA is changing for this year’s event, and you can now find out the first details… HERE.

The Sonic Site Awards 2002 – OPEN!

It has finally arrived. After the success of 2002 and it’s historic debut in 2001, you’ve all been crying out for a return of everyone’s favourite Sonic ceremony – The Sonic Site Awards! The SSA 2003 has hit TSS and the whole Sonic Community, and now there’s a whole new website in which you can access the event! Head to the Official Sonic Site Awards Website and find out information on what awards are on offer, the history of the SSA, and of course, your ability to vote! Phase 1 is doing supremely well – submit your own or favourite Sonic sites and efforts to grab a chance of getting into the Phase 2 final polls! Phase 1 closes officially at the end of August, so hurry! As for TSS, expect a review of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party in a day or two, along with a few little surprises too. 😉 Stay tuned!

Birthday Bonanza, Sonic Site Awards Launched

My Birthday has passed, and I am extremely happy. Not only does the Linkin Park album rock to hell (well, I kinda knew that anyway) but I also bagged myself a Game Boy Advance. I’ve yet to play any GBA games for it though – I could only afford a trade in, but I still got some of my GBC games. Just gotta get a GBA game next week then. Sigh.

As I said before, I’m very happy. And today marks the opening for the First Annual Sonic Stadium ‘Sonic Site Awards 2001’. Yes, YOU and YOUR site can get recognised, it’s time the Sonic Stadium took a step back and let all you talented HTML guys battle it out in over 10 different categories for supremacy! The whole point of the Awards is to acknowledge all those who have worked hard on Sonic sites, like I have, and commend them for their efforts to make you, the Sonic site surfer, happy.

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