Sonic 20th Anniversary Tokyo Joypolis Commercial


A new Japanese commercial has hit the net showcasing SEGA Japan’s plans to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary. As well as Sonic Generations launching this year, it appears SEGA might be holding an event at Tokyo Joypolis. The publisher also doesn’t want fans to forget that Wii and DS game Sonic Colours is on store shelves, if you don’t own it already.

Source: Sonic Scene

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!

New Hi-Res Sonic Generations Green Hill Zone Screenshots

Some more screenshots of upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game Sonic Generations have hit the net. Most of them are new, while a few are old, but are now available in hi-resolution. The screens show us more of both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic speeding through the Green Hill Zone, and we can even see Classic Sonic displaying the return of both of the classic ledge balancing animations. How cool is that?

Check out the screens and individual artwork of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic below.

Sources: Sonic Scene and Aussie Gamer

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!

New Crush 40 Live in Tokyo Concert Dates

Concert venue Guilty has revealed on their website that the Crush 40 Live in Tokyo 2011 concert, which was delayed due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Tokyo, will now take place on Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st. Crush 40 hasn’t announced anything via their website, Twitter or Facebook, but we expect they will soon.

Source: Guilty (via Sonic Scene)

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!