Sonic R EXTREME Update

4 days ago, forum member Spinos infomed us that the title Sonic R EXTREME had been added to Game Crazy’s release list. Yesterday he returned with photographic proof which was promptly e-mailed to SEGA for inspection. The photographs can be viewed under the media links.

SEGA replied to us, and informed us that it was all, in fact, simply an error. They told us that no such game exists, and that both they and GC will be working together the remove the misinformation from their release schedules.

That pretty much closes the lid on this one. SEGA is, after all, the authority on this case, so any further rumour spreading is pointless. The game has not been in any way officially announced, so Sonic News will no longer cover speculation or rumours on it.

Sonic Game details from Game Crazy

Sonic News has been tipped off by an employee of Game Crazy and forum member Spinos that Game Crazy’s release dates have been updated – including the new Sonic game, titled “Sonic R EXTREME”.

The date has been set at Q1 2006 (first quater – January, February, March) and is said to be on all platforms, but no other details were available. If this information is true, then we can expect a sequel to the SEGA Saturn/PC racing game which involved Sonic and friends racing each other in 3D environments.

Game Crazy have yet to update their website with any information, however, Spinos recommends asking at your local store for more details. If anyone in America gets an opportunity to confirm this information, then please contact SN immediately.