SEGA Planning Longer Development, Higher Quality for Future Sonic Games

SEGA has apparently decided to take its time with Sonic games from now on. On the premiere episode of the new season of SEGA’s Sonic Official stream, Sonic social media guru Aaron Webber confirmed that the company was now prioritizing quality over quantity when it came to Sonic games.

While conducting a fan Q&A, Webber was asked when we would be seeing a new game trailer or “anything.” While Webber did not say when we can expect the next game’s announcement, he did talk about why we would likely be waiting longer between new games from now on. A few years ago, SEGA decided that rather than trying to put out a new Sonic game every year, the company would “put more time into things as we go forward.” Webber confirmed that this would mean a longer wait for new game announcements.

Webber went on to say that he felt the patience would be worth it, and said that they were very excited for what is to come.

You can watch the entire stream below. Aaron’s answer begins at 14:21.

Sonic Official Livestreams Returning This Thursday

If you enjoy the Sonic Official livestreams you’re in luck, because they are returning on Thursday! Sonic the Hedgehog Social Media Manager Katie Chrzanowski has put out the call for fan art to be featured on the stream, which you can submit here.

Chrzanowski confirmed that the streams will be done virtually until it’s safe for them to return to the office. As usual, you will be able to watch the stream on the official Sonic YouTube channel.