How to get The Sonic Boom Monopoly for a Really Cheap Price

Last year we brought you news that a Sonic Boom monopoly was on the way and that it had quite a hefty price tag. Several months later, Amazon are selling it for just over £32, and most others sites still have it at the £30 mark. Well… we’ve discovered a lovely little trick to get you it for a fraction of the cost. Continue reading How to get The Sonic Boom Monopoly for a Really Cheap Price

Sonic Monopoly Finally Announced!

Earlier in the year, we reported on a number of mysterious listings for a selection of various Sonic themed board games being made by USAopoly. However, with no word from Sega and various toy and game websites not reporting it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a mistake… It wasn’t!

USAopoly recently posted the above teaser image on their Facebook page. No other images or information was given such as price, or even what zones would be on the board, but they did state…

Here is a sneak peek at a few Sonic The Hedgehog titles speeding their way to retail shelves in the near future, also be on the lookout for a new Sonic puzzle as well!


Here’s hoping we’ll get more information soon, stay tuned to TSS. Now… anyone wanna guess what the Old Kent Road space is going to be? I wanna play as the Bouncy Barrel play piece… Oh and, come stay at the Hotel Death Egg, if you dare.

USAopoly Making Sonic Branded Board Games

USAopoly, a US based board game company, is now making several Sonic branded board games, including:

  • A Sonic Die Cut Puzzle game, being sold for $14.99
  • A Sonic memory game, also being sold for $14.99
  • Finally, the holy grail of the bunch, a Sonic branded Monopoly game, currently priced between $30-$40.

All of these games are expected to launch sometime in August 2012. Unfortunately, there are no images or additional information available. Anyone want to start making predictions on properties and pieces? A metal Sonic shoe is most definitely a shoe in.

Special thanks to SSMB member Hogfather for bringing this to our attention, as well as SEGAbits/SEGA Memories staff member Barry the Nomad for making the awesome image you see above! If you want to see the fan made board game Barry created the image for, you can follow its production here.