Sonic Meme Round-Up: Doc Ock Floats His Way into Sonic Twitter

So, we’re trying something new today: a round-up of all the Sonic related versions of the latest meme craze on Twitter. For anyone who doesn’t frequent social media (or wisely has their media preview setting switched to “off”) the internet is obsessed with photoshopping various things onto this image of Doc Ock altered by twitter user @Rawbertbeef. He removed Doc Ock’s mechanical arms, making him look like some sort of all-powerful being.

For context (and for assisting Sonic fans in their own meme-making) I’ve got the original, unaltered image below:

If you want a version without a background, you can find it here.

If you make your own, link it to us in the comments! If you find someone else’s on Twitter, link to the tweet (not the image).

Anyway, check out what horrible things the internet has wrought below! In an effort to make sure people are credited, we’re only embedding ones we’ve found on Twitter. If any of these don’t belong to the posters, we’ll try to correct it, but please don’t take this too seriously! We’re all just trying to enjoy some fun memes here!

First, we’ll start with the obvious one, created by my boss, which is his most popular tweet of all time, apparently. Because he’s my boss I’m obligated to say its the best one (it’s not):

When all is said and done, this tweet is what Dreadknux will be remembered for.

And now the rest!

If you find one on Twitter, link to the tweet (not just the image) in the comments. If you make one, feel free to share it in the comments. Keep it PG, please!

Not Sonic related, but here’s one more:

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