Sonic Jump Fever leaping onto iOS and Android soon


Looks like Sonic Boom won’t be the only game starring everyone’s favourite blue blur at E3 this year! Just revealed via an announcement trailer on SEGA Europe’s YouTube channel, Sonic Jump Fever – a sequel to the original Sonic Jump mobile game – will be bouncing its way onto iOS and Android devices at some point in the near future.

Originally released in Canada earlier this year, the core gameplay in Sonic Jump Fever will be very similar to its predecessor, only this time with more dynamic action, more combos… and of course, more fever! The question is though – will it be a real leap forward? (sorry, I’ll get my coat…)

Little else is known about the game’s release outside Canada beyond that shown off in the trailer, but be sure to stay tuned to TSS for any further updates on the game – and in the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this announcement in the comments!

Sonic Jump is FREE on Amazon App Store Today (Update: Works on Android devices)


Today, those on Kindle tablets or other related devices can pick up Sonic Jump totally free via the Amazon App Store. Sonic Jump usually puts you back $1.99/£0.99p-ish to purchase, so if you haven’t already had the chance to nab this little pick up and play title starring our very own blue hedgehog himself, now’s your chance. Bounce your way to victory with the 48 different levels available with multiple different characters and defeat Dr. Eggman in boss battles in the main mode, or try out Arcade Mode to see how high you can get and challenge your friends.

Go get Sonic Jump now!

Update @ 8:17PM EST: If you have an Android capable device like a phone, you can grab Sonic Jump on it as well. Simply grab the game on the page as you would normally, then follow the steps on the page. If you don’t have a device registered, you may need to do so in advance. Then download the Amazon Store App (should be able to be done via your device’s browser on Amazon’s website), then once that’s installed, and you grabbed the game on Amazon’s site, go to the App on the device, go to Apps, then Cloud, then it should be right there ready to install, I know this because I did it on my Android OS Samsung smartphone! – Hero of Legend

TSS Review: Sonic Dash (iOS)

Following close in the wake of Sonic Jump, Sonic Dash seems like an obvious choice in format for a portable Sonic game; an endless runner for a hedgehog who is reknowned for running. On this basis, Sonic Dash can be forgiven for being a near carbon-copy of the popular Temple Run… in fact it is slightly surprising SEGA hadn’t thought of this idea earlier! Continue reading TSS Review: Sonic Dash (iOS)

Hardlight Working on Sonic Dash for iOS?

Sonic Dash Hardlight job posting

It appears SEGA’s UK-based Hardlight studio is working on another Sonic game for iOS called Sonic Dash following their last title Sonic Jump. In a few job advertisements for the studio posted this afternoon on LinkedIn, Sonic Dash is listed as one of their two recent successes, with Sonic Jump being the other game. SEGA has since removed the title, but luckily we screen-capped the information in the above image.

Company Description

Studio Overview

Hardlight is SEGA’s third UK based studio and is focused exclusively on creating high quality, innovative game experiences for mobile and handheld platforms.

The Studio comprises small, agile teams working on new IP & well-known SEGA IP. Project durations are 5-10 months, building on the success of their first projects on iOS – Sonic Jump & Sonic Dash – Hardlight is now working on some new & exciting projects.

The team follows an ethos of staying compact, agile and focused – combining talent from a variety of game genres and backgrounds, and welcomes applications from candidates of all levels of experience.

Continue reading Hardlight Working on Sonic Dash for iOS?

Freak-Out Friday: This is a Sonic Jump Review… by a Hot Girl

Special thanks to the folks at Find the Computer Room for notifying me of this!

So, many of us were admittedly taken by surprise by Sonic Jump. Developed by Hardlight Studios for iOS and Android devices, the quirky little title was announced and released within a short amount of time, and has become one of the most fun Sonic games for mobile devices in recent history (great job, guys!), not to mention it’s gotten a decent amount of positive reviews!

Just like this one!


…wait, what?

…that’s it? …well, it’s more accurate than that other one, but that doesn’t really redeem it – well, not at all! How does this pass for a review?!

P.S.: Why am I getting heavy “reply girl” vibes from this?

Sonic Jump Is Free To Download! (IOS Only, Expires January 1st)

Sonic Jump logo

Update 2: As suspected this is a limited offer, it’s part of Apples 12 days of Christmas promotion. It will expire at some point between New Years Eve and January 1st depending on your time zone.

Update: Some people have pointed out that this might be a one day offer, it’s not uncommon for IOS apps to become free for a day and then return to their normal price.

Greetings Blue Believers. If you’re not too busy finishing off the left over turkey and attempting to force feed yourself whatever tasty treats you have left in your selection box, how would you like to give your thumbs a workout?

We all know about Sonic Jump right? That surprise game which came out back in October which was… surprisingly excellent from what people keep telling me. Well, it’s now free to play!

Continue reading Sonic Jump Is Free To Download! (IOS Only, Expires January 1st)

Sonic Finally Jumps Onto Android!

It’s taken a good couple of months of rumours and speculation, but at last we can finally put aside the doubts that have been surrounding an Android release of Sonic Jump, SEGA’s mobile-exclusive digital title. As revealed on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page, the blue blur has now leapt his way onto Google Play – better late than never!

Continue reading Sonic Finally Jumps Onto Android!

Sonic Jump on Android: Failure To Launch, or Botched Take-Off?

In a rather confusing turn of events, SEGA has seemingly dashed the hopes of Android-owning Sonic fans across the globe who were eagerly anticipating the release of Sonic Jump, as the official product page for the mobile-only game – which only a week ago revealed a November release date for Google Play – has since been updated to list only the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) that the game is currently out on.

So, at first glance, one can assume that the Android listing was a mistake in the first place and the game was always intended to be iOS exclusive. But look a little further than the “available on” section of the page and there are still glimmers of hope for Android users.

Continue reading Sonic Jump on Android: Failure To Launch, or Botched Take-Off?

Sonic Jumping Onto Android in November!

Are you a Sonic fan with an Android phone? Then prepare to jump for joy!

In news that will no doubt please many, it has been revealed that the recently released Sonic Jump game for mobile – originally believed to be exclusive to iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad – is set to leap its way onto Android devices in November.

The revelation was made via SEGA’s official product page for Sonic Jump which now lists an Android release date in addition to the iOS devices, all of which are available now.

Stay tuned to TSS for all the latest on the Android release of Sonic Jump, but if you can’t wait until November, you can of course download it right now from the App Store for $1.99 US/£1.49/1,59 €. First impressions of the game seem to be positive thus far, so for all the Android users out there, it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait!

Source: SEGA

Sonic Jump Releases on iOS Devices


And thus, developed by the folks at Hardlight Studio, Sonic Jump sees release on iOS devices today! Eager players can nab the mobile title for the cheap price of $1.99 US/£1.49/1,59 € off of Apple’s App Store.

Though some would choose to advance through the game traditionally, players may also choose to purchase bundles of Rings in-game or choose to buy the game’s unlockables for a price, not unlike the mobile version of SASASR. No word on an Android release as of now, however.

So, will you be purchasing the game off of the iTunes App Store? If you already have, how are you finding the game so far? Let us know after… the jump!

New Video and Details on Sonic Jump. Tails and Knuckles Playable


Well, it’s already Thursday in some parts of the world.

Sonic Jump is already up in the New Zealand App store. Some new video and info was posted on TSSZ earlier today along with some new info on the game. It appears there will be some extra playable characters including Tails and Knuckles. Also included are boss battles, score challenges and in-App purchases. Official release info and some new screenshots after the “ahem” jump.

Continue reading New Video and Details on Sonic Jump. Tails and Knuckles Playable

SEGA Announces New Sonic Jump Mobile Game

SEGA has today teased a new entry to the Sonic Jump series of mobile games on their blog. No details were released other than it is coming soon to mobile devices, but we expect it will take full advantage of today’s smartphones. For those not in the know, Sonic Jump sees players help Sonic jump from platform to platform to climb up to a very high goal without falling to his death.

We’ll pass on more information and media when we get it.

Source: SEGA Blog

On the Go: The Best Mobile Sonic Titles

header_sonicWith SEGA’s ever-growing presence in the mobile gaming industry comes more and more Sonic the Hedgehog-themed affairs to drop a few bucks on.  Sonic has been jumping, golfing, and karting on the go for a few years now, but which of these outings are worth your spare time and money?

Since I’ve been playing all of them lately on the bus, in-between classes and, uh, in classes, I can let you know what’s legit.  If you haven’t caught the pattern by now, SEGA is of the belief that people who love Sonic will follow him into any game genre.  Not all are winners, so if you like killing short amounts of time on your phone, like I do, then pay attention to which games have actual effort put behind them.

I will only be touching base with the original titles.  The ports of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 have been discussed on The Sonic Stadium before and are guaranteed winners.

Sonic Jump/Sonic Jump 2

Sonic-jump-2-01Eggman’s out to destroy the world and the only way to go is up.

While most assholes will complain about the game lacking “that trademark Sonic speed,” both Sonic Jump games are accessible, mildly amusing mobile games that happen to feature Sonic the Hedgehog.  Both games play exactly the same and involve moving Sonic left and right, bouncing on platforms to reach the top of the stage.  You are always bouncing upwards and the wrong move could send you crashing to the ground, costing you a life.

The controls are as straightforward as the game looks.  Move left and right, with the center button initiating a “super jump” that allows Sonic to extend the vertical distance of his regular jump.  The controls are not an issue, but the game’s difficulty can get on your nerves in the later levels.  You are going to die… a lot.  Later levels, especially, require many replays to memorize where platforms are going to appear as you ascend.  The blue booster rings (as seen in the picture above) allow you to skip chunks of the levels, but when their boost runs out, it can be tricky to get your bearings and find the next platform.

If you only have enough money for one, go with the sequel.  The graphics are much better.  Those of you with high-end phones will especially enjoy the level art and catchy-as-all-hell music.  In North America, however, I’ve noticed that we only are able to download Sonic Jump, but in reality, it’s Sonic Jump 2.  Be aware of that confusion.

Video of Sonic Jump 2.

Sonic Golf

sonic_the_hedgehog_golf_176x208_4255_ss3At first glance, this looks like a game where SEGA’s “slap Sonic on everything” strategy gets a little crazy.  Get your eyes checked, because this game is the shit.

Easily being the Sonic mobile game that I’ve played the most, given that it can be played with one hand, Sonic Golf takes you through the oh-so-whored-out stages of the Genesis games as you try to whack your balls (+10 if you giggled) to the signpost.  For a golf game, it is rather unique in its side-scrolling presentation, as most revert to a top down view to illustrate where the ball is heading.  Adding Sonic’s trademark monitor power-ups and hazards and you have a golf game like no other.

There is little to no learning curve on the controls, as it’s your standard golf affair of adjusting your spin, aim, and power.  Plus, there are many difficulty settings to keep you coming back for more outings.  Sonic Golf is a fantastic golf game that keeps true to the Sonic spirit.

Sonic Unleashed Mobile

Hooollllyyyyy shiiiiiit.  The only, original, traditional Sonic game for mobile phones is the mobile version of Sonic Unleashed. I enjoyed it more than the console version.  The Werehog, in spite of this praise, still chugs dongs.

When people discuss this game, the graphics is usually brought up first, and for good reason.  The graphics are original throughout and are gorgeous.  I’m surprised that this game hasn’t been considered for ports to a console download service or DSiWare yet, because it looks the part.

Gameloft, the game’s publisher, nailed the breakneck gameplay of the daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed, even if there are a few hiccups when you tear through the levels.  There are alternate routes, secret areas, and excellent level designs to be found here!  Gameloft also managed to perfectly translate the Werehog’s gameplay to the second-dimension.  By “perfect,” I mean that they captured that essence of suck and button-mashing boredom from the console version and replicated it for mobile phones.  Button-mashing does not work for mobile games, as it will destroy the buttons.  I have to use that “5” key to dial Jenny, damnit!  The spin dash during the daytime stages did away with button-mashing when powering it up for that reason, so that’s a few more days that I’ll have my “5” key in-tact.

In short, Sonic Unleashed Mobile is one-half incredible, one-half “Sorry you had to follow SEGA’s game design, Gameloft.”  It’s still worth your money, though, for the the former half.

Trailer of Sonic Unleashed Mobile from Gameloft

Competent Games With “Sonic” In the Title

This category is for the half-dozen or so games that are just like every other mobile version of some activity, but this time, Sonic is on the title screen.  These aren’t bad games, but they lack the creativity that Sonic Golf showcases.  Take, for instance, Sonic Darts:


Not very Sonic-y, right?  Still, the game isn’t horrible for this reason alone.  It just feels like a lack of initiative on the developer’s part to take advantage of the Sonic license.  Though, I don’t know what direction you could take a game like darts or billiards, but that doesn’t excuse the developers from not trying at all.

Above average representations of everyday games with “Sonic” in the title include: Sonic Darts, Sonic Billiards, Sonic Hearts, Sonic Bowling, and Sonic Casino Poker.

Well, that’s it.  If you know of a mobile Sonic game that wasn’t mentioned above, it’s because I could not play it on my phone or that I did play it and thought it sucked.  I’m looking at you Sonic At the Olympic Games, you boring tap-fest you.

If you’re angry, because I took another verbal dump on the werehog, I divert your attention to Daniel.  Your comments will be deleted if you want to be a tool and complain about how I don’t like Unleashed.  If you haven’t noticed, since the commenters here are so intelligent, I do not care for your opinions as much as you care about mine.

Sonic’s gone mobile!

According to Sega’s mobile website, a new Sonic game has been announced for mobiles everywhere — and original game, titled Sonic Jump.

The gameplay appears to be fairly simplistic; jump from platform to platform without falling, and eventually get to the top where Eggman lies, and you use the same techniques to defeat him. The graphics are that of Sonic Advance’s style, and the music is fairly synthpoppy. Like Sonic Advance, but better, almost. Continue reading Sonic’s gone mobile!