ESP×SONIC SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 25th Anniversary & SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG 15th Anniversary Guitars Announced

Guitar aficionados rejoice, as Japanese guitar producers ESP announce a brand new range of Sonic the Hedgehog themed guitars! The designs, SONIC-II and SHADOW-II are both based on the signature guitar played by Crush 40 and Sonic Team guitarist and composer Jun Senoue, which have been used at a number of performances around the world. Continue reading ESP×SONIC SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 25th Anniversary & SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG 15th Anniversary Guitars Announced

The Top 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Collectables of All Time

IMG_2766The Sonic Stadium’s list of affiliates increases on an almost daily basis, and we are very proud to say that we are now also affiliated with Forbidden Planet International, who many in the UK will know as one of the biggest retailers of sci-fi comics and collectables.

This month we’ve teamed up this month with the Forbidden Planet blog to bring to you my personal “top 10” Sonic the Hedgehog collectables, where I will be taking about what I think are the coolest and rarest pieces of Sonic merch ever produced…how many items on the list do you have?

You can check out the article here.

Hopefully over the coming months we hope to bring you even more blog posts that will pique your collecting interests!

Jun Senoue’s Guitars at ESP

Many of you will know and recognise some of Jun Senoue‘s signature custom guitars – most notably the Sonic guitar that has visited two Summer of Sonic events (and some of you have been honoured enough to hold!). The Sonic guitar is but one of many guitars in Senoue-san’s arsenal of axes, and you can now check all of these out on ESP Guitar’s Japanese site.

The lineup includes the George Lynch custom with the Nascar-esque decals that has featured throughout the early days of Crush 40 and on many album inserts, to the 24-fret Shadow “tattoo” guitar that helped bring the heavier tones to the Shadow the Hedgehog title.

The site also includes videos taken at the Crush 40 live in Tokyo gigs.

Check out the guitars here!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Official ESP Guitar Available For Pre-Order

Any self-respecting guitar enthusiast and Sonic the hedgehog fan will have at some point drooled over the prospect of playing Jun Senoue’s trademark STH-130 ESP custom Sonic guitar. Some of you have been lucky enough to hold it!

Well, now you can have your very own!  As hinted by Senoue-san himself in recent months via his twitter account, ESP guitars will be producing a replica of this guitar available for purchase via ESP Japan. Much like the original, these replicas will all be high-end performance guitars made from top-of-the-line components, and would be the crowning jewel in any avid guitarist’s collection.

However, with a top-line guitar comes a top line cost – the instrument will be commanding a price of ¥136,500, which is the equivalent to around £1100 or $1750. If you’re planning on saving for one of these beasts, you’d also better get your skates on as they will only be available for pre-order until December this year.

Even so, top collectors and die-hard Senoue fans will be scrambling to get their hands on one of these beauties…now you can look the part as well as sound it!

Now I wonder if there is any chance to get one in left-handed…

Link to ESP Sonic the Hedgehog Guitar page

[EDIT: For those who this interests (particularly me!) a left handed version will be available! Joy!

If you are interested in ordering a guitar, get in touch with your local ESP dealer – T]