E-102 Gamma Now Available in Sonic Forces Mobile, Paladin Amy Also Revealed

E-102 Gamma is now the latest character to arrive in Sonic Forces Mobile, via the event ”Operation: Gamma. The event is set to run until July 19, and like other SFM events, has players completing missions to earn cards towards unlocking the charater.

Gamma can be unlocked with just 30 cards, and has been categorized as a ”super rare” character, meaning it will be possible to unlock him and level him up with character cards after the event concludes. Gamma has a speed rating of 8, an acceleration rating of 8, and a strength speed of 6. His items include two originals, ”missile launch” and ”laser blaster,” and one move derived from other robot characters, ”electro boost.”

Missile Launch fires a steady stream of missiles down the track, and can be interrupted if you are attacked. Laster Blaster can lock onto another character and attack them from above, and can be upgraded to target multiple enemies. Electro Boost is speed boost that also attracts rings and zaps opponents.

SEGA Hardlight also revealed Paladin Amy, though its currently unknown when she will be available. Bluwolf has datamined the game and gotten Paladin Amy’s model. You can download it in the tweet below:

We’ve also gone ahead and posted the images Paladin Amy’s model as well:

Month-long Sonic 2 Movie Event Heading to Sonic Forces Mobile

With Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s premiere mere days away, we finally have some info on what the Sonic Forces mobile game will be doing for the movie. Today, SEGA Hardlight confirmed a month of Sonic 2 events for the game, which appear to be focusing on Movie Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. It seems likely Movie Tails and Knuckles will join the roster. The game’s previous movie event brought three new characters and a brand new race course, so we may get something similar here.

The event will run from April 1 to May 1, and further information will be revealed via the in-game newsfeed. You can find the graphic released alongside the announcement below:

SEGA Hardlight Hiring Game Designers

SEGA Hardlight, the company behind many of Sonic’s mobile games (including Sonic Dash & Sonic Forces) is now hiring. According to Hardlight game designer Antony Lavelle, the company is looking for both an experienced and an entry level UK-based game designer.

If you meet those criteria and want to work for the studio, check out their website here.

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Sonic Going Super in Sonic Forces Mobile on June 23

We now know when Super Sonic will be heading to Sonic Forces Mobile, and it looks like it’ll be a birthday gift for blue blur: the character will be hitting the mobile racer on June 23.

This new character will mostly have the same power ups as vanilla Sonic, ice mine and fireball. But in place of the speed shoes, Super Sonic will instead have “Super Sonic form,” which appears to suggest that the character won’t be Super Sonic all the time, just while this ability is active. What’s interesting about this ability, however, is that it seems you earn it by collecting rings, not through item boxes. The exact amount isn’t specified, though 50 rings is probably a safe assumption. 

Like previous Sonic Forces characters, Super Sonic will need to be unlocked via character cards. Gold rings will also be earned through battle chests throughout the event.

The Super Sonic event will run from June 23 to July 5, so players will have plenty of time to unlock the racer. Once we’ve got him we’ll try to provide video, so stay tuned!

Check out screen caps of the news post below:

The Knight of the Wind Returns to Sonic Forces Mobile

If your New Year Resolution, as a Sonic fan, was to unlock all of those limited edition characters in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, then you’re in luck this weekend! SEGA HARDlight has launched a new ‘Knight of the Wind’ campaign where you can try again to get yourself Excalibur Sonic from Sonic and the Black Knight.

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SEGA HARDlight Reassures Fans That Sonic Forces Mobile is Not Shutting Down

SEGA’s Sonic Mobile game developer, HARDlight, has moved quickly to dampen fears that Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is getting cancelled, reassuring fans that there is a whole heap of content and support coming over the next year and beyond.

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Sonic Forces Mobile Community Launches Unofficial Player Survey Amidst Continuing Balancing Issues

A number of fans that represent the Sonic Forces: Speed Battle mobile game community have set up an unofficial survey asking fellow players to assess the state of the HARDlight multiplayer – fearing that the developer may soon shelve the game.

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Whisper Shoots Her Way into Sonic Forces With New Event, “Guardian Angel”

Whisper the Wolf, the fan-favorite socially anxious sniper from IDW’s Sonic comic, has arrived in the mobile version of Sonic Forces in a new ten day event: Guardian Angel. Whisper brings her wisp-fueled variable whispon sniper rifle to the race, which allows her to access three new power-ups: cyan laser, green hover, and pink spikes.

Cyan laser fires a beam both forward and behind Whisper, while green hover gives Whisper a speed boost and extends her air time. Her final power-up, pink spike, lays spike traps for rivals to run into.

To unlock Whisper, players will have until July 27 to collect 60 character cards by completing specific missions. Whisper’s stats give her 8/10 on speed, 6/10 on acceleration, and a 7/10 on strength. As she is a rare character rather than an event character, it should be possible to get her cards after the event is over, although they will be quite rare.

I am currently halfway towards unlocking her, so be sure to check back later for footage of her in action!

Tangle Swings into Sonic Forces Today

Less than a week after popping up in Sonic Dash, fan-favorite IDW Sonic character Tangle the Lemur has now found her way into Sonic Forces Mobile in a new week-and-half-long event, “It’s Hero Time!”

She comes to the game as a rare character, and players will need to earn 60 character cards to unlock her. These cards are earned by completing specific missions during the event, which will last from today until July 17.

Tangle brings two new power ups to the game: tail strike, a damaging short-range dash that can take up two item slots, and tail spring, which will let Tangle essentially perform a powered-up spin attack. When it comes to her stats, she scores a 7/10 in speed, 5/10 in acceleration, and 10/10 in strength.

Whisper will likely be coming to the game later this month, after Tangle’s event ends. Stay tuned to this post for Tangle gameplay footage!

IDW Sonic’s Tangle & Whisper Are Coming To Sonic Forces Mobile!

Over 25 years have passed since the last time a Sonic comic character made an appearance in a Sonic game, and that was just a cameo in Sonic Spinball’s bonus stages. The streak is over. IDW Sonic’s Tangle and Whisper are coming to the mobile version of Sonic Forces.

They will be part of a 3-part unlock event that Hardlight says will last a week. They’ve arrived “just in time” to take part in Dr. Eggman’s Egg Pawn Assault 2.0, a community event where you can earn free Tangle and Whisper cards as prizes.

Now, you may recall that the duo were found in Sonic Dash’s files yesterday. Well, it’s very likely that this will still happen. It is not uncommon for non-costume characters to be added to both games. So, all indications are Hardlight will announce that soon.

But now we get to the biggest question of all. Will this mean that Tangle and Whisper will appear in a main series Sonic game? Well, no one knows. Even Ian Flynn said on Twitter that he has no idea if this “opens the doors to anything else”. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Tikal to Join the Race in Sonic Forces Mobile

Tikal, the ancient echidna spirit from Sonic Adventure, will be joining the Sonic Forces mobile roster soon. SEGA Hardlight announced her on their Twitter account, with the image posted below.

This will be only the third time Tikal has ever been playable. There is currently no word on when she will be available, or how difficult she will be to unlock. Be sure to check Sonic Stadium for more details in the future!

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