Dan Drazen’s New Sonic FanFic, The Grey Letter, Out Now

Legendary community fan fiction writer Dan Drazen – who we profiled a while ago in our Community Interviews section – has just finished penning his first story in two years. It’s called ‘The Grey Letter’ and as you’d expect, focuses on the Archie/SatAM universe. Read it on his website here.

Via Sonic HQ

TSS UPDATE: Fan Club and Radio Updates

Sonic Fan Club NewsDesk has news of online comics and a fan game, The Games section has had a complete overhaul, The Mega Drive Sonic Games pages have been changed at the moment, go see them, they look awesome!

Cyber Sonic and Welsh Sonic has been added to the Sonic Hoaxers Club, and more links added to the Sonic Directory. Also, Sega Sonic Radio is now a member of The ‘Zone Radio Network!

SFC News: Moogle Cavern Text Adventure to take Different Approach

EXCLUSIVE: After announcing a text adventure of the Moogle Caverns’ top online story – The Battle Of Cowkey – Dreadknux has canned the project entirely. BUT, don’t worry, the text adventure idea has instead been replaced with an online comic. Continue reading SFC News: Moogle Cavern Text Adventure to take Different Approach

SFC News: Roareye treats us to Secret Fan Game

Moogle Cavern regular (and webmaster of affiliate website SharkAttack Chaos) Roareye has let slip a few of his plans for his very own Fan Game. No actual details have been spilled yet about the game, but it is said that it is based around the characters that he has created: including himself; dragons called Karldes and Robtres; and other fictional characters. Continue reading SFC News: Roareye treats us to Secret Fan Game

Sonic Amateur Games Expo Kicks off Second Show of 2001

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo has opened once again for a 2001 showing. This is the place where all kinds of Sonic the Hedgehog fan games come together and show the community what they’re made of. This is the third SAGE to ever take place; the first happened last year, which we missed, but we were able to report on SAGE 2 back in March – you can read that here. Check out the new show by going to the SAGE website.

SFC News: Dreadknux Undertaking Text Adventure?

I may as well tell the whole world now. ^_^ Yes, Dreadknux (erm, that’s me) has decided to move onto a Text Adventure, based off of the wonderful Add-on in the Moogle Cavern Message Boards, ‘The Moogle Cavern Movie: The Battle Of Cowkey’. Continue reading SFC News: Dreadknux Undertaking Text Adventure?

Fan Team Starts Work on ‘Sonic R II’

Ever wanted a sequel to Sonic R? Well your dreams could be about to come true – if a recently-formed fan team has anything to say about it. A group who run the fansite SonicUnderground.net have started work on ‘Sonic R II’, with an aim to release on Dreamcast. Continue reading Fan Team Starts Work on ‘Sonic R II’