Sonic Colours DS Special Stage Revealed At Gamescom


Thanks to MarcelloF of the SSMB, we can reveal that Special Stages and Chaos Emeralds are in the DS version of Sonic Colours. MarcelloF attended Gamescom and recorded the above footage of the Special Stage. Those who have played the original Sonic Rush on DS will be familiar with the touch screen controlled half-pipe, but this time instead of collecting rings, you are collecting certain coloured spheres.

MarcelloF has explained the Special Stage and more at the SSMB:

First of all: Sorry about the low quality and lack of sound. We we’re using the camera of my friend’s mom and we didn’t know it didn’t record sound.

As you can see I was pretty noobish at the start because I didn’t know what to do. After a bit the Nintendo rep told me I had to collect the spheres of the same colors as the top screen. The rainbow ones can be collected at any time. And then there were checkered ones, that if you collected all of them you would get a 10 sphere bonus.

I didn’t film this, because I didn’t know until we stopped filming, but you get ranked in the Special Stages.

I have some other info that I don’t have on film.

Planet Wisp is Level 4.

Sonic’s model is a bit different from the other two Rushes. He’s much darker and unlike SRA his spindash has the classic form

Thanks again to MarcelloF for this.

Three New Sonic Colours Wii Videos From Gamescom


Three new videos of the Wii version of Sonic Colours have hit the net, straight from Gamescom. The first video is from SSMB Member and staff member Spark. The footage Spark and his friends recorded gives us a look at the fully animated title screen, where Sonic is running between all of the games Wisps. The video also shows the Act title cards have been redesigned a little to fit the current stage.


The second video is from YouTube user ThomasBillstein, who has recorded footage from an updated Tropical Resort level. The video shows a couple of changes since we last saw the stage in the E3 demo. More crystals for use with the Cyan Wisp’s ricocheting power have been added to the end of Act 2, and destroying the Wisp Capsule at the end of an Act now results in a cool slow motion animation.

[youtube][/youtube] The third video is from GamezGeneration, which shows more of the updated Tropical Resort stage. Thanks to speedduelist at the SSMB for the heads up on this video!

We’ll look out for more footage of Sonic Colours from Gamescom and post it up as we find them.

Thanks to Spark for sharing the title screen video at the SSMB!

SEGA Reveals Pink Wisp for Sonic Colours

SEGA have today revealed the Pink Wisp for Sonic Colours, along with two new screenshots of its powers in action. The Pink Wisp strengthens Sonic’s spikes and allows him to stick to walls, abling him to reach areas that he couldn’t before. As the box art indicated, SEGA confirms that this Wisp is exclusive to the Wii version.

Sonic is not the only one with spikes in Sonic Colors!

Check out the Color Power of the latest Wisp to be revealed; Pink Wisp and its Sonic-like spikes! When Sonic absorbs Pink Wisp, he can use “Pink Spike” Color Power, meaning he has much stronger spikes. Pink Spike makes the most of the spikes and is able to stick to any wall and ceilings! Exclusive to the Nintendo Wii version of the game, Pink Wisp helps Sonic explore new routes in a brand new way through certain levels of the game.

The new screenshots below showcase a new and unidentified stage. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the new stage at a later date. Impressed with the Pink Wisp? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA of America Blog and Sonic City Blognik

GamePro’s Sonic Colours Video Preview


GamePro’s German division has put up the above video preview of the Wii version of Sonic Colours. The levels shown in the footage are the two usual suspects (Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain) that we’ve gotten so used to seeing in E3 demo coverage, but much of the footage gives us a look at some new areas of those stages, which suggests that this is a newer build being shown to press.

Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB, we have a translation of the preview:

After the disappointing Sonic Unleashed, SEGA once again tires with a high-speed 3D Sonic. But, this time without bothersome Werehog stages. The “Sonic Colors” titles game is being release exclusively for Wii and looks phenomenal, as you can see in these impressions of the first level. Once again it proves that there’s a lot more in the Wii than muddy textures and “casual” simple graphics. Plus “Sonic Colors” runs unbelievably fast on the screen.

Similar to Sonic’s 2D adventures, you speed through set sections that are full of junctions and secret areas. Most of the time, you’ll see Sonic from behind while you’re speeding through the tracks. Time and again the perspective switches to the side perspective and your blue runner becomes tiny. Like this “Sonic Colors” plays almost like the classic 2D adventures. At least shortly, because the perspective usually switches fairly quickly back to the familiar “Hedgehog From Behind”.

As you can see, “Sonic Colors” is very colorful, but what does the reference to colors in the title mean? For that let’s see the World Map first. This is an overview of Dr.Eggman’s Interplanetary amusement park. The villain has converted the planets into attractions and it’s up to Sonic to free these planets. But, that still doesn’t explain the game’s title. Time and again Sonic encounters small, alien beings that are prisoned in capsules. If he frees them, he can use the powers of the blue or yellow creatures for a short time.

All that is done by a small waggle of the Wii Remote. If you have an alien, you just have to shake the controller to, in the case of the yellow alien, dig through the earth. The blue alien, on the other hand gives you a laser. Of course there are more colors in the final game to be found, but in our preview version, only the blue and yellow ones were implemented.

Overall, with “Sonic Colors” there finally seems to be a decent 3D game with the sneakered hedgehog in the making. We, at least, can not wait to play this Wii gem in its finished version.

GamePro has also revealed the below clear image of the games map (click to enlarge):

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

Iizuka Teases 20th Anniversary Game In Interview

It appears that while Takashi Iizuka was publicly doing his interview rounds with the media over a week ago, UK retailer GAME also got to have a chat with him and quietly published their interview over on their Sonic Colours product page. Continue reading Iizuka Teases 20th Anniversary Game In Interview

Sonic Colours: New Trailer, Box Art and Release Dates


SEGA Europe and SEGA of America have just unveiled an exciting new gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours with more CGI cutscenes and musical goodness. Also unveiled are release dates and box artwork for both versions of the U.S. copies of the game. European fans will be able to get their hands on both versions later this year on November 12th and U.S. folks can go grab it November 16th.  We’ll keep an eye out for the Australian release date which was revealed yesterday to be sometime in November.

Interestingly, the box art appears to reveal the Wisp roster for each version of the game.  The Wii version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple, while DS version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet.

The below press release has also been issued by SEGA Europe –

SEGA® Europe Ltd., is excited to confirm that Sonic Colours™, a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds, will hit stores across Europe on November 12th 2010 for the home video game system Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ system.

In addition to this news, SEGA has today released their first gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours, showcasing the amazing new Drill and Laser Colour Power, as well as two vibrant theme park inspired worlds – Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain.

Sonic Colours™ will be released for the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system on November 12th 2010. For more information about the game please visit

Don’t forget, we’ll have the E3 demo of Sonic Colours Wii & DS at Summer of Sonic tomorrow. If you haven’t got a ticket, you can still join in the fun an hour after ticket holders from 11:30am onwards providing there is space inside the venue.

Are you looking forward to Sonic Colours? Speak out in the comments!

Source: SEGA Europe Blog and SEGA of America Blog. Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

November Release For Sonic Colours In Australia

SEGA Australia have issued the above release date schedule(click to enlarge) for their upcoming games and on the list we can see both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours are planned for a November release, which fits the original Late 2010 plan perfectly. No exact date is given, but at least Australian fans know what month to save their money for. Sonic titles don’t usually have a big release gap between regions, so hopefully the rest of the world will see a November launch too. We’ll update when we know more.

Source: GoNintendo
Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the heads up!

New Sonic Colours Wii & DS Screens Show New Stage

A large batch of new screenshots for both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours have leaked to the net slightly early from the SEGA press site at the SSMB, the screenshots show more of the new stage teased in SEGA’s last Sonic Colours update in which the Rocket Wisp was revealed. According to the original file names of the screenshots posted here, the stage is called Planet Wisp, so could this stage have an integral part in the story in regards to the Wisp aliens?

You can check out all of the screenshots below, thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the heads up!



Sonic Colours (Wii) Playable At SoS 2010

The Summer of Sonic team are pleased to announce that not only will the convention house a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing tournament and a playable demo of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (E3 version), but we will also be giving you hands-on time with Sonic Colours on Nintendo Wii (E3 version). That’s right!  Thanks to the good folks at SEGA, you’ll have access to another of Sonic’s upcoming titles before it’s released later this year.

The demo contains two levels for you to explore, Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort. Players will also be able to try out two of the Wisp powers, including the Yellow Wisp (Drill) and the Cyan Wisp (Lazer). The game will be available in our Games Zone on our Wii pod.

We look forward to seeing you in the Games Zone and, if you haven’t done so already, you can register for your Summer of Sonic tickets here.

Source: SoS Website.

Sonic Colours and Franchise Changing News Coming This Week

You may have seen our BIG Summer of Sonic announcement which was first revealed on Radio Redux earlier this evening but those who tuned in until the end of the show will have heard ArchangelUK’s announcement of two forthcoming announcements for the week ahead. First there will be some Sonic Colours news Monday and second there will be “franchise changing news” on Thursday which won’t be particularly about the games, has nothing to do with Summer of Sonic and will be revealed exclusively on the Sonic City Blognik.

What could these announcements be? We’ll keep an eye on the Blognik and report back here, for now let the speculation begin in the comments.

UPDATE: From ArchangelUK in the comments –

I did say “franchise changing” kind of all overdramatically – Its not THAT big, though it does alter some things… you’ll just have to see what I mean. Incidentally those who’ve so far guessed are all wrong. “Sonic 4 is delayed” peeps included.

Sonic Colours Wii To Support Classic Controller & GameCube Controller

Nintendo of America have put up a product page for Sonic Colours Wii on the Wii’s U.S. Nintendo Channel which reveals Classic Controller and GameCube Controller support for the game, so those not keen on the motion controls set for the game such as drifting with the Nunchuk will have two traditional control options. Lets just hope Nintendo of America aren’t accident prone with their Nintendo Channel like Nintendo Europe, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing’s EU Nintendo Channel page still to this day claims the game supports the GameCube Controller which we know isn’t supported.

The EU Nintendo Channel doesn’t have Sonic Colours listed yet but we’ll keep an eye out. Are you happy Sonic Team have given players a control choice? Discuss in the comments.

Many thanks to chaoscontrol14 at the SSMB for the photo.

Sonic Colours Wii Footage From Japan Expo


Koopa TV have recorded some footage of Sonic Colours on Wii at Paris’s annual Japan Expo event, the demo appears to be the same one on display at E3 a couple of weeks back so nothing really new is shown but this time of course the demo is open for the public to try. I don’t understand French but the player looks to be sucked in and enjoying the game. We’ll keep an eye out for more footage and any impressions that may appear out of the event.

Source: Koopa TV’s DailyMotion Channel via GoNintendo

New Sonic Colours Screens & Art

Courtesy of we have some new screenshots for both the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours aswell as 3 new pieces of artwork. The screens show us more of Sweet Mountain Zone and Tropical Resort Zone, no new stages are shown. Some of the images you may recognise from magazine previews but I’m sure you’ll welcome them in their larger size and better quality. Though the Sonic and Wisp group art is new, the Sonic render itself was used on official Japanese Sonic site Sonic Channel back in 2008(thanks for the heads up ENVY16).

You can check out all of the screens and art below –



DS :


Nintendo of America Open Sonic Colours Product Pages

Nintendo of America have opened their product pages for Sonic Colours(or Colors as it’s called there since it’s American) and interestingly they have the the number of players for both versions down as ‘To be determined’, so could we be seeing a multiplayer mode announced sometime in the future? The pages reaffirm both games will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection though they don’t list the features available but folks keeping tabs will know that SEGA revealed a short while back that the games will have online leaderboards. The pages list an Holiday 2010 release for both versions which fits in with SEGA’s Late 2010 date. Everything else available has already been seen but still it’s intriguing to see the no. of players hasn’t been decided which opens speculation as to what kind of multiplayer modes could be being implemented and what characters could appear were the feature added to the games. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Wii product page
DS product page

We’ll keep an eye open for any further details that may appear in the future on both product pages and report back here.

New & Old Sonic Colours Wii Screenshots

SEGA have today released the above batch of screenshots for the Wii version of Sonic Colours, some of them you may recognise while others you may not. In them we see more of Sweet Mountain Zone and Tropical Resort Zone which were showcased in playable form at E3 and so there’s not much to see here that we haven’t already seen. Like all other SEGA screenshot releases we expect there will be a DS version batch around so we’ll keep an eye out and post back here if we find anything.

Nintendo Everything

Sonic Colours Wii Tropical Resort Zone Boss Footage


Courtesy of Game Plus Network we have the above new footage of Sonic Colours Wii from E3. The video is of Tropical Resort Zone which we’ve seen before but if you scroll to the 1:57 mark you’ll see the boss fight in action, which until now we’ve only really seen screenshots of. The boss fight is very short at just 3 hits but we’re told by Dusk the Alan Wake Keeper at the SSMB who attended E3 that a SEGA representative informed him that the hit total was kept short just for the E3 demo as a taster and associated cut scenes were also removed from the demo.

Since this is the first boss video it’s as good as time to say this, I was concerned about the boss only being 3 hits too, but a rep at E3 who I asked said the demo stage was edited for E3 to keep it a taste, including lowering the boss hit count (and the seen cut stages). So the final first boss likely won’t be just 3 hits, just they lowered it for the demo.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the find!

New Sonic Colours DS E3 Gameplay Footage


NintendoDifference have posted up a new gameplay video of Sonic Colours on the Nintendo DS in which we get a look at the whole of Tropical Resort Zone Act 1 in it’s handheld form. Before the Act we also get a look a the DS version’s title screen, menu’s and stage select screens too. The act runs smoothly with plenty of speed and fun little gimmicks mixed into the stage to keep players on their toes. You’ll also notice the red Wisp’s fire and boost powers we’ve seen before are briefly used in this video to help get about in high places. A new sequence we’ve not seen yet in the form of a glider is shown in the video too where Sonic needs to move around the screen to avoid bombs while collecting rings much like the very similar sequence in the first Sonic Rush game.

One odd thing of note is at 1:57, Sonic gets a speed boost downhill coming on to level ground but falls straight into the water rather than running on it like he would in the two Sonic Rush games. Could Sonic not have the ability to run on water in this game?

Thanks to TheNintendoWiiPlayer at the SSMB for the find!

E3: Sonic Colours World Map & 4 Full Stage Sonic 4 Videos


NintendoDifference have managed to get a recording of the Sonic Colours title screen and more importantly the World Map where we can see 9 areas and Eggman’s rocket ship of which 8 have locks on including Eggman’s Rocket suggesting that will be a final 10th level with the inevitable last battle with Eggman. The planet’s all look like they have quite a variety of things going on and the top right one even looks a little like Metal Sonic, speculate away as to what you think each planet might hold in the comments.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for sending me the find and upscaled title screen and World Map pics!

In other news Gametrailers have uploaded 4 videos of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, 2 each covering a full Act from Splash Hill Zone and the final one showcasing the boss battle with Eggman where we also see Sonic’s looking up screen scrolling animation. A tidbit yes but cool nonetheless. You can view them all at the links below –

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3


We’ve also come across another Sonic 4 video interview from The Review Crew with SEGA of America’s Ken Balough where he reveals there won’t be big lengths of time between releasing episodes. Check it out below –

Sonic Colours & Sonic 4 Dev Walkthrough Videos and Sweet Mountain Act 1


Gametrailers have uploaded some new videos showcasing even more gameplay footage Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Colours Wii but with the added bonus of the games staff members giving out some more details as they play. The staff on hand are David Allen, SEGA of America Brand Manager (Sonic Colours) and Ken Balough, SEGA of America Associate Brand Manager (Sonic 4). David doesn’t reveal much apart from the fact that both versions of Sonic Colours will have online leaderboards where you can post up your best Act clear times. Ken Balough doesn’t really reveal anything we don’t already know either but the footage is nice. Check out the Sonic 4 videos at the below aswell as a Sonic Colours on screen camera recording of Sweet Mountain Act 1.

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Sonic 4 walkthrough video 1 and video 2.

Sonic Colours developer walkthrough

Sweet Mountain Act 1 gameplay video

Many thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the Sonic Colours heads up and YouTube video conversions, appreciate it!

Sonic Colours Wii: Full E3 Sweet Mountain Act 2 Demo Video


We posted some Sweet Mountain Wii gameplay footage yesterday that claimed to be Act 1 footage but now we have a video of the full Act 2 E3 demo from WiiNintendo’s YouTube channel including Act 2 title cards that prove yesterdays video from HedgehogZone was in fact Act 2 footage. Despite being the same stage, the footage shown yesterday was barely over a minute long while this video displays the full E3 demo of the stage so it’s still worth a look. In the extra footage we get to see more side-scrolling action including a pool of popcorn(yes popcorn) and some more platforming which should put a smile on some faces before finishing with a grind rail ring collectathon.

We’ll keep an eye out for some Act 1 gameplay footage and report back here but it appears that this level is cut short for the E3 demo which is evident by the Act ending with a Goal Ring instead of a Wisp capsule, plus there is an Egg Pawn aswell as some obstactles on a path seen behind the goal ring so Act 1 might not be on the showfloor which would explain why the first video poster HedgehogZone mistook the stage for Act 1 despite the Act 2 notice at the start.

Screwattack’s Sonic Colours Wii & DS Previews and Gametrailers Gameplay

Screwattack’s Ben has added a short video preview of the DS version revealing Sonic’s Slide technique seen in the Wii version is in the DS version which is activated by sliding your finger on the touch screen.

Check it out here.

Thanks to chaoscontrol14 at the SSMB for the heads up!

Screwattack’s resident Sonic fan Ben has posted up a video preview of the Wii version of Sonic Colours including his very positive impressions of the game, the only problem that he seemed to have was with drifting which is controlled with the Nunchuk. Another of Sonic’s techniques from Sonic Unleashed have been brought over to this game, the Quick Step which allows you to quickly move left or right to avoid obstacles.

Check it out here.

Thanks to Hedgehog Unleashed at the SSMB for the Screwattack find!

Gametrailers have posted up an HD quality on screen recording of the Wii version in play which gives us an extensive look at the alternate paths you can take in the Tropical Resort Zone aswell as some of the treasures you can find digging around with the Yellow Wisp’s drill powers. We also get a better look at how the Cyan Wisp’s powers at work which involve you charging up a spin dash, aiming and then blasting off temporarily in a flash, ricocheting off of walls and taking out any enemies in your path. You can also hear the music of the stage, sound effects, Eggman’s commentary and some announcer guys voice that pops up when Sonic does an action such as when activating the Yellow Drill Wisp it shouts “Spin it!”.

Check the footage out here.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the Gametrailers find!

The game looks to be shaping up quite well, what do you guys think? Speak out in the comments.

More Sonic Colours Wii and DS Footage

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Courtesy of shigamodo and VGPTGS we have some new gameplay footage of both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours. The DS video gives us a much clearer look than previous videos since the gameplay is being fed through a specially designed monitor (or monitors should we say?) and in the footage we can exactly how the Red Wisp’s fire abilities benefit Sonic by giving an air dash type of attack similar to that of Sonic 3’s, only now he can boost in any direction.

The Wii footage shows more of Sweet Mountain Zone where we see there are some simple puzzles in place to open sections of the act before you can continue and we also see the double jump we saw in previous footage, but now it’s use is more clearly revealed. Double jump hasn’t been seen in a 3D Sonic game since Sonic R, are you glad to see it’s return? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Dabnikz at the SSMB for the heads up on both videos!

4 Minutes of Sonic Colours Wii Footage


Destructoid have uploaded a new video of their experience with Sonic Colours on Wii and it’s much longer than the extremely short gameplay video that hit the net earlier. In the video we see an whole act in action which contains plenty of things for Sonic to interact with including balloons, rails, trick rings and tight spaces for Sonic to slide under. Sonic’s techniques are taken straight from Sonic Unleashed such as homing attack, stomp and slide, movement control looks to also be similar to Unleashed.

Cyan and Yellow Wisp’s special abilities are also shown in this video though as cool as they look their powers are over within the blink of an eye so it appears they aren’t very interactive apart from aiming which may disappoint some fans. White Wisps appear to not aid Sonic with any powers and are instead collected then freed at the end of a stage.

We’ll keep an eye out for more media regarding Sonic Colours and post anything we find right here, meanwhile you can discuss this video in our comments section.

Thanks to EXshad at the SSMB for the heads up!

2 Sonic Colours DS Gameplay Videos have posted up 2 gameplay videos of the DS version of Sonic Colours, one showcases an act which as guessed from screenshots plays very much like Sonic Rush while the other video contains a boss battle where we see the red Wisp’s fire powers used in combat. Nothing much else is shown but we expect this is only the start of more media to come flooding in regarding Sonic Colours.

1up video 1
1up video 2

Thanks to PC the Hedgehog at the SSMB for the heads up!

First Sonic Colours Wii E3 Gameplay Footage


A user called tmacvskb8 has posted up the first Sonic Colours Wii gameplay footage from E3, the clip is very short but gives us a look at Sonic’s movement and the lock-on homing attack aswell as Sonic’s ring loss animation. Not much else to see in this short teaser but if anything more significant hits the net from the show floor we’ll post it up.

Thanks to Azure Lakeara Zone at the SSMB for the heads up!

More Wii & DS Sonic Colours Screens and Joystiq Preview

After CVG revealed 5 new Wii screenshots SEGA have released more screens of both versions of Sonic Colours via their Flickr account aswell as some hi-res pieces of artwork. From the new Wii screens we learn that Wisps will be contained in capsules much like the ones we’ve seen items be held within in pretty much every game since Sonic Adventure. In the DS screenshots we can see how Sonic Rush inspired the game is with the boost returning and the bright 2D stages but with both Rush games so well received that can’t be a bad thing can it? Check out all of the screens and artwork at the bottom of this article.

Joystiq have posted up their impressions of the E3 demo of the Wii version which sounds pretty positive, here are some of their main points –

•Sonic doesn’t talk. There are no conversations or text screens — just Sonic running around a lot, very quickly. The game was described to me by a developer as, “Sonic Unleashed minus everything but the running,” and that seemed an apt description, as Sonic races over huge walkways, bounces off of springs, and homes in on enemies, combo-ing them them in groups if timed exactly right.

•The cast is kept to a minimum. Well, the “colors” could be counted as friends, I guess, but they’re really just power-ups, activated by waggling the Wiimote. In the part I played, Sonic hit a yellow color creature, and waving the remote turned him into a drill that had him digging in any direction across a 2D plane, seeking out secret stashes of rings in the giant environment. A green color creature creates a laser that will aim Sonic and then launch him back out into the level.

•It’s fast. Sonic Adventure fast. The levels I played were bright and colorful, one long sprint of dodging and jumping and Sonic doing what he does best.

•I was told that there wasn’t a hub world, but there was definitely a map screen, showing off a series of planets in space from which Sonic could visit and access levels. In fact, my first reaction to seeing the game was: “Sonic Galaxy.” That’s not a bad thing, right?

Full Joystiq preview
Thanks to Mr.S at the SSMB for the heads up on the preview!

SEGA’s Sonic Colours Flickr set

Wii screens:

DS screens:


CVG Preview, Including New Hi-res Sonic Colours Screenshots

CVG have just revealed the above batch of new screenshots of the Wii version of Sonic Colours that SEGA have released to the press for E3 which showcase the two areas Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain that Nintendo Power readers will have exclusively seen previously but now you can see the levels in beautiful high resolution. If SEGA’s previous multi-format title media releases are anything to go by we will no doubt see a DS batch of screenshots soon enough which if come to light we’ll post here.

CVG have also posted up their preview of the E3 demo where they reveal the game will have Acts and Wii Remote controlled drifting will be used for sections of stages to maintain speed like in Unleashed. In their final summary CVG reiterate the difficulty level being aimed at younger gamers but they think older gamers will find plenty to do.

The general difficulty of Sonic Colours will suit younger fans; zones still fly by and you’ll wonder at times just how much control you actually have. But each level is crammed, throwing you from one experience to the next. Couple that with the vibrant, colourful new world though and hopefully older Sonic fans will have enough to go at too.

Full CVG Preview

CVG Screenshots

Sonic Colours and Sonic 4 Playable At E3

The Official Japanese Sonic Channel Blog has today confirmed in a new entry Sonic Colours will be present and playable at this years E3, an earlier entry posted 21st May confirms Sonic 4 will also be present and playable too. No other info is given as to what builds to expect or any new trailers or other assets so we’ll have to just wait and see. Be sure to check back with us during the show as we’ll be relaying all info and media that hits the net back to you here.

Thanks to HunterTSF at the SSMB for the heads up!

CONFIRMED: Sonic Colours Info From Nintendo Power

UPDATE: Photo’s of the issue of Nintendo Power from shadowthehedgehog are doing the rounds and they confirm the reports he gave earlier that we quoted. Looking at the screenshots the DS version appears to be very much like Rush 3 with the tension gauge(with added Wisp holder), Sonic’s model, the level designs and familiar enemies. The Wii version looks very much like Sonic Unleashed Wii/PS2 with it’s own gauge(that contains a Wisp holder) that and similar HUD but graphically looks better with prettier level designs. Two screens show Wisp powers in action on the Wii version and reveal their powers use the energy in your gauge.

Due to copyright we can’t post the scans here but the magazine will be out 8th June to buy though it can currently be picked up from some stores now according to reports. Thanks to shadowthehedgehog at Find The Computer Room Forums for providing the pics!

Long time member of Find The Computer Room Forum shadowthehedgehog claims to have an early subscription copy of Nintendo Power’s next issue due out 8th June which we reported to contain a huge 6 page Sonic Colours preview. shadowthehedgehog has posted up some details from the preview which you can read in the below quotes –

Thanks to my awesomeness I have read the issue of Nintendo Power featuring the game:

The game looks pretty nice, think of it as a prettier looking version of the Wii version of Unleashed, the two zones that were featured were Sweet Mountain zone, and Tropical Reservoir zone, and the former is a mountain of pastries, the said they wanted to include the crazy level designs from the old games, which is fine by me. It also said that in the 3D sections it will focus more on running from A-B akin to the Daytime stages of Unleashed, while the 2D sections will be more for platforming.

The DS version, can easily be called Sonic Rush 3, it looks exactly like those games, even the tension gauge is there, they said it would be similar to the Wii version.

Tails appears in the story but Sonic will be the only playable, they said the story is simple, light, and goofy, which is fine by me. Knuckles, and Shadow may also make an appearance in the game.

If someone has scans, please show them, because seeing it, is better than me explaining it.

Oh and Eggmanland makes a return, Yaaayyyy.

Last time I checked the storybook games didn’t have platforming, and there will be platforming.

Also there’s a level with giant Cheeseburgers.

I’m being serious, its really there, you also bounce off jello.

No scans or photo’s are provided so take this as rumour for now but if true it sure sounds like we’re getting a return of some of the wacky and fun levels we’ve come to expect from the 2D Sonic games, only this time they will be in part 3D for the Wii version at least. We’ll let you know when we see some confirmation of these details and more.

Thanks to spiny blue at the SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic Colours: UK Retailers Begin Varied Release Date Speculation

With Sonic Colours announced comes the inevitable online retailer listings providing varied release date speculation. The official word from SEGA is Late 2010 which normally indicates a November-December launch but the below retailers disagree, here’s the list of dates and prices –

26th November 2010
Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

24th September 2010
Wii: £30.99
DS: £25.99

29th October 2010
Wii: £29.99
DS: £24.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

WH Smith
Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Quite the difference between dates huh? All three retailers are now taking pre-orders if you’re interested but with more listings to come a cheaper deal might pop up and not to mention we’ve barely seen anything of the game yet. We’ll keep an eye out for more UK retailer listings and the eventual U.S. listings but for now take these dates with a pinch of salt until official word is divulged.