Sega announce games line-up for Leipzig GC

Sega have today announced their games line-up for the Leipzig Games Convention which includes many familiar titles but Sega have announced a new title is planned for its world premiere at the event. Jinkeys! Sonic titles to appear at the Games Convention are Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Unleashed.

Titles set to appear are – Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Unleashed, Space Siege, Empire: Total War, Alpha Protocol, Madworld, Bayonetta, Golden Axe, Valkyria Chronicles, Stormrise, Samba De Amigo and several other titles.

We’ll keep you up to date on all info released from the event next week!

Link –

Sega announce Sonic Chronicles to attend PAX 2008

Sega have announced their games that will be shown at PAX(Penny Arcade Expo) 2008 and among them is Sonic Chronicles.

Bleach Dark Souls (DS)
Dinosaur King (DS)
Sonic Chronicles (DS)
Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
Yakuza 2 (PS2)


The event will run from Aug 29th – 31st. Hopefully with the game being shown so close to release (Sept 26th in Europe), we will see the final version in action. We’ll be keeping an eye on the event and let you know what comes out of it regarding this awesome game.

SEGA Nerds interview lead designer of Sonic Chronicles.

SEGA Nerds recently updated their gaming blog earlier today with an interview between Nerds official staff member and fellow brit ‘Graham’ and the lead designer of ‘Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood’, Miles Holmes.

Included in the post is a very intriguing 15 minute video between the two involving some more talk on the Nerds proudly named ‘Zoah’ race including Bioware’s original name for them, the discussion of a possible Chronicles sequel Bioware has spoken about with SEGA, some talk over the games sub plots along with varying interaction between characters, the absolute confirmation of eleven playable characters in total, minimum gameplay time being 20+ hours and much more.

You can find the video and source of the article at the Nerds website here. A fantastic interview with some both relieving and interesting new information for the fans. If you’re looking forward to this games release just as much as we are you can except to pick it up in stores at launch late next month!

Bioware updates Chronicles site and opens YouTube channel

Bioware the developers behind upcoming Nintendo DS game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood have updated their Sonic Chronicles site and opened a YouTube channel dedicated to Sonic Chronicles. The main feature in this update is the first episode video in a series of ‘Insider episodes’ bringing new gameplay footage and information on new enemies, characters and more. The first episode is just an update explaining these new insider episodes, more episodes are to come over the next few weeks. So keep your eyes on this site or this YouTube channel for further updates. We’ll also be watching the site for updates 24/7 like rabid fanboys so we’ll also update when an update arrives to keep you updated on further updates. Hope you enjoyed the update, stay tuned for more Sonic updates.

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EB Games Australia Sonic Chronicles pre-order bonus

EB Games Australia are now giving free Sonic Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood themed alluminium DS cases away when you pre-order the game with them for $69.95. It look’s quite nice, with a shiny light blue effect to it and a lock to keep your sugar buzzing kid brother/sister out. EB Games are currently saying the release date is 25-09-08 thought there hasn’t been an official word from Sega on Australia’s release date.


For those of you in the U.S. not in the know, Gamestop are still giving away Sonic Chronicles themed stylus’s when you pre-order the game with them for $34.99. Gamestop are currently saying release date is 30-9-08, though again no official release date from Sega has been announced.


Now if only we in Europe who have an announced release date of 26-09-08 could get a free gift with our pre-orders…

New Sonic Chronicles trailer reeks of awesome

Sega of America and Sega of Europe have released a new trailer for upcoming DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. The trailer contains gameplay as well as showing more comic-book esque cutscenes. The trailer also says you can play as over 10 characters, so current reports of 11 characters from various sources may be right.

When watching the end of the U.S. version of the trailer it’s still looking like you poor guy’s and gal’s are still far from getting a release date as it ends with ‘Fall 2008’ compared to the European trailer ending ‘September 2008’ which falls in line with Sega Europe’s recent unveiling of a September 26th date for the game.

In other news, the new issue of UK gaming magazine Games Master was released Wednesday the 30th July and they have a 2 page preview on the game with gorgeous new artwork spread across a 2 page poster too. UK fans can pick the magazine up for £3.99 now. Games Master also revealed they will have their review of the game in their next issue August 27th. Expect our full un-biased (despite being life-long Sonic fans) review closer to release.

European trailer –
U.S. trailer –

GT awards Chonicles “Best DS Game of E3” has named Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood the best DS game at E3. The Bioware-developed Sonic RPG beat out the Chrono Trigger remake, Rhythm Heaven, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and Puzzle Quest Galactrix. GT stated that the stage demo was a deep, rich experience that really caught their attention at the show floor.

Watch Chronicles win the award.

Summer of Sonic Registrations Close

The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention has had to close registrations for attendees – because the event has proved too popular.

Citing problems with fitting the current number of named attendees into the 200-strong Dragon Hall in London’s Covent Garden, the organisers behind the event has has to warn that entrance may involve a waiting period, or those entering may have their time limited if they intend to stay all day. The aim is to let everyone have a fair chance of experiencing the event and seeing evertything the show has lined up, it was announced.

Summer of Sonic 2008 has risen in popularity since its announcement in June 2008, gaining attendance interest of almost double the capacity of the venue’s hall space and earning coverage across respected gaming websites such as Eurogamer, Computer and Video Games and Destructoid. Special Guests announced so far include Sonic the Comic writer Nigel Kitching and Dreams of an Absolution star Lee Brotherton, with more guests expected to be announced.

Attendees will be able to meet, greet, experience live performances and play games with one another, including contests and the first ever play at Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Entrance is free, with the costs of staging the event funded by members of the Sonic community and support from SEGA Europe. The convention will be recorded and the Summer of Sonic website updated, for those unable to attend to experience the event as well.

Summer of Sonic – Registration CLOSED – Summer of Sonic

Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

Oo er, wouldn't want to meet that Chao in a dark alley.

Radu… chop!

Hurrah! Who could possibly say no to a bunch of new videos from the latest build of ‘Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS? Not TSS, that’s for sure! The new videos are viewable at GameTrailers here.

The footage actually may look a little similar to something else to most of you, and that’s because they’re actually videos that were included on the official website when released some weeks back. The difference now? GameTrailers have gone through all the trouble of adding in some ‘banging toonz’ from the game that certainly do sound awesome, and not to mention Sonic like. Continue reading Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

SoS in 23 Days: Play Sonic Chronicles

Everyone and his dog wants to go to the Summer of Sonic convention. That much is obvious. So what exactly will be there for people to salivate over? Sure, Sonic nerds like me and you can hang and play Sonic Rivals for six hours, but will there be any EXCLUSIVES, yo!?

Well guess what. If you can even manage to get inside the hall on the day (I’m not even joking, it’s going to be packed in there) then your prize will be playing Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood first. Before anyone else in the world (it’s being released in September, you see). How does that strike you? You probably won’t be able to hear the lovely Richard Jacques soundtrack with all the background noise most likely, but we should have a remedy for that…… headphones, for example.

It’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on the Summer of Sonic website on a regular basis from now on – there are two (three?) more special guests that have yet to be revealed, all of which will make the Sonic fan cream thyself. The second special guest to complement Lee Brotherton will be announced tomorrow. If you fancy playing a little guessing game, head over to the SSMB where a clue has been dropped of the guest’s identity.

Play Sonic Chronicles Before Release – Summer of Sonic

Sonic Chronicles is, apparently, WorthPlaying(.com)

In the sixth paragraph of this review, you will find a sentence that will make you smile.  It reads:

One thing that must be said about Sonic Chronicles‘ combat was that, at least in the demo, it was shockingly fun.

That is really all I needed to read in this preview, but for the sake of this blog entry, I shall summarize for you tl;dr types. WorthPlaying noted that the battle system, while simple for an RPG, is surprisingly “fast and furious”, because many of your attacks hinge on your speed stat, which is what Sonic is all about. Comparisons with a fabulous DS title, Elite Beat Agents, arose when WorthPlaying got their hands on the game’s POW system, which are special attacks that are executed with slides and taps of the stylus. All of these gameplay elements are topped off with respectable graphics, they mentioned.

The other part of this preview that stuck to me was that Bioware has apparently managed all the damn characters in the Sonic universe and actually put them to good use in the gameplay and story department.

If the above statement is true, then I am one happy man, because the only other use I had for all those characters was to shoot, stab, and hang all of them, but SOMEBODY BEAT ME TO IT. Stupid pre-pubescent wank with Windows Movie Maker and too much time on his ugly hands…

Anyway, here’s the full preview:

E3: 36 New Chronicles Screens

OK, we dropped the ball a little bit. We didn’t pick up on the new screenshots released by the SEGA Press guys the other day (we may add them to this article later on though), but these are new-new screens, literally fresh from today’s E3 Experience. What you get here is a few shots of a volcano-esque fiery area where you most likely run into Knuckles and Shadow in. There are some screens of Chao being used in battle, and a few character’s special POW moves too.

Finally, you also get to see the GUN Commander in full cartoony form. Hopefully he won’t break down and cry when he sees Shadow or something. Dude’s a soldier man. Ain’t no time to get sappy now.

Hit the jump for the images, as there are a lot of them. Continue reading E3: 36 New Chronicles Screens

Sonic Chronicles pre-order bonus at Gamestop

U.S. video game retailer Gamestop are offering Sonic Chronicles pre-order customers a character themed 3-pack stylus set . Each stylus is colour matched to the character tag hanging off the top. They come in Sonic, Knuckles and Shade flavours bearing official Sonic Chronicles artwork.

You can pre-order the game here .

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is due for release on Nintendo DS this September.

Ambitious (and cumbersome) Sonic Chronicles website opens

The Sonic Chronicles website launched in the U.S. just recently and it is one flash-heavy beast.  While being creative by replicating the gameplay of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood by dragging Sonic along by a “stylus,” the website manages to be a pain in the ass to navigate.  Nonetheless, everything you need to know about the game is there and there is more than enough media to tide fans over until the game’s release.  Plus, if you collect all the rings on the site, you get a super-duper prize.  Eff yeah.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood U.S. Website

Sonic Chronicles: The First Chapters

When SEGA announced they were to take the storyline of Sonic the Hedgehog and expand upon it by means of a Role Playing Game, fans the world over went quiet. Could even the pedigree of BioWare, famed for their work on Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, really take a series known for its rather light base storyline (controversially expanded upon and, yes, clusterfucked ever since Sonic Adventure 2) and make something interesting and engaging out of it? More to the point, could this be a game both younger Sonic fans and older fans enjoy?

At the Sonic Chronicles Community Day we had a chance to sit down with an advanced build of the game, play through many of the features and discover whether this is really shaping up to be something for the fans or just a glorified fan fiction. Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The First Chapters

The Chronicles Community Day

Roareye from Sonic Showcase Network has made a post on the SSMB Forums about the Community Day we all shared yesterday. Click the link below to see his rather unique take on the event, and why Mike Taylor should stop nibbling on other people’s hair. As he mentions, we all saw the High Europe Sonic Unleashed video again at the Wii Flat in a decent resolution, a video of our reactions will be coming soon. Stay tuned for TSS’ Sonic Chronicles Preview.

Sonic Chronicles Community Day (SSMB, Sonic Showcase Network)

The Day We Played Sonic Chronicles

The Sonic Stadium was invited to a special Community Day yesterday in London to have a sneak preview of Sonic Chronicles. Today we’re going to spend some time showing you just what happens when a bunch of oddball Sonic fans get together, as well as what we thought about the upcoming BioWare RPG. AAUK, the SEGA rep who was hosting the shindig, also let us have a quick go on Samba de Amigo for the Wii. And then afterwards, we all went to the pub. Just like Brits do. It’s our thing.

B’man, myself (in the black Sonic shirt there) and Sonic_Freak/Shadzter came representing TSS, while the usual suspects T-Bird, Roareye Black (SSN), Lewis (Sonic Yoda), Vger (Emerald Coast), Fastfeet (Media), Urtheart (SSN), Mike Taylor (Sonic Cage Dome), SegaMark (RadioSega), Dan Dyer (Fastfeet Media) and Diogo all turned up to see the game in action too. Violet was late and missed the whole thing, but she did have a drink with us later, so all was well.

Roareye will be writing about the Community Day itself, while Shadzter will be telling you all how Samba Wii is shaping up. Expect the Sonic fan’s definitive preview of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood later today as well, along with other videos and odd bits and bobs we might slap up here for the hell of it. Keep coming back to The Sonic Stadium for the latest! Or subscribe to our feed if you’re a lazy git.

Roundup: What We Missed

We’ve been away for a while, but now we’re back to kick some butt at Wild Canyon and as much as we’d like to not-believe, there’s been a fair bit of news that has slipped by the Sonic News radar (or Newsdar, or… something) during our reconstruction. FRET NOT, we’ve got it covered. Even though you probably already know all this anyway.

Sonic Blogicles

First off SEGA Europe’s community blog, the Sonic City Blognik, has started posting regular diaries from the desks responsible for Sonic Chronicles. The first entry was written by Bioware Brand Manager Randall Bishop, who discussed at length why the game will rock, in typical Brand Manager fashion. He interestingly pointed out Bioware’s new approach to Chronicles for the fact that this is indeed a kid’s game – I hope Bioware remembers that half the success of a kid’s multimedia product is the viability of it to adults too. Just ask Pixar. Continue reading Roundup: What We Missed

Sonic Chronicles team start fortnightly blog entries

ArchangelUK over at the Sega Europe blogs has announced The Chronicles Diaries, a fortnightly blog feature where a guest from the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood team will write a blog entry explaining their role in the games development, what its like to work on the game and give some details about the game itself.

ArchangelUK says the guest bloggers will range from people at BioWare, SEGA Europe, America and even maybe Japan from testers to producers and from top to bottom. The first guest blogger is Randall Bishop from Bioware who gives his 5 reasons why working on Sonic Chronicles is fun.

The fortnightly blog entries will continue until the games release so check back every fortnight.

Thanks to markwiinut over at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic City Blognik, First Guest

Sonic Chronicles enemy race named!

It’s been two weeks since SEGA opened up the final voting stage for the race to name a Sonic Chronicles enemy race and the finalised name has now been announced.

SEGA Nerds triumphantly succeeded over the rest with their very own name, The Zoah. The Zoah was up against such other names as Gravitus by T-Bird, Dusk by Blackarms, Psykore by Dreadknux and the in-famous Darknood.

SEGA announced the winner on their official Sonic City Blog located here while SSMB goer Urtheart was quick on the ball posting the link on the forums for all to see.

Congratulations to SEGA Nerds for winning the poll and well done to everyone else who made it into the Final round. Continue reading Sonic Chronicles enemy race named!

Sonic Chronicles European teaser site open

Sega Europe have launched a game page and teaser website for upcoming Nintendo DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Not much content is on either pages at the moment but the site reveals there is a full site coming soon. Both the game page and teaser site have the European release down as Autumn 2008. Also worth noting is the option to receive updates on the game via Sega Pass.

If you haven’t already voted in the poll to name the newly revealed alien race from the game(where have you been?) don’t forget to go vote at Sonic City now.

Sonic City Competition – A Race to a Name!

It is finally time for you, the Sonic Fans of the world to have your say in the name of one of the alien species in the upcoming Nintendo DS title, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. The image of the Alien has finally been revealed, after a fortnight of only having a silhouette to tease us!

The top 10 names have been selected from a number of suggestions put forward different forums and communities, including members of TSS,, and the Bioware forums themselves. Continue reading Sonic City Competition – A Race to a Name!

New Sonic Chronicles info and screens

CVG have some exclusive info and screenshots of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood from the upcoming issue of NGamer. The article reveals controls for things like loop-de-loops, springboards and platform jumping. The story is revealed to be more linear than most Bioware titles.

Most surprising of the info is that the tone of the game will be darker than what has been previously shown such as at one moment in the game Amy says to Rouge “You’re a tramp!”.

One of the new screenshots reveal the character summary page where you can see each characters attack list. In the screenshot shown Sonic’s attacks are revealed which all sound pretty interesting. Other screenshots display some battle sequences.

Help Name New Enemy Race in Sonic Chronicles

The Sega of Europe Sonic blog, “Sonic City Blognik”, has announced that Sega Europe will be running a poll between March 3rd and March 14th, to allow fans to determine the name for a new enemy raise in Sonic’s upcoming RPG adventure, “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood”.

The poll will be available on the Sonic City website. The winning name will be announced March 15th.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood revealed

Several images hit the Internet yesterday taking the Sonic community by storm. The first screenshots of Biowares upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog RPG for DS had been included in the latest issue of Americans popular ‘Nintendo Power’ magazine.

Boasting beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds, Sonic-looking environments and all our favourite characters, the screenshots are a perfect example of how a classic RPG should look. But this time involving Sonic. Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood revealed

New Sonic trademark made by Sega

Sega Japan have made a new trademark, the name? Sonic Chronicles. Nothing is known at this time other than it’s marked down under computer games. Could this be a new Sonic game on the way or could Sega just be protecting a name? Let the speculation begin…

Also video game store GAME have revealed what looks to be the official box art for Sega Superstars Tennis (Wii). No other versions box art is up at present.

Thanks to Keiji Dragon for informing everyone of the trademark at the SSMB and thanks to Hogfather for the heads up and informing about the box art.