The Top 10 Sonic Games Of The 2000’s

2009’s almost out. That means we’ve enjoyed a whole decade of Sonic the Hedgehog goodness in the last ten years, from 2000’s Sonic Shuffle (for Americans, we didn’t get it until the year after, damn SEGA) to 2009’s Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. So, rather than just round up the games of the year, The Sonic Stadium crew have taken to list their Top 10 Sonic games of the decade!

This is how we’ve done it. A bunch of TSS Staffers wrote over their unique Top 10 (which will be listed at the end of this article). Along with it, a short paragraph as to why they ranked each game the way they did. When bunching all of these lists together, we formed an average by giving points to each game’s placement on each staffer’s countdown (so a #1 position would get 10 points, and a game in 10th place would get 1 point). Add all the points up, and we have our own, not-so-scientific average. What game will get TSS’ #1 Sonic Game of the Decade? Read on, dear reader… Continue reading The Top 10 Sonic Games Of The 2000’s

SEGA finally bringing Sonic Chronicles to Japan!


Resident SSMB member ‘KIRBY‘ informed the forums earlier today with some exciting news regarding the release of Sonic Chronicles in Japan. Unlike Europe and America, Japan never saw a release of the game last September, a similar act as with Sonic Rivals 1 and 2’s Japanese no shows. While the majority of Japanese fans simply felt left in the dust, SEGA have finally uploaded a teaser site to the Internet advertising an eastern release for the Nintendo DS turn-based adventure.

Sonic Chronicles was met with mediocre reviews when released in Europe and America last year, with high criticism to the plot and sound track noted. The majority of fans however enjoyed the title, with Bioware’s extensive RPG experience clearly shining through. More information will be uploaded to the website April 10th, hopefully giving us a release date for Japanese fans to look forward to.

Source: SEGA Japan. Chronicles 4th Top Nintendo Game of 2008

You may have seen TSS Staff member Slingerland’s earlier article regarding GameTrailers nominating Sonic Chronicles in their Biggest Disapointment of 2008 category.

Well now, have made a list of their Top 10 Nintendo Platform Exclusive’s of 2008 and Sonic Chronicles has been given 4th place. Boom Blox made it to 3rd, Zack and Wiki 2nd and Professor Layton 1st. Sonic Chronicles managed to beat the likes of first-party Nintendo titles Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Wow! In’s top 50 games across all platforms Sonic Chronicles made it to a respectable 43rd place.

In their review gave Sonic Chronicles a great score of 8/10, the game was praised for it’s graphics and combat.

Do you think the game deserves such high respect? Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

GameTrailers nominates “Chronicles” for biggest disappointment

Considering that I (yes, me) was excited for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and was absolutely surprised at its mediocrity, it came as no shock to see it nominated for GameTrailers’ “Most Disappointing Game of 2008.”  GT nominated it for Bioware’s inclusion, as they have a reputation as THE studio for RPGs, along with a tedious combat system, unimportant story, and irrelevant dialog sequences to name a few reasons.

Although GT gave the nod to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the most disappointing game, which was definitely earned, Chronicles nomination should be a clear enough indication that things need to change.

Nobody knows what to really do. If Bioware, a company with a quality reputation, could not pull off a Sonic game worthy of the franchise, I cannot imagine who can.

Sonic Chronicles Price Spin-Attacked In Half At Gamestation

UK retailer Gamestation have slashed the price of SEGA and Bioware Nintendo DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood in half to £14.67 with the VAT reduction knocked off. This is likely to be be part of their Christmas Advent sale they’ve been running this month where a new game gets reduced to half price every day up until Christmas.

I don’t know when the offer ends but it’s likely to be Christmas Eve. If you were holding back on picking this game up because of the price (ya cheapniks) then now is a good time to go get it. The half-price deal is in-store and online.

You can find out more about Sonic Chronicles at the game’s official interactivewebsite.

Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Who’s Won Our Hallowe’en Contest?

Sorry for taking so long to reveal the results of our latest competition, but I’ve been away for a week and hadn’t had time to run through all of our entries. Thanks so much for everyone that took part – I got a whopping 57 submissions for this contest, and if anything it’s proven that the whole lot of you are proper little thieves in the making. Almost all of the entries involved a Sonic character assaulting or otherwise managing to outright steal candy off of the poor residents of this world.

I’ve had a whole range of characters sent in from Sonic to Big to Metal Sonic and Charmy. Even Marine had an entry. As a fun fact, it will be settling for all of you to know that nine entries featured Shadow holding the homeowner at gunpoint. That’s not slightly worrying at all.

But I have five sets of prizes to give away – a Sonic Chronicles tin and stylus set, plus an additional goodie bag for the entry I found the greatest. So hit the jump to see the winners, and a list of people that took the time to enter… Continue reading Who’s Won Our Hallowe’en Contest?

Sonic Chronicles: Behind the Scenes 3 Video

Sega have updated the official Sonic Chronicles website’s and added Behind the scenes 3 to the U.S. and European sites and also added TV Commercial to the U.S. site. In Behind the scenes 3 the Bioware explain in-game teamwork and how it affects battles and tasks in the field that you can only overcome with certain party members. Bioware also talk about Sonic fans, how passionate they are and all the e-mails sent their way. Also in the video you can see what look’s like some new artwork on Bioware’s computers.

You can check out the video on the official Sonic Chronicles site –

Critic Metareview: Sonic Chronicles



  • IGN (6.5/10) lets everybody continue the Sonic community’s on-going trend of bias (ridiculous, by the way) against Sonic with their latest Sonic review.  “Sonic Chronicles isn’t a bad game overall, but it does suffer from a list of things that keep it from being a title we can recommend to just anyone. The character balancing is strong, the game is simply beautiful, and there’s more effort put into the front end and general flow of the game than most DS titles out there. On the gameplay front though, players will need to suffer through tedious point-to-point fetch quests with very little story to push the experience, and a battle system that gets too repetitive far too fast.”
  • (6.5/10) goes against their initial perception of the title by labeling Sonic Chronicles a completely average RPG: “If [Sonic Chronicles] wasn’t for the fact that it had Sonic characters in it, it wouldn’t stand out at all [against other RPGs]. The combat system is interesting but flawed, the gameplay is slow and rather tedious and the plot is as cookie-cutter as they come. There is very little attempt made to make the game feel anything like a Sonic title, and if it weren’t for the occasional loop, you could easily replace Sonic and friends with original characters without losing anything but name recognition.”
  • (8.0/10) makes note that Chronicles is not the greatest RPG out there, but is still a title worth your time and cash: “If you’re not a Sonic fan and instead are simply looking for a quality RPG, there’s better on the DS, but Chronicles still comes highly recommended. If you’re a Sonic fan Chronicles really is an essential purchase. It’s one of the best Sonic games we’ve played in ages (given the quality of some Sonic games in recent years this doesn’t come as a surprise) and, despite it not being as in-depth an RPG as we’d hoped, it’s really a lot of fun while it lasts.”

For complete critic coverage, check out the Sonic Chronicles page at

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is further proof, beyond Sonic Spinball and Sonic Riders, that the classic hedgehog formula can be applied to just about any old genre SEGA sees fit (not always successfully, mind). The idea for this game apparently came about during a discussion with Bioware’s managing directors and SEGA America’s President Simon Jeffery. Obviously the concept and challenge of putting Sonic the Hedgehog in untested waters was just too good an opportunity to pass up, but also came with a worrying premise for gamers. Because we’d all been there with Shadow the Hedgehog.

With the standard Sonic games not doing so hot, was a spinoff – which happen to be extremely hit and miss in the history of the franchise – really the best way to go about repairing the damaged reputation the blue blur has? Would the franchise be in good hands with Bioware, an excellent developer known for their more mature RPG projects? Read on and find out, in TSS’ definitive review.

Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Bioware Poll: Favourite playable character in Chronicles

Bioware have put out a new poll on their front page regarding Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Bioware would like to know:

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, who is your favorite[sic] playable character?

  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Tails
  • Rouge
  • Big the Cat
  • Other, read my comments

Could this be for feedback for the next game since we know it’s already being developed and it’s story being written. Could the least voted character be canned and well voted characters be given more game/story time? We’ll have to wait and see what comes from it. Currently Sonic’s winning with over a 3rd of votes, Knuckles in 2nd and Tails in 3rd.

You can place your vote here and discuss the poll over at the SSMB.

Download the Sonic Chronicles Soundtrack

I’ve been busy beavering away at a little project for the site. Basically, I’m trying to get the Information and Downloads sections back online in some form or another. Ahead of a release of our Music Downloads section (which is basically an HTML version of what we offer on our FTP Portal, for those that like nice looking webpages), we’ve grabbed the Game Rip for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and you’re all invited to download it for yourselves. And because it’s from TSS, we’ve tagged the files properly and everything. So enjoy – I can rock hard to that Battle Theme 3 music all day. Cheers to Golden Hedgy for leading us to audio glory.

You can expect me to update you on various things regarding the Information and Download sections over the coming weeks. I don’t know how long this will take me, but there’s cause for celebration on the 24th October regardless…

Click the link below to head straight to our downloads page.
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Music Downloads Archive

Sonic Chronicles 2 – Story Already Being Written

In their latest Podcast SavyGamer have interviewed Dorian Kieken the Associate Producer for Sonic Chronicles. Dorian talks about designing the game, music and basic non-spoiler story info. The most interesting parts of the interview are the confirmation of future Bioware DS titles and that they are already writing the story for Sonic Chronicles 2. Dorian explains they already have alot of different scenarios for what will happen next and they have a good idea of where they want to go with the game.

If you want to listen to the interview its at 35:26. Click your choice of download here.

Do you want to see a sequel, does this game deserve a sequel, do you want to see the story progress? Discuss at the SSMB topic but don’t forget to use spoiler boxes for those not done yet.

Sonic Chronicles released today in Europe!

Sonic Chronicles Box Artwork

The wait is finally over. After some interesting Bioware ‘Insider’ videos and a great pre-release hands on at the ‘Summer of Sonic’ event earlier this summer, ‘Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’ is now officially obtainable in Europe as of today!

American fans don’t fret, as the wait is nearly over for you too. You’ll be able to get yours hands on the game the 30th of this month and enjoy Sonic’s RPG adventures for yourselves.

We’re expecting stores to be packed with hungry RPG gaming Sonic fans, so shop at your own risk! For those still pessimistic about them game, don’t forget to look out for The Sonic Stadium’s very own review of the game coming soon on the main page.

Source: The Internet.

Sexy new Sonic Chronicles ‘Enemies’ trailer have put up a new trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood out this Friday on Nintendo DS in Europe and the 30th in the U.S. This trailer focuses on the various enemies found in the game and their levels of difficulty. The video also features some awesome new CGI footage of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy battling an whole army of soldiers from the Brotherhood. New enemy character Shade also makes an appearance in CGI form at the end of the trailer. The trailer claims she ‘will push you to the limit’. BRING IT ON SISTER!

You can find the new trailer here.

Sonic Chronicles ROM Leaked

Looks like loads of people are eager to play Sonic Chronicles after all. Following the news on SSMB that Australian game stores have broken the official street date for the title’s release, it was only a matter of time before the illegal ROM dump started appearing on the Interwebs. Thanks to some eagle eyed members on Sonic Retro and X-Cult, the dump didn’t seem to take that long to arrive at all.

Those with an R4 Nintendo DS cart (which are totally used for homebrew and nothing else, honest) have been having some problems getting the ROM to run properly on their handhelds, but some workarounds have done the trick – apparently the solution involves an ARM7 patch file.

The Sonic Stadium was able to play the game at length some months ago, and we have to agree that it is a pretty damn good game, with a good mixture of action and RPG fused with classic Sonic banter. Let’s just hope that any positive opinions gleaned from playing the ROM will translate into bona fide sales for SEGA. After all, it only makes sense to support the company when they finally get something right.

The game is on track for a European release this Friday. We’ve just received our copy for review, so you can expect us all to chime in and give the non-‘Knockoff Nigel’s a definitive assessment.

Sonic Chronicles: The First Chapters (read our non-spoiler preview right here)
EB Games has broken the Australian release date! (SSMB Forums Discussion)
Sonic Retro: General Discussion (find the topic yourselves)

Hot New Chronicles Screens – With added Echidna

Planete-Sonic have managed to get their hands on some awesome new Sonic Chronicles screens that confirm all of this Echidna speculation and references seen in past images. Echidnas are in the game, pyramids and all. An OAE(Old Age Echidna) is seen atop a pyramid with some members of the Brotherhood talking to Sonic.

One member of the Brotherhood standing next to the OAE is shown to have some light pink dreadlocks coming out the back of their head with part of their face showing too. Could the Brotherhood all be Echidna’s in disguise? Would explain the long part stretching out of the back of their heads which fans have speculated since the beginning.

You can check out all of the screens here.

Thanks to SSMB member Adamis for the tip-off.

In other news Adamis has managed to get his hands on the map for what looks to be Eggmans base. Hit the jump to see a scaled down image of it (you’ll want to right-click and hit ‘View Image’ to see it full size)… Continue reading Hot New Chronicles Screens – With added Echidna

UK FINALLY gets its Sonic Chronicles gift… from a Pokemon mag

The UK has finally gotten its official Sonic Chronicles gift, but it doesn’t come with a pre-order of Sonic Chronicles at all. Instead the gift is free with a copy of Pokemon World magazine.

I kid you not, here are some pics I’ve taken: the gift, the gift’s guts

Yep, it’s a pencil case and it looks official due to the copyright stuff on it. Looks pretty cool though if not a bit naughty (adult fans know what I mean), and I guess you can use it while you plan your strategies through the game. Still, it would have been better free with pre-orders of the game though.

Get Yer Exclusive Sonic Chronicles Wallpaper Here

With the epic Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood game just around the corner, we thought we’d provide more of an opportunity to salivate over it just a little more. SEGA Europe have just sent us this wallpaper, which is exclusive to The Sonic Stadium. Download it, slap on your desktop and be proud. SEGA Nerds also has their own wallpaper, but those with a fetish for Tails and HOT WRENCH ACTION can probably make do with this one. I’ve got it on my desktop now. Those blue, alluring eyes…. looking right at me… as if I was — (Runs off to write a fanfiction)

Sonic Chronicles: Tails Wallpaper (TSS Exclusive) – 2.1MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

Ask Bioware about Sonic Chronicles

Bioware have updated their Sonic Chronicles site with a Tips & Tricks page and an Ask our Developers page. The Tips & Tricks page gives you some helpful hints to help you through the game and how to overcome things that most RPG fans will already be familiar with. The Ask our Developers page allows you the fans to ask Bioware’s developers any questions you have about the game regarding Gameplay, Characters and Environments. Once received Bioware will review your questions and post an answer on the site.

You can e-mail your questions to .

So get to it people, we just know you want to ask if Sonic’s going to hook up with Amy or not.

You can check out Bioware’s Sonic Chronicles site here.

Sonic Chronicles Video Insider – Episode 6

Bioware have today released Sonic Chronicles Video Insider episode 6. This edition reveals there will be 3 character classes in the game for you to built your party with. The 3 character classes are Power, Shifter and Support, now this is definitely starting to sound more like an RPG. The video reveals Sonic and Knuckles to be power class, Amy to be a Shifter and Tails to be Support class. We also get to see footage of Knuckles using all of his field abilities which are smashing, climbing and gliding and we get to see one of his POW moves the Uppercut which kicks some serious stone buttocks like only Knuckles can. Also shown are some team POW moves with Sonic and Knuckles.

You can catch this latest episode in all of its YouTube glory here.

Sonic Chronicles ‘Exploration’ Trailer

It’s the final countdown to the release of ‘Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS as in just over two weeks time Sonic’s first venture in to the RPG genre will be made available to buy in Europe and shortly after in America.

DarkShadow notifed us earlier on the forums that those generous blokes and ladies down at Bioware have give us yet another ‘first look’ video at some of the areas Sonic and friends will explore throughout the course of the game. There’s also some new footage of some fantastic looking CG animated models, featuring Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge and of course our spiky blue hero himself!

Source: YouTube.

New Sonic Chronicles screenshots in web ads

Sega have put out some Sonic Chronicles pop-up and banner advertisements on gaming website Gamepro. Contained in the ads are some new screenshots including a shot from an unknown area that Shade is standing in on the official Sonic Chronicles website. SSMB member Core has kindly taken the screenshots from the ad for everyone to see. Here they are for your viewing please, thanks Core –

You can find the ads over at Gamepro’s DS site.

Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Bioware ready to make Chronicles sequel

PALGN have interviewed Bioware’s Sonic Chronices Associate Producer Dorian Kieken.

When PALGN asked Dorian “If Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is successful once released, will there potentially be a sequel?”

Dorian replied “I would be surprised to see Sega refusing a sequel opportunity if the game is indeed successful! In any case, our team is definitively ready to work on a sequel. We even have a precise idea on what to do next if this were to happen… And if you play the game, you might find some hints on what that idea is.”

Bioware already gave a hint at a sequel when the game was revealed with the title ‘Sonic Chronicles’: The Dark Brotherhood and now this. Bioware have obviously worked hard and must have alot of faith in their first DS outing. Let’s hope the game does well and Bioware are approved to work on the sequel they are so keen to start on.

You can read the full interview here.

What do you think Bioware are planning? Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Sonic Chronicles goes gold

Crispygamer have posted news that Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is now 100% complete and henceforth gone gold. This is contradictory to the new Bioware behind the scenes video that was released yesterday in which Bioware staff said the game is now being polished but they may have recorded that so many days back and the news does makes sense as the game is being released the 26th Sept in Europe and Sept 30th(28th at Nintendo World) in the U.S.

Now let’s hope Bioware have pulled off a great title for us all to enjoy.


Official Sonic Chronicles Mini Game launched!

I can has chaoburger?

SEGA have released quite a snazzy little teaser flash game for all of you people who just can’t wait to get your grubby little mittens on a copy of Sonic Chronicles at the end of this month!

Apparently, Sonic is having visions of his up-and-coming adventure, and the idea of the minigame is for you to help make sense of these premonitions to see who Sonic will meet, what items he will need etc… Confused? Yeah, it confused the heck out of me; it’s got to be played to be understood!!!

First off you need an account on a social networking site such Windows Live, facebook, myspace (the rest are listed on the site). I’ve stuck it on my facebook account. From there you can play a number of different puzzle games, as well as point and click games, from which you collect points to go up Bronze, Silver and Gold rankings. There’s also a “Dark” rank – wonder what that’s for! A more comprehensive explaination is given on the site itself:

Official Sonic Chronicles Mini Game Site

As you go up ranks you’ll be rewarded with access to exclusive downloadable packs, which contain desktops, bebo and myspace skins, and instant messaging icons to show off to your mates. Not only that, there is a Chao Garden in which you can collect up to 20 different Chao, upon fulfilling specific criteria – such as having a friend grab the game from your social networking page!

A perfect solution for what looks to be a rainy weekend!

G4 interview Bioware’s project director Mark Darrah

G4 have had the chance to do a video interview with Bioware’s project director Mark Darrah about upcoming DS RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Mark Darrah reveals how this title “looks back into the history of Sonic characters” and how Sonic can expand his relationship with Amy Rose compared to previous Sonic game’s that only touched upon it. Mark also talks about the plot of gathering the Chaos Emeralds and all the area’s Sonic must visit to obtain them. Some gameplay footage can also be seen in the video but nothing new is shown really.

The video interview can be seen here.

Gamespot AU interview Bioware’s Joel MacMillan

Gamespot AU have interviewed Bioware’s Joe MacMillan about Sonic Chronicles. There’s nothing really new here but Joel did mention the Realtime Button Input system for your POW moves will get harder as you level up those moves.

GS AU: Tell us about the combat system. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s a mix of turn-based with some real-time action.

JM: That’s correct. Combat’s been engineered to play out as ‘Rounds’, to help illustrate a feeling of speed. To accentuate that, there’s a Realtime Button Input system we have that coincides with combat. During the team’s Power Moves, the player will have to successfully accomplish a small Button and Stylus sequence in order to deliver a maximum damage attack. It’s actually a lot of fun–as the player levels up their power moves, the Realtime Button Input gets more difficult. It’s a good way to keep the player on their toes.

Not very rewarding for your level-ups but hopefully this means the POW moves will get more powerful in connection with the harder inputs.

Full interview can be found here.

Sonic Chronicles Insider Video 4 – New enemies revealed!

Bioware are on fire just lately with their new ‘Insider Videos’ released on YouTube promoting ‘Sonic Chronicles’ on DS released later this month!

Their latest video released yesterday showcases two enemies Sonic and pals will face on their adventure, the ‘Egg Pawn’ and ‘Kron Warrior.’ Bioware stresses danger is afoot and you’ll need to kick some ass if you’re going to make it through to the end of the game, naturally.

Source: YouTube.

Sonic the Hedgehog #191 on newstands now!

The newest issue of Sonic the Hedgehog has just hit newstands, and this time, every Sonic fan has a reason to take notice. The back up story is a prologue for the upcoming BioWare RPG, Sonic Chronicles.

Starting with this issue, Sonic Stadium will be regularly featuring news regarding comic book releases in the world of Sonic. This news usually comes complete with a seven page preview of the issue, as well as an (often misleading) synopsis of what lies within. Provided I’ve read the issue, I may also drop some opinion into the mix.

Check out these scans: Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog #191 on newstands now!

AAUK clears up Sonic Chronicles EU release date confusion

Kevin/ArchangelUK of Sonic Wrecks/Sega Europe’s community team has updated the Sonic City Blognik and has cleared up the confusion surrounding the European Sonic Chronicles release date. AAUK confirms that the game will be released 26th September as originally planned. So, I guess we’re going to have to wait, which by looking at how the game is shaping up will definitely be worth it.

AAUK also informs in the new update that he is off on holiday until mid-september “Because I thumping well deserve it!”, which we’ve got to admit he does. From everyone at TSS/SSMB – “Have a great break, enjoy yourself and take care mate!”


SEGA in Chao Exclusive Announcement, Release Date Confusion

Gamespot got to preview Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood in their latest edition of their weekly show ‘On The Spot’. The game looked and sounded pretty good as the Sega rep showed how puzzle solving around Central City was conducted. There was even some new Rouge artwork in there. The biggest shocker of the preview was at the end when the Sega rep make a big announcement and then balls’d it up.

The Sega rep announced that Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood will be available before release at the Nintendo World Store where you will also be able to collect an exclusive Chao unavailable anywhere else. Signed copies will also be available at the event. Now, when will this little event be happening? The Sega rep said August 28th. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that yesterday? I guess it was still the 28th(7:45pm) in the U.S. at the time of announcement but it was a bit late at night. So, anyone from the U.S. who picked up the game, please let us know how you feel about it won’t you?

Back to reality, I assume the Sega rep meant September 28th as the U.S. release date is listed on many a retailer and gaming site as September 30th. I’m surprised he and the show presenters didn’t notice the Sega rep’s mistake. Sega, you do make us laugh sometimes.

You can watch the show here.

Full Sonic Chronicles box-art revealed and new release date?

So I went into one of my 3 local GAME stores(All 3 in the SAME shopping centre, why?) today and noticed they had display boxes for Sonic Chronicles all over the counter with the full box art and a 5th September release date sticker on the front. I snapped a couple of pics of the front and back covers for you guys to see.

Look’s like Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been scrapped as there’s no logo but there is the multi-card wireless 1-2 player connection logo on the back for close-by connecting, so no Chao trading over the interwebz. Another Sonic game rush job? It’s also odd that they put a screenshot of Green Hill on the back with the older more detailed map in the top screen rather than the newer cartoony simpler design.

For those who can’t quite read the text on the back cover it says –

“A brand new journey of battles, exploration and discovery!

Select your team of sonic and his friends to fight new enemies.
Explore new worlds and defeat a mysterious new menace.
Explore over 20 areas with up to eleven new characters.
Defeat enemies with combo power moves.
Collect and trade Chao with friends.”

aisha13 over at the Official Nintendo Magazine forums is also reporting that the latest Argos catalogue has Sonic Chronicles down for this new 5th September release date. Let’s hope this new date is true so we can get our filthy hands on the game next week but lets hope this doesn’t mean the game’s been rushed.

In other news, Bioware have released the 3rd of their video insider episodes, you can check it out here.

Sonic Chronicles Insider Video episode 2

Sonic’s big RPG debut is only a month away, and BioWare’s getting us Sonic fans ready for it via a series of YouTube videos on their own Youtube channel. It’s good to have a video to explain just how this game works. For those younger Sonic fans, unitiated in the ways of the RPG genre, this video should give them a clue of what their in for.

POW! Right in the kis… er, Chronicles

Sega have released yet another new trailer for upcoming Nintendo DS RPG title Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. This latest trailer showcases a few POW moves and how their pulled off. The trailer continues the dramatic music heard in previous trailers and ends with a battle against the Zoah displaying a team POW move using Amy’s hammer swinging abilities which look’s quite cool. The trailer is an American one and finally gives you guys a release month of September but no actual date yet though unfortunately.

Source: Gamespot

Slimy Sonic Chronicles Screens

New stage screens have appeared for Sonic Chronicles at Leipzig – this will most likely be playable at the press event itself at Sega’s booths. We get to see a lot more of Knuckles here, including some of his POW moves, and we come face to face with a slimy thing that appears to invite Sonic into his parlour. Ooh er missus. Those who played the Nintendo DS RPG at the Summer of Sonic convention can agree that this is shaping up to be a rather awesome little title for the hedgehog, and I’m particularly liking the ‘action’ artwork that appears in the top screen when a character performs a POW move. It doesn’t look like Uekawa’s work, but it sure makes me wish they’d do away with all the CG artwork these days and pump out some drawn stuff now and then.

I had an interview with Miles Holmes, the Lead Designer at BioWare for Sonic Chronicles a while ago, which should be published on a website I’ve been writing for very soon. His favourite game is Sonic Heroes, as a random tidbit of information there. Interesting, no?

Hit the jump for the gallery of new screens. Continue reading Slimy Sonic Chronicles Screens