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It’s been a little while since Sonic Boom’s initial unveiling, which fans were surprised with a totally new branch of the Sonic franchise, boasting new character designs, a new video game, television show and merchandise. If you missed anything important this week, be sure to check out our Sum-Up Sunday where all the important stuff is noted down in one handy dandy article. Now as avid Sonic fans ourselves, some of the writing team of The Sonic Stadium wanted to weigh in on our own initial thoughts regarding this brand new, re-imagined Sonic, as well as the possibilities the future may hold for this brand of the franchise we know and love.


So, what do I think of all this? Well, let’s go back to the teaser last year. When they showed the silhouettes last year, I was really confused and concerned. Knuckles was the biggest concern with how he had a radically different shape then ever before. Sonic was also a bit concerning with the extra spikes, but Tails and Amy had pretty much no different changes, just different clothes, so that was fine to me. Also the news of the show made me worry it was going to be some cheap flash cartoon akin to My Little Pony, and I’m not crazy about modern flash cartoons, they just feel like a cop out and cheap work-around versus the traditional cel animation of old.

But I realized they indeed meant it was going to be CGI, so my imagination turned more towards Sonic’s peer Pac-Man who was also rebooted in the same way, and I’ll say this right now; I adore Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures, there I said it! Hey, it has Canadian voice actors (many of whom were in the old DiC Sonic cartoons, bet you didn’t know that!) and it’s written by Ken Pontac, go figure, he rocks in this show, not as much in the recent Sonic games.

So fast forward to the present and… I’m super excited! When we first got our taste via the leaked Sonic and Knuckles designs, I was really impressed, they looked closer to the modern designs than I expected, I was worried we were going to get Nickelodeon-esc designs.

So then finally the full unveiling came via the leaked trailer, and it indeed is the 3rd Nintendo exclusive! And I’ll say this right now also, that just makes it even more exciting to me, the fact that Sega’s putting what is arguably Sonic’s biggest evolution since Sonic Adventure 100% on Nintendo is just effing incredible. Kudos Sega, kudos.

I’m a diehard Nintendo fan and only play on Nintendo’s systems (I was introduced to Sonic most specifically with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on GameCube), and I always appreciate any exclusives that are designed from the ground-up, fully tailored to the strengths of Nintendo’s hardware, because lord knows virtually every port ever on Nintendo systems is gimped as hell.

And crazier still is that Sonic Boom is being shaped by none other than key members from Naughty Dog, who created Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. The founder is Bob Rafei, who was the big art director and character designer on both! And the 3DS version is by the same folks who took over from Sucker Punch and made Sly 4: Thieves in Time, just wow. I hope they use their experience and make the 3DS version their own and not a copy of the Wii U version. Make it cel-shaded!

I can’t finish without talking about the TV show clip now can’t I? I was very impressed, while the dialogue didn’t really have much to it, the delivery (especially by Mike Pollock as Egghead I MEAN Eggman) was really great. And the animation is fantastic! It’s at least direct to DVD quality, which is a good thing.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m super excited for this and can’t wait to see more! I hope you liked my opinion piece. 🙂


I think it’s fair to say SEGA certainly weren’t kidding when they hailed 2014 as a year to remember for Sonic the Hedgehog. As the announcements trickled out from New York on Thursday, I was perhaps one of the lucky ones, away from my computer and missing the inevitable explosion of immediate reactions. But that’s not to say I was completely calm and collected about the scenario – when I caught my first glimpse of the new character designs, I was absolutely ready to toll the death knell and proclaim “Sonic Doom!”. What had they done to my beloved series? Why was Sonic covered in tape? And what on earth had Knuckles been taking to get those muscles?

But the more I read up on things, and the more I analysed the TV and game trailers… the more I liked what I saw. My knee-jerk reaction to the new look was undoubtedly out of shock and fear of change – after all, let’s face it, Sonic’s not exactly had the best reputation when it comes to reinventions – but once the dust had settled and I collected my thoughts, Sonic Boom actually sounded like a rather appealing proposition. A well animated CG cartoon with top notch voice work and some decent writing? Hell yeah! A brand new teamwork-based game giving each character individual abilities and being developed by some of the industry’s finest in the genre? Shut up and take my rings! I’m very intrigued to see what this new take on the franchise has in store, and whether it manages to reach its full potential will be a key factor in deciding just how good a decision SEGA have made in revitalising their mascot.

To put it simply – Sonic Boom, you’re growing on me. Well, everything but Knuckles, anyway. Sorry Knuckles.


The hit of new information when all the details about Sonic Boom were revealed initially left me feeling alienated as a fan. It seemed like the Sonic I’d known for so many years was gone, and that those who may have seen themselves as veterans of the series now had no place in the new territory that the hedgehog would be moving into. More details came about, and now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’m actually eagerly anticipating the direction that this new canon can go.

I almost think that the best thing SEGA have done is how they’ve handled Sonic Boom’s reveal. In a way, showing the silhouettes off such a long time ahead of this reveal was probably the best decision they had at their fingertips. It gave the fan base some kind of expectation on what we would be seeing, and I dread to think what the reaction would have been like if these designs and universe suddenly came as a bolt from the blue.

As far as the game goes, it still looks a little ways to go before it’s ready. Character models and animations etc definitely need tightening up, and we haven’t yet been shown any real idea of how the game will play. That will come to light when the time comes, though. The main thing I’m excited about is the TV series. The teaser that’s been shown is a joy to watch and has remained consistently so on all my subsequent re-viewings. It’s witty, full of action and it keeps the Sonic most of us know intact.

As far as Sonic Boom goes, I think that Sonic’s audience focus is definitely shifting now. I’m sure many readers of TSS are those who grew up loving either Sonic’s classic era or his recent outings. I think a lot of people forget that yet another new generation of fans are also getting into the series, and SEGA would be wise to tap into this new wave of fans that may be discovering Sonic for the first time.

Basically… GIMME MORE!


Cartoon: Looks awesome, except for when Sonic runs in his scarf.

Game: Filter out all the PR stuff and talk about how ‘we completely understand the characters…’ this is what you get.

Battles with normal enemies take place inside arenas, 2 player co-op mandatory, Sonic uses a whip to attack certain enemies, no chaos emeralds so no Super Sonic, which is kinda ok with me since it’s a very overused mechanic that lost any special value years ago… though watch there be some kind of super form through whatever Deus Ex Machina device is thrown into this one.

Daddy Longlegs Sonic with that scarf which looks cool in the concept art, but looks ridiculous in motion.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad, but you can call it a new branch of the franchise as much as you like, some people will still go into this thinking ‘Sonic game’ and end up being disappointed when they find out it’s not one. A lot of this reminds me about other instances where it feels like a new IP is trying to use an old IP to try and sell an idea instead of trying to make an original game that would have been a perfectly strong series on its own.
At the moment, my expectations and hopes are low for this. There are a bunch of glaring problems such as ingame character models looking awful, barren stages and why does Tails look like a zombified flying chimp in ‘that one screenshot?’

When we actually get details on the gameplay, see it in action instead of being told what the characters act like (seriously, this is a Sonic game, everyone knows what the characters are like). Then maybe everyone will be in a much better position to make judgements. But right now, do not expect a Sonic game, because this isn’t one. Give us more details before anyone can decide if it’s a good game or not.

P.S. Stop complaining about how Knuckles looks, yes he has become a giant. But if you read his bio on the official website, for once he actually sounds like a decent character.


I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t gone through the song and dance of redesigns before. Also being a Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Rayman fan, I’ve seen my fair share of drastic changes within my favourite franchises. And…in none of the cases was it ever particularly too bad. Sure, I pretty much lost interest in Rayman with Origins, but that was because I was brought up on Rayman 2 and the franchise went to the gameplay style of Rayman 1. Crash I stuck with, and for the most part turned out fine (I have a few gripes with Coco for personality, but the others were okay and I prefer new Tiny to old) and would have loved one of the redesigns planned in 2010 before it was cancelled. Spyro I stuck with, and while the Legend series was too dark for me (literally; I couldn’t see what was happening on-screen which is why I haven’t done New Beginning or Eternal Night), Skylanders has been enjoyable if not really pricey, and the series takes more and more cues from the classics with each instalment.

So, how is Sonic Boom shaping up compared to those reboots? Pretty tame actually. The characters don’t look that unrelated if not for a few design quirks. And the personalities we’ve seen are pretty much what they were in Colours onwards. My main gripe with what we’ve seen so far is that I didn’t particularly enjoy the humour in the clip of the show, but that’s all down to taste. I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the game to make a comment on it too specifically.

And that’s generally the attitude I’m taking with Sonic Boom right now; I want to wait until more information comes to light before I make a more solid opinion on what is being offered with this so-called renaissance. Since I’m very much a character fan, I’ll be keeping an eye on whether other Sonic characters return (moreso for the show than the game since the game is set-up) and how their dynamics play in the new branch, as well as seeing what the inevitable new cast bring to the table. I’ve held back like this in the past and have been pleasantly surprised at the other end (Dino-Rang the fruit kebab fiend is adorable!), but who knows if this will end up being as well-liked. If not, I have the option of ignoring Sonic Boom and sticking to SEGA Sonic unlike the other redesigns which is a nice cushion to have. It’ll be like the Mega Man franchise where there’s more than one series you can be a fan of!

I also hold some reservations over the success of the push on a broader scope, but that’s neither here or there…


When I applied for the writing job on The Sonic Stadium, I wrote a blog post which expressed my desire to see Sonic establish himself more uniquely and become more relevant, fearing he wouldn’t be around much longer if he didn’t. And then, 2014 comes around and we’re greeted with this. A whole new, re-imagined Sonic the Hedgehog. I was surprised to see Sonic Boom be greeted by such positivity overall by the fanbase, including myself.

From what I’ve seen so far, I feel that Sonic Boom has some huge possibilities resting on its shoulders. Boom stands as a potentially huge success story for our blue hero – one that can capture the hearts of a whole new generation of fans and re-engage fans of old. Its desire to be new without hesitation feels refreshing. Whilst games in the past few years have, to me, felt the need to rely on older mechanics and nostalgia to keep fans engaged, or take too much inspiration from existing successful franchises *ahem*, Boom strives to separate itself from his Japanese counterpart and truly try to craft a whole new 3D Sonic experience. The fact Boom will be launching with four main characters, which are all playable, cements this idea of confident reinvention to me.

The only thing that I fear for with Sonic Boom is the chance that the developers strive too much to be different from traditional Sonic and lose sight on what once made the franchise special to begin with. But from what I’ve seen from the show and game so far, it doesn’t feel like I have reason to fear yet. This goes for the show especially. With its seriously wonderful looking CG animation, top notch voice acting and spot on writing which feels more faithful to these character’s personalities than ever, I have a feeling it could be the best on-screen adaptation Sonic has had yet. I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of the game yet to lay down proper judgement, but I do hope those character models are worked on, since the rest of the visuals and art direction looks beautiful.

Overall, I am truly looking forward to seeing where Boom takes us. Let’s hope it’s onward and upward!

There we go! You’ve heard what we think so far – but we wanna hear your thoughts too. What do you think of Sonic Boom? Are you worried or are you excited? A little bit of both? Are we doomed forever because of blue armed Sonic? Sound off in the comments below and let us know! We’ll be sitting at our writer’s roundtable waiting patiently for your responses.

(Psst – also, don’t forget! You can also check out the new Sonic Show Podcast which Sonic Boom is also the topic for discussion. Enjoy!)

Sonic Boom: First look at the Toy Line!

Fresh from New York Toy Fair, and Tomy’s official Facebook page comes our first ever look at Sonic Boom’s merchandise: the action figure line!


As you can see, only Sonic, Tails and Amy are shown here with no sign of Knuckles, Dr. Eggman or even any accessories to be packaged in with the toys. The figures look to have some basic articulation in the arms, legs and head.

The toys shown also look to be early prototypes, featuring only basic paint schemes and figure moulds. This is probably evidence that the line is still in fairly early development and these figures will  probably be updated, and the rest will be shown later on.


The picture’s description also held another interesting tidbit of information:

“TOMY, the new master toy partner for Sonic, is proud to show off the first of many great new Sonic toys at New York Toy Fair!”

This would mean that the principle creator of Sonic toys in the future now lies with Tomy, and NOT with the current producers Jazwares… Interesting. Also interesting is that Tomy also sounds to be planning a lot more for Sonic in the future. Very promising stuff!


We will keep our eyes on the New York toy fair to see if further images surface!


A big thanks to Paper Mache CC14 on SSMB for bringing this to our attention.

Sonic Boom TV world to “reset” in every episode


We’ve heard a lot of new information recently about the upcoming Sonic Boom game for Wii U and 3DS, but what of the show it’s actually based on? Well, thanks to the interview above from NintendoWorldReport, we now know a few extra details about the CG animated cartoon.

The biggest new revelation is with regards to the show’s format. It’s been stated before that the show’s primary focus will be humour and comedy with some action thrown in for good measure, but this has now seemingly been cemented by the fact that the world will effectively “reset” at the beginning of each episode – in other words, this series will be more akin to the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon where each story is standalone and can be watched in any order, as opposed to Sonic X which has ongoing story arcs. This will no doubt come as a disappointment to those who were hoping for a more fleshed out story in the cartoon, but it will undoubtedly make for a more accessible experience to newcomers.

Don’t lose all hope for story in the Sonic Boom universe yet though, as it’s already been reiterated several times that the Wii U/3DS games will be heavily driven by narrative and serve as a prequel to the cartoon, setting up the world and its characters which will then be visited in various scenarios during the series itself. In a way, it’s a nice compromise – we get the story and the action in the game, and the quick-fire comedy from the animated episodes. The best of both worlds, perhaps?

What do you make of Sonic Boom returning to the status quo for each individual story? Let us know in the comments!

New Sonic Boom Details: No Chaos Emeralds


A whole slew of new details regarding Sonic Boom have surfaced thanks to the above interview brought to our attention by SSMB member Storme. As well as giving us a more extensive look at the New York venue for SEGA’s big announcements last week, it reveals some intriguing changes to the traditional Sonic premise – chief among them, the absence of the Chaos Emeralds in the Boom universe. How this will affect the story and mythos of the new series remains to be seen, but it does throw an appearance by Super Sonic or any other super forms (and arguably even the Master Emerald) into doubt.

Additional details revealed in the interview include:

  • The Wii U GamePad will be used to display a map and upgrades, as well as another function which is yet to be unveiled
  • The game follows an adventure style with currency and upgrades for the characters
  • The game is more “organically” challenging, in that difficulty arises from skill in combat and finding hidden secrets as opposed to enemies just becoming tougher
  • All the levels in the game are connected by the story and its locations
  • You will mainly use two characters at a time during gameplay, but all four will show up in hubs and boss fights
  • There will be points in the game where you are required to use a certain character to proceed
  • The game will be very character driven, with a lot of focus put onto each individual character and their unique abilities
  • We will “definitely” be seeing other characters from the Sonic series making an appearance – these will be revealed over the coming months
  • Inspiration is being taken from Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Generations

(summary adapted from a post by SSMB member Blue Blood)

What do you make of all this new information? Are you disappointed that the Chaos Emeralds are a no-show? Are you excited that other characters will be popping up in the game? Let us know in the comments!

Sum-Up Sunday: Sonic Boom Details Aplenty!

Sonic Boom Logo

Well, Thursday proved to be quite the whirlwind of new information, didn’t it? TSS posted several updates about what was happening as it happened, but for those who may have been away from their monitors when the information dropped, or are looking for a one-stop-shop for everything Sonic Boom related that was revealed, here’s the run-down.


Sonic Boom: An Introduction

Sonic Boom is basically, SEGA trying something entirely new with the Sonic mythos. Whilst an awful lot of media for this series has surfaced, SEGA is keen to stress that this isn’t the definitive new direction for the franchise as a whole, and instead is more of a sub-series, and won’t replace the currently established franchise. This should basically allow them to be more liberal with design choices and such.

For example, with this ‘new take’ comes an all new set of character designs.

Sonic Boom's new designs for the main cast
Sonic Boom’s new designs for the main cast

Those who have been in the franchise for a while will immediately notice the differences between the current cast and the Sonic Boom cast. Sonic’s spines are a little messier, Amy is rocking a new outfit, Tails has a new mechanic motif, whilst Knuckles is… definitely bigger.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much use to create new characters if you weren’t going to do something with them! Enter….

Sonic Boom: The Video Game


The Sonic Boom video game is what is believed to be the third and final Nintendo Exclusive title that SEGA will be producing under the ‘3 game deal’ announced in 2013. The game will be coming to both Nintendo Wii U as well as Nintendo 3DS, and will be developed by Big Red Button Entertainment and Sanzaru games respectively. Sonic Team will not be involved in the creation of either of these two games, aside from being a collaborative partner.

There is currently no release date, or release time frame beyond the normal ‘Coming Soon’.

Several screenshots of the game were released, and an official teaser/gameplay trailer was also revealed, showing the bright new world that Sonic and his friends will now adventure through. The game looks to be a vibrant, charismatic platforming adventure, in which it has been confirmed that all four characters will be playable in both single player and multi-player modes.


It’s also been stated that this game will serve as a prequel to…

Sonic Boom: The TV Show

Sonic Boom cartoon screenshot

The Sonic Boom TV show will feature Sonic and friends in the aforementioned designs, in a sizable series spanning 52, 11 minute long episodes. The series is being produced by the french based OuiDo studios, and is heading to Cartoon Network in the States as well as both CANAL J and GULLI in France towards the end of 2014, possibly at the start of 2015. No details on whether the series will be released in other regions just yet.

It’s worth knowing that the show has made it to production with the current voice cast intact. Roger Craig Smith is still the Blue Blur, Kate Higgins is reprising her role as Tails, and the ever-brilliant Mike Pollock is returning once again to give us more classic quotes as Dr. Eggman.

In the same vain as the video game, the series looks to be a fun, colorful outing filled with character driven stories, and some excellent looking action sequences. OuiDO has even produced a little 2-and-a-bit minute teaser of the cartoon to show us the kinds of antics we can expect Sonic and co to be getting up to:


This wasn’t the last of the information that we got though. Oh no, there’s more.

Sonic Boom: The ‘Everything Else’

Aside from the details of a game and a television series, there were also details of a tie in merchandise line to be produced by TOMY. This has been confirmed to include toys and apparel, but no further information has been revealed beyond these facts. It still gives all the merch-hogs (like me) something to be on the lookout for in the coming months.

It has also been stated that Sonic Boom will remain in western territories only. Japan won’t be getting any of the Sonic Boom action. Head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka has stated however that he WILL be overseeing the project.

Finally, SEGA’s official Sonic Boom website has also gone live. The current layout suggests that we’ll be seeing a LOT more information to come in the way of proper character bios, details of the video game, merchandise list and potentially more.


…That was a lot of info. Anybody still alive after all that? Anyway, now that we’ve had the chance to digest all the information from the last few days, what are your thoughts? Are you still eagerly anticipating this new direction, or are you still skeptical about the whole concept?

Interview Reveals More Details on Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom LogoWhew! The news just keeps coming in. In case you somehow missed it, Sonic Boom was revealed a few days ago, a brand new extension of the Sonic franchise aimed at western audiences which includes a new game, television show and merchandise. A new interview with Bob Rafei (Big Red Button CEO) and Stephen Frost (SoA Producer) has revealed some further details into both the game and show, which Timmi T over on Sonic Retro has handily put into a brief summary for us all. I’ve bolded some more noteworthy points:

  • Game started development in 2011, when SEGA approached Big Red Button.
  • Big Red Button consists of people from Naughty Dog, High Impact Games (former Insomniac people who made the Ratchet games for PSP) and Heavy Iron Studios (known for the good Spongebob platformers and some licensed stuff)
  • Worked together with Crytek to make Cryengine 3 display the game on the Wii U gamepad while also showing it on the TV in co-op.
  • Game is mostly two-player co-op, with sometimes four players.
  • If you play in single player you can switch between the characters (seemingly like in the LEGO games)
  • Development was started before the Nintendo exclusivity deal. They say it made sense for it to eventually be on Nintendo platforms anyway (in other words, it started as a multiplatform game)
  • Evan Baily is the showrunner for the TV show.
  • They started working on it with a somber attitude, as broader media initiatives have a poor reputation. But as they worked together with Evan they were pleased to see that he’s a gamer as well. After they got together they had no more concerns.
  • Before really working on the games they established base rules like what the world is, what the characters are going to be like etc.
  • Big Red Button, SEGA and OuiDO (the animation studio producing Sonic Boom) shared ideas of what to add to both the game and cartoon.
  • Stephen Frost (the producer of Sonic Boom) thinks they’re building a bigger Sonic world than they usually do.
  • Stephen hopes to make more games set in the Boom world.
  • Sonic Boom won’t replace the already existent Sonic, they see it more as a branch of the franchise.
  • They hope to draw in new users while also trying to do something new for the Sonic franchise.
  • They went through a lot of potential new designs for Sonic before eventually deciding on Scarf Sonic.

So it seems that Sonic Boom has been in the pipeline far even before the footage shown in the CryEngine 3 showcase – that’s a lot of development time. What’s more is the gameplay details. Are we looking at a Sonic Heroes hybrid type of game? The idea of having multiple characters on screen you can swap between certainly supports that idea, though we won’t know for certain until we get some clear footage of the game in motion.

And that’s it! If you missed anything in this hectic week, don’t worry, we have a Sum-Up Sunday article coming with all the details you might have missed. Until then, you can check out the full interview below. Special thanks again to TimmiT of Retro for the great summary.

CVG Interview With Bob Rafei and Stephen Frost

Sonic Boom or Sonic Bust?

SB_LOGO_RGB_WHITEBG_1391691188I remember a time not too long ago where one could wake up to find out that their favourite blue hedgehog had taken up the hover board, had decided that swords were cool, or had a accumulated another new friend to add to the already brimming roster of colourful critters. At the time, Sonic had suffered a spate of mediocre to down-right poor titles, the most notorious being Sonic ’06. The prevailing morale of the online community was pretty low and on the morning of the announcement of Sonic Unleashed, images of the Werehog did nothing to inspire or reassure fans that a title of note was in the making. Forums lit up with debate, sites quizzed their audiences with “will it be good, won’t it be good?” polls and comment boxes became an arena for conflicts of opinion.

Many fans at the time, including myself, were certain that the train of thought implemented in the making of Sonic titles had become intrinsically flawed, with focus on graphics and sheen, rather than gameplay. Many desired to see a return to the roots of what made the classic Sonic titles so good, which ironically backfired somewhat with the development of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. The last thing we were interested in was another gimmick, and this is what it looked like SEGA were about to present us with. On this occasion however, I couldn’t have been happier to be proven wrong. I love Sonic Unleashed, from the diverse soundtrack, to the lush worlds, to the level design to the Pixar feel of the characters. While not a perfect game in many respects, it was fun, and had elements to please both old and new fans. Not only that, Night of the Werehog was a fantastic little bonus; ten minutes of distilled genius and beautiful animation.

Fast forward six years and we seem to be back at this juncture once more.

sonicboomSonic the Hedgehog fans have had a lot of new information to assimilate over the last 48 hours with regards to the announcement of Sonic Boom, which will hit screens later in the year in both TV show and videogame incarnations. Scanning through my facebook feed, the general vibe from a lot of the younger members of the community is one of excitement at the prospect of another TV show, after all it has been a decade since Sonic X premiered on western screens (has it really been that long?). However, these announcements have been completely eclipsed by the news and images of the new character designs, which have in the cases for some characters, been fairly drastic.

But haven’t we been here before? If so, what is all the fuss about? Well, a few months back, we were all given a glimpse of some familiar shadows set against a wall. It was obvious that the main characters of the franchise were looking to get a makeover, and internet speculation about whether or not Knuckles had been hitting the gym exploded onto every Sonic-themed forum.

Boom10It seems almost seems surprising therefore, that the community has reacted in the way they have, given there was fair warning substantial changes to the character models were on the horizon. Indeed, Knuckles looks like he has now swallowed the Master emerald in a last-ditch attempt to prevent it from getting nicked. Other characters seem to have been less drastically altered, in most cases proportions have been subtly tweaked, and many would be forgiven in suggesting the team have had a recent run-in with the Andrex puppy. Admittedly, I’ve had a good giggle at some fan parodies and interpretations of these changes. Fortunately, fan reaction has been tempered by a follow up announcement that Sonic Boom would remain an isolated “sub franchise” and that these changes would not be canon.
So again, we come back to the question: what’s the big deal? Why has something like a change in the colour of Sonic’s arms hit such a nerve amongst fans?

Well, the likely answer to that is probably many fold. Firstly and most obviously, many fans probably fear that SEGA are back on down the gimmick route to promote new games. Sonic Lost World didn’t quite achieve the accolade many thought it might, and it’s understandable that there is apprehension over whether this is the dawn of the second era of the so-called “Sonic cycle”. Secondly, and more importantly I think, is the change in the base properties of the franchise. There aren’t many other fandoms that command such a loyal legion as Sonic does, and many are invested in the characters, the stories and the universe on the whole. So when something fundamental is modified, no matter how trivial it may seem to someone on the outside looking in, fans are going to react negatively; after all, why change something that isn’t broken? Indeed, most fans are questioning the necessity of equipping a hedgehog with a scarf and a copious quantity of sports bandages. Perhaps in some cases it is purely personal opinion. More curiously, many have noticed how pedantic SEGA have been in the past with regards to attention to character models, what they are allowed to be doing, and how they are represented in any media. Many perceive this as an almost complete U-turn on this previous ethos, and has opened up speculation to whether or not this is the result of a shift in those who call the shots when it comes to the franchise globally (although a recent statement from Iizuka picked up on TSSZ News announced that Boom will only be available to western markets).

soniclegsThe counter opinion of course, is that sometimes, change is good. You probably wouldn’t be seen dead in the clothes you were wearing a decade ago, and indeed, it could be seen as logical in this sense that over time, some things will inevitably update in order to remain fresh, keep with trends, and of course, interest a new generation. Back in 1998, Sonic underwent his transformation from a short fat spike-ball to a more athletic, green-eyed iteration of himself; that metamorphosis seemed on the whole a successful transition. Examining the timescales between those character models, it does seem like Sonic is well overdue a cosmetic overhaul.

Those of you who, like me, pine for another title with the same DNA as Unleashed, will no doubt be as giddy as I to see stunning pieces of concept art of environments, and some extremely amusing facial expressions from the cast, which lead to believe we will be getting a game with rich worlds to explore akin to Unleashed. Those worried about the game have had some reassuring news in that the development is in the hands of those behind the Uncharted and Jak and Daxter franchises (now developing under the name of Big Red Button), and if the quality of these titles are a reflection of what the next Sonic game will be like, we have nothing to worry about. The attitudes of SEGA have also markedly changed in the past half-decade, with the growth of an extremely competent and capable community team who have been receptive of fan feedback.  On top of this, the connection to fans has been reinforced through events such as Sonic Boom in the states and Summer of Sonic in the UK, which have both received an incredible reception from attending patrons.

I think as a community we have matured in many aspects; after all, many have now been fans for over twenty years; some are now employed in the video game business and are more able to understand the intricate nuisances that go into making a video game. That said, I think we shouldn’t fall into the trap of becoming grumpy old women and men, and forming opinions on changes purely because they “aren’t as good as they were back in the good old days”. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to whether or not you think the new direction Sonic is taking will be good or bad, as after all the main component at the end of the day is personal preference. I hope as an older and somewhat wiser community, we can hold final judgement of the “Sonic Renaissance” until we’ve seen the final product.

After all, we’ve only just read the first page of this new chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog.

First Official Screenshots and Concept Art of Sonic Boom Revealed


SEGA is continuing to drop bombshells left right and centre today – and now, to follow the announcement of the brand new Sonic Boom game, we have the first in game screenshots coming in. You can see these all below in our gallery, alongside some concept art.

Tell us: what do you think of this brand new Sonic? Excited or apprehensive?

Sonic Boom announced for Wii U and 3DS

Edit 3:12PM EST: The official announcement from Sega:



For more than two decades, Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of the world’s biggest gaming icons, with over 70 video game titles, four animated series, and an extensive global merchandising line to his name.  This year, SEGA is excited to introduce a new branch of the Sonic universe, entitled Sonic Boom, that will debut a new look for Sonic and friends and launch their first-ever CG animated television series, new video games for Wii U  and Nintendo 3DS, and a new toy line.  The creative driving forces behind these projects are working together with SEGA to kick-start a global campaign for Sonic Boom that will excite and engage new and existing fans across a variety of platforms.

Sonic Boom’s visual identity includes character designs inspired by the abilities and unique personalities of each of the characters, while still maintaining the core identity and values of the Sonic brand.  The rich worlds of the TV series and videogame will share a common narrative and a number of location and stylistic similarities reflecting full collaboration between videogame, TV series partners and SEGA from the outset.

The Sonic Boom television series, co-produced by SEGA of America Inc. and OuiDO! Productions, will debut on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France during the 2014/2015 season.  The series is an ensemble comedy consisting of 52 x 11-minute standalone episodes packed full of high-adrenaline action.  Every episode starts from a small character-driven story and explodes into an epic tale of saving the world, robot battles and more.

Serving as a prequel to the stories revealed in the TV series, the Sonic Boom video game will deliver a totally different experience to previous Sonic games with collaborative gameplay at its core.  Developed in the U.S by California-based Big Red Button Entertainment (Wii U) and Sanzaru Games (Nintendo 3DS) in collaboration with Sonic Team, this is the third title to be released as part of an exclusive deal with Nintendo.  Sonic Boom will take advantage of the innovative hardware of both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with traditional elements of Sonic games, such as speed, also featured.  The videogame will also introduce exploration, combat and a new Enerbeam tether mechanic that will allow the Sonic Boom world to be discovered in totally unique ways.

Sonic Boom will be supported by a robust global licensing and merchandising program, anchored by new master toy partner TOMY. TOMY’s line will showcase the new character looks, stressing interaction between core characters, and will feature new play patterns based on both the new game and TV series.  TOMY will develop a comprehensive toy range across a broad number of categories including plush, action figures, RC, role play, vehicles and novelty. Sonic fans can expect a high-quality, collectible toy line fueled by TOMY innovation and energized with speed, lights, sounds, motion-activation and action-performance.  SEGA will launch a broad licensing program across multiple categories including toys, apparel, publishing, accessories, food and beverage, health and more – making this one of the biggest license initiatives SEGA has undertaken in recent years.  The company will enlist many of its current partners who have had tremendous success with Sonic over the past years while seeking new licensees to join this exciting new Sonic licensing program.

“We want to ensure that the Sonic brand continues to evolve and appeal to new generations of Sonic fans and this different look introduces a fresh approach that will be at once both familiar and new to consumers,” said John Cheng, President & COO, SEGA of America. “We are committed to supporting this initiative to provide great entertainment to fans for all aspects of their lives.”

Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared as a videogame character in June 1991 and instantly became an icon for a generation of gamers. Defined by his super-fast speed and cool attitude, in the years since he first raced on to videogame consoles Sonic has become a true global phenomenon with over 140 million videogames sold or downloaded worldwide across consoles, PC’s, mobile phones and tablets. SEGA’s iconic blue blur has also gone on to enjoy incredible success in many licensed areas, such as toys, apparel, comics and animation.

The Sonic Boom TV series is a co-production between SEGA of America, Inc. and OuiDO! Productions.  Executive producers on the show are Evan Baily, Donna Friedman Meir and Jane McGregor on behalf of SEGA, and Sandrine Nguyen and Boris Hertzog from OuiDO!.  Other partners involved in the TV series include Lagardère Entertainment Rights for distribution and Lagardère Active TV Licensing & New Business for licensing and merchandise in France.

Edit 3:03PM EST: Our friendly neighborhood Carbo has spotted a couple of interesting things.

1) A certain man named Chris Senn is at Big Red Button, who fans may recognize as a key player from Sonic X-Treme’s development team before its cancellation.


2) The game seems to run on CryEngine 3, as Crytek sneaked in a few seconds of environmental footage in their CE3 demo during Big Red Button’s segment at the very beginning (Edit 10:09PM EST: I cut and rehosted the clip as its own video for easy viewing):



Original Post:

A French video hosting website has posted a trailer of what appears to be the third Sonic title exclusive Nintendo. It’s based off the new CG cartoon series Sonic Boom.

Confirmed characters are Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Tails, all showing off their new looks. From watching the trailer it has a very Sonic Heroes feel – each character has their own unique abilities, however segments show all characters on screen in the level at once.

The game is not being made by Sonic Team, but instead being co-developed by Sanzaru (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time) and Big Red Button Entertainment (former developers of Naughty Dog).


Sonic Boom Full Designs & Game Confirmed


Following on from the earlier image. We now have an image showing Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy.

In addition to the looks, there is the confirmation of a game based on the cartoon show if that text along the bottom is anything to go by.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll keep you upto date with more news as we get it.

Source dadarocks

Sonic & Knuckles New Design & 2014 Game Details


The designs for Sonic Boom have emerged from the Year of Sonic event being held in New York. Sonic has blue arms, a scarf, sports tape all over his arms and legs and Knuckles is a giant.

Other details to emerge from this event are as follows


So there’s going to be a new console and mobile game, toys based off the show made by Tomy and they will look like that. Although to be fair it could have been a lot worse.

Now we don’t know yet if this is the new direction for the series or if this will just be limited to Boom’s universe and the one we know and love will still continue as normal.

We’ll keep you updated with more information when we get it.

Source: Dadarocks

Edit: personally. I kinda like the new designs.

[UPDATE!] Sonic Boom: “The first CG Animated Film in the Sonic Franchise”

sonicboom film[UPDATE: SEGA have since released the following statement in the wake of the Nuremberg Toy fair:

SEGA is yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series.  The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect.  For official and up to date news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog please go to www.sonicthehedgehog.com or follow Sonic on Twitter (@sonic_hedgehog).

We will, as always, keep you dudes and dudettes up-to-date on any and all announcements! – T]

At the Nuremberg Toy Fair, there was a sign which has caused a bit of a stir by confirming a new Sonic game is in production, however the sign also had a strange piece of information regarding the new cartoon ‘Sonic Boom’ due for broadcast at the end of this year.

That being “The first CG Animated Film in the Sonic Franchise”

Now this could be interpreted in a number of ways… It’s either in reference to the fact the cartoon as a whole is CG animated which has not happened before.

Or, that Sonic Boom has a much larger linking story than we’re being led to believe.

Or…. … … That there is a much larger Sonic Animated Film in development?

Personally, I can’t see it being a stand alone film, it’s more likely one of the first 2 options. Hey who knows, maybe I’m wrong and there is a movie on the way.

Anyway, I figured you would all find this of some interest given how lacking news on the cartoon has been lately.

Source: Spindash.de

The Sonic List: Predictions for 2014

“EEESH! And here I thought the other fate was bad!”

Well, 2013 is behind us, the first month is almost over and Hedgehog day is drawing near. The year 2014 is here and it’s time to look towards the future and see what possibly lies ahead of us. Yes, it’s time for me to make up some crap to act like I know what I’m talking about and make my personal predictions as it pertains to Sonic this year. Let’s see if I’ll be able to say “I told you so!”. Remember, these are all opinions so repeat to yourself “it’s just an article. I should really just relax!”

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“Many” current VAs to be involved with Sonic Boom


UPDATE: The article has now been updated to avoid any confusion – while “many” of the current cast will reprise their roles for Sonic Boom, not necessarily all will. We do not know any specific cast members involved with the project at the time of writing.

Yesterday’s announcement of Sonic Boom – a new CG animated Sonic cartoon set for launch in 2014 – has been one that’s definitely turned a few heads, and indeed raised a few eyebrows. While the prospect of seeing our favourite spiky blue hero back on our TV screens is no doubt an exciting one, some of the apparent changes to the designs of the characters have left some fans… dubious, to say the least.

Well, while it does appear we’ll be getting a new-look Sonic (and especially a new-look Knuckles) for the cartoon, one thing we can now confirm to be staying the same is a number of the voice actors. SEGA posted the following comment on the Sonic Facebook page:

We are pleased and excited that many of the voice actors used in game for Sonic and friends will also be voicing the TV animation.

Seemingly in support of this, both Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock posted links to the Sonic Boom announcement yesterday via their respective social media outlets, which suggests that they may have some involvement with the project. However, no specifics have been given regarding who will reprise their roles and who will not.

So, just like Sonic X, there will be some consistency in the voice actors between the games and the cartoon. Are you pleased to hear this news? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page

New Sonic Cartoon: “Sonic Boom,” Coming Late 2014!

It’s been the subject of rumour for a few months now, it’s been hinted at in a magazine advert. But the rumors can finally be put to and end… It’s real!


Sega have announced a new Sonic Cartoon. No I am not kidding! This is real, there is a new Sonic cartoon in the works!

Currently going by the working title ‘Sonic Boom,’ the show will debut in the US on  Cartoon Network, then on CANAL J and GULLI in France at the end of 2014, with a global rollout to follow.

There will be a total of 52 eleven-minute episodes and it will be a co production between SEGA Of America Inc & Genao Productions.

In Sega’s own words…

Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.

As you can see, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Eggman are confirmed, along with some new villain’s, as well as old? Hmmm…

Also in the press release was this segment which caught my attention…

SEGA is actively seeking partners in support of the new series launch across a range of industries including broadcast and licensing.

This would suggest that Sega are not only looking to expand the TV show into other territories, but also looking to create merchandise around it.

You can read the full press release at the Sega blog.

Now is the time to be excited.

Source: Sega Blog

Full press release is as follows.

Sonic the Hedgehog, the iconic video game character who has brought his trademark speed and attitude to four TV series and more than 70 video games, is returning to television in his first-ever CG animated series in the fall 2014. The action packed comedy series aimed at children 6-11 will debut first on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France, with a global rollout to follow. The initial order of 52 eleven-minute episodes is co-produced by SEGA of America Inc. and Genao Productions.

Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.

Evan Baily, Donna Friedman Meir, and Jane McGregor, Executive Producers for SEGA, packaged the series, bringing together SEGA, Cartoon Network, and Genao Productions. Sandrine Nguyen and Boris Hertzog, Executive Producers for Genao, assembled a world-class lineup of partners in France, including broadcasters GULLI and CANAL J, Lagardere Entertainment Rights and Lagardère Active TV Licensing & New Business. Baily, Meir and Nguyen developed the series, and Hertzog and McGregor structured the financing and negotiated all the deals. Baily (formerly EVP of Production and Creative Affairs for Classic Media) and Co-Executive Producer Bill Freiberger (The Simpsons, Drawn Together) are showrunners. Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team and driving creative force behind the Sonic games, is overseeing the series to ensure that it’s true to the Sonic characters and universe.

“Sonic is the star of the SEGA universe and the stage is now set for him to shine like never before. By teaming up with world-class partners in television animation like Cartoon Network, Genao Productions and GULLI, we’re ensuring that the Sonic legacy will be introduced to a new generation of children across the globe,” said Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA’s Chief Content Officer for Sonic.

“We wanted to strengthen our TV channels’ editorial content with strong brands. This is our new objective. Sonic is an enormously popular and unique character with all the qualities of an animation series’ great hero—humor, bravery, loyalty, inventiveness. We are extremely proud to welcome him across our kids and family channels at Lagardère Active and will activate across these channels to raise awareness and excitement for the new series,” said Caroline Cochaux, Head of Programs, Kids & Family Channels, Lagardère Active.

“Genao is thrilled to collaborate with SEGA on this amazing project and embark on new adventures with the fastest hedgehog in the world. It is so exciting to work on such a world-class brand,” said Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director of Genao.

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, Managing Director of Lagardere Entertainment Rights added “It is an amazing experience to be associated to such a powerful property with professional partners. International broadcasters are seeking for strong comedy and franchise based series and Sonic Boom is the perfect fit!”

“On the New Business & Licensing Side, we are proud and excited to handle the representation of Sonic which counts among the leading characters loved by kids. Thanks to our 360° platform which includes Digital Activities, Magazines, Indoor Parks, Grass Root events, we will push Sonic and the Consumer Products to a new level,” said Benoit Roque, Head of Lagardere Active TV Licensing & New Business.

SEGA is actively seeking partners in support of the new series launch across a range of industries including broadcast and licensing. In terms of television and digital distribution, Lagardere Entertainment Rights holds worldwide rights excluding the U.S. and Asia (but including Japan); SEGA Corporation will manage Asia (excluding Japan); Baily, Meir and McGregor will manage the US through McGregor’s company Jane McGregor, Inc. Licensing support will be spearheaded by Lagardère Active TV Licensing & New Business in France and SEGA in all other territories.

Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared as a videogame character in June 1991 and instantly became an icon for a generation of gamers. Defined by his super-fast speed and cool attitude, in the years since he first raced on to videogame consoles Sonic has become a true global phenomenon with over 140 million videogames sold or downloaded worldwide across consoles, PC’s, mobile phones and tablets. SEGA’s iconic blue blur has also gone on to enjoy incredible success in many licensed areas, such as toys, apparel, comics and animation. This year SEGA announced an exciting three title exclusive partnership with Nintendo for the Sonic the Hedgehog videogame franchise. The highly anticipated Sonic Lost World™ will be the first title to launch under this agreement and will be available in stores later this year for Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™ platforms.

Sonic Boom Lost World Trailer, New Stage Surfaces


Along with the extended cutscene mere minutes ago, yet another bit of Lost World footage came ’round from Sonic Boom – a trailer, no less!

Paired with the Summer of Sonic trailer, fans attending the St. Louis event were treated with a new zone! With some focus on the Frozen Factory stage, an underwater mine-like level is revealed, and there appears to be much grinding in the Act showcased. Mind the dodgy stream quality, we will be sure to notify you via Twitter if a cleaner version surfaces.

Get it? Surfacing? Underwater? …ah forget it.


Special thanks to SSF1991 for the tip!

Play Sonic Lost World at Sonic Boom!


Announcements for Sega’s event in the United States, have been a little quiet lately. But that all changed as of an hour ago.

Sega have announced via the Sega Blog and the Sonic the Hedgehog twitter page that Sonic Lost World will be playable at Sonic Boom 2013. In addition to the announcement that guests can play Sonic’s next adventure, Sega also re-affirmed that Boom would have a costume competition, Crush 40 would be playing live and that visitors will also be able to get their hands on ‘some sweet merchandise’

Sonic Boom is being held at The Pagent in St. Louis MO. Tickets are $29 and are on sale now. Please check the ticket page for details on the starting times as this event takes place in the evening unlike Summer of Sonic which is a daytime event.

Source: Sega Blog.

Crush 40 are coming to Sonic Boom! Tickets now on sale


Boom! Now the announcements start! Sega & the official Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account have announced that fan favourite Crush 40 will be coming to Sonic Boom this year. Although no details were given as to what Crush 40 will be doing, it’s safe to assume that they will be performing, afterall, the venue is a concert hall. However, don’t forget, Sonic Boom does other stage events and both Jun & Johnny have taken part in booth SOS & Boom stage activities at previous conventions, so they might appear in other regards.

Tickets for the event have also just gone on sale and can be purchased from Ticketmaster, according to TicketMaster, a single ticket will cost $29.

Tickets can be purchased from TicketMaster as of now.

Sonic Boom 2013 Ticket Details


Sega have announced on their facebook when tickets for Sonic Boom 2013 will go on sale.

Wednesday, July 3rd at 10am CT

And thats it. No really, thats all the details they gave! I have no idea on price, where you can get them from or how many will be available. Of course I’ll update this with more information when I get it, until then, keep checking the Official Sonic Boom facebook page and Sega Blogs for more information when it’s posted.

Sonic Boom facebook page

Sega Finally Announces Sonic Adventure 2!

At yesterdays Sonic Boom event. Ken Balough took to the stage and asked the crowd to gather as he had an announcement. Teasingly, Ken told the crowd that they were about to announce a game and asked the crowd to guess what game it would be… the lights dimmed, the trailer rolled and the crowd goes wild!



The trailer pokes fun at how this has been one of the best kept secrets ever, as well as how Sega’s recent Sonic games have also been kept a tight secret until announcement. But it’s coming, later this year to XBLA and PSN.

P.S. Yes we know about Ralph, we’re just waiting for some good photos/video before we do an update about it. Because we think you’d like that more than the grainy photos currently doing the rounds.

Sonic Boom in Pictures!

Well, the Wreck-It-Ralph footage didn’t record for some reason (Oh wait! It did! Just in the camera’s internal memory.) and the Crush 40 videos I took are too close to the front so you can only hear base. However, I did manage to take a lot of great pics (including a very silly one of Johnny). This includes the Crush 40 concert and the cosplay contest. Sonic Boom was an absolute blast and ten times better than even last years event. Everyone has a great time. I saw one fan who was so happy, he was in tears! It was one of greatest nights of my life as well. Enjoy the pics!

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Sonic Boom Live Blog

Hi guys! Nuckles here, talking to you straight from Sonic Boom! I’ll be reporting to you guys about any news to come out of the show tonight. It’s running right now and will continue to run until 10PM PST, so keep an eye on this post for all the latest! Due to the speed of the internet, I’m afraid media won’t be going up until later tonight.

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Competition: Win a Summer of Sonic Goodie Bag + Crush 40 Signed Merchandise!

Sore you couldn’t go to Summer of Sonic? Bummed out that you can’t go to Sonic Boom? Nothing can compare to being there on the day, but we hope to give two very lucky readers out there a little piece of the UK experience with our Summer of Sonic goodie bag!

We have a pair of these to give away, which include the Summer of Sonic tote bag, an Archie comic, a Summer of Sonic programme, a stick of Summer of Sonic rock, a Sonic birthday card and a code for Sonic Generations on the PC. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in one of the awesome 20th anniversary pin badges that have only been available at a few events, along with the brand new Crush 40 EP containing their three new tracks and a Crush 40 poster. What’s more; you will also receive the autographs of both Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli!

So what do you have to do to nab these awesome prizes? Well, all you need to do is answer these three easy-peasy questions about this year’s Summer of Sonic Event!


1) Which two SEGA characters were announced for Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing: Transformed by Steve Lycett?

2) What are the names of the two character theme songs that were performed by Jun Senoue and guest singers during the Jam with Jun?

3) Which two of our invited guests in attendance were involved with the UK Sonic the Comic?


Send your answers to all three questions to the usual competition address at competition@sonicstadium.org along with your name. The competition will close at 5:00pm BST on Friday 20th of July, and two winners will be chosen at random out of correct entries; winners will be notified by email soon after. This competition is open worldwide, so wherever you are on the planet, feel free to enter!

Good luck!

New Crush 40 Songs Released on iTunes

[EDIT: Apparently the songs are available now! Go get them! – T]

If you really can’t wait until Sonic Boom or Summer of Sonic to get your Crush 40 fix this year, new songs from their upcoming EP are available for download.

iTunes currently has Rise Again and Sonic Youth listed for a 4th of July release (although you can download them right now), for the not-so-bank-breaking cost of 79p each. As of this moment, One of Those Days is not listed for download.

You may also be interested in the physical CD release of their Rise Again EP, which will contain Song of Hope (also available through iTunes) along with the three new songs. The CD will likely be a Japan-only release through Wavemaster Entertainment, retailing at 1,260 yen (approximately £10/$15). This is due for launch on the 1st of August, and can be ordered online through HMV Japan; anyone outside of the land of the rising sun will have to import in order to get hold of a copy.

SEGA of Europe Community Team Disbanded

EDIT: Burd bloopers: Do’h!
1. The PAX party was at PAX Prime, not at PAX East.
2. While the Sonic Boom event was hosted by Aaron Webber, many others at SOA were crucial in creating this event – hats off to all of those involved!
3. Ken Balough is a Digital Brand Manager, not a Community Team member; he is however still super cool.

Following the recent spate of redundancies in the wake of SEGA’s re-organisation in which many casualties have included high profile employees such as SoA’s Kate Burning, it has now also been confirmed that the last remaining member of SoE’s community team, Laurie Cooper, has also now left the company.

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Sonic Boom ’12 Tickets On Sale Today

Tickets for the live US Sonic event Sonic Boom 2012 went on sale today via the venue’s ticketer Ticketmaster.

This year’s event, being held at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 13, has already confirmed the presence of rockers Crush 40 and Jean Paul/Alex Makhlouf from Cash Cash. As is Sega’s way, more guest and event announcements will be coming through a sieve in the coming months.

Though Sega have yet to announce today’s opening, they did announce the date and time last week. Tickets this year are priced at a total of $20 per head, which includes food and a drink during the evening.

The switch to paid ticketing came about due to Sega of America’s experience with the inaugral Sonic Boom in 2011, where there was a great deal of confusion over how many ticketholders and non-ticketholders would actually arrive at the Los Angeles venue. It remains to be seen whether the UK’s Summer of Sonic convention – where similar confusion over numbers came to a head last year – will go the same route.

Thanks to Sonic Wrecks for the heads up via Twitter.

Sonic Boom Tickets On Sale Next Week, Crush 40 Performance Confirmed

Tickets for the US Sonic the Hedgehog convention, Sonic Boom, will go on sale next Monday, 19th of March. Unlike last year’s application process, the tickets will be be distributed through Ticketmaster, from which entry can be purchased for the cost of $15 + a $5 fee ($20 in total).

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To Be Remembered For Generations: Goodbye 2011!

It’s always difficult condensing 365 days worth of events into a thousand words…particularly after a whirlwind year like this! We all certainly expected a lot from SEGA for a 20th anniversary year, most of us were really taken by surprise by the massive torrent of treats that had been prepared for the end of Sonic’s second decade.

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Four Years of Summer of Sonic: Past, Present & Future

Less than five years ago I, was sat in a tea shop in Nottingham eating cake and sipping tea with AAUK and Dreadknux, celebrating Sonic’s 15th anniversary, joking about the prospect of a Sonic the Hedgehog convention. Five years on and we are celebrating our biggest and most successful event to date, with over one-thousand attendees passing through the event doors on the day. It fantastic that even though Summer of Sonic is a fan event, it has over the years evolved into something increasingly professional, and that has become growingly involved with SEGA on an official level.

We have also been fortunate across the four events to have comic artists such as Nigel Dobbyn and Nigel Kitching from Sonic the comic and our first international guests Iain Flynn Tracey Yardley this year. We’ve seen musical performances from the likes of Richard Jacques, TJ Davis, Bentley Jones, Julien-K and Crush 40, and we’ve even had the two big Sonic Team names, Yuji Naka and Takashi along on the day to give you guys an opportunity to meet them face to face.

Each year, our selection of playable Sonic titles grows larger, with opportunities to games that are months away from release. The input from the community has grown rapidly, with many prominent fans, talented with both the brush and the microphone, contributing substantially to making Summer of Sonic something special. You guys keep turning up in your droves in ever more elaborate and unusual costumes, and our prizes become ever more desirable!  There is of course the social aspect of the day too, and many of you have met some of your best friends through SoS; some of you have met future husbands and wives. It is fair to say that many of you look forward to SoS more than you do to Christmas!

From an organisational point of view, Summer of Sonic went extremely smoothly this year, by far the least stressful Summer of Sonic to stage manage to date. But of course as this event becomes bigger, the amount of time, effort and organisation becomes greater. Summer of Sonic simply would not take place if it was not for the passion and dedication of the 20+ strong community team who hold the event together – whether they are at the front on stage as the compare, or at the back of the hall as door-safe; each member is vital to the machine and most notably they all work for nothing, giving up their day so you can have a fantastic time. A lot of them also donate substantial amounts of money for extra guests, prizes and events for the day – just so as much as possible can be packed into the day.  Each one deserves a huge thank you from us all. I also want to thank all of our guests, some of whom returned for their second or third round of Summer of Sonic, and who also come to talk and perform to you for nothing; they come back every year because they love SoS just as much as we all do.

Summer of Sonic was once again a totally free event for anyone of any age who wanted to attend. We often get asked why we don’t charge for tickets, and the reason is twofold; first off it creates a lot of red tape and secondly, we don’t want a ticket price to be a reason for people not to attend. This is something we hope to continue. We’d like hope to make more opportunities for you guys who want to donate in the future; some of you did this year, quite generously I might add, and this year and that was a great help…especially considering the quantity of water consumed backstage!

I also want to thank all of you. As always, I was pleased with how well-mannered and courteous you all were to our special guests and to each other, particularly when queuing for games or to meet guests. Even with venue air conditioning running full blast it got very warm very quickly inside the building, but you didn’t let that ruin your fun.

At the moment we don’t know what the future holds for Summer of Sonic; our hope is that as long as you guys keep coming, Summer of Sonic will keep going and SEGA will continue to generously support us.  Not just that, but the community prongs now extend all the way around the world, and I was extremely honoured to be able to represent Summer of Sonic this year at the Sonic Boom event in Los Angeles. This event proved just as popular as Summer of Sonic with thanks to the fantastic community team at SEGA of America, and we hope that Sonic Boom will be something that makes a return next year.

I will be stepping down from my duties as stage manager at Summer of Sonic; it’s been a fantastic job and I’ve loved being able to facilitate some fantastic stage events. Don’t think for one second though that means this is the last you’ll see of me though! I will definitely be at the next Summer of Sonic come hell or high water, but in a more supporting roll.

On this note, I would also like to thank Kevin Eva who will also be stepping down this year, who has been the linchpin in realising the Summer of Sonic dream. I tip my hat to him for the incredible amount of work he has done over the last three years in getting Summer of Sonic off the ground and building strong bridges between SEGA and the community. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

I would also like to give our thanks Thank you to SEGA of Europe too, who have continued to support us in all of our endeavours, and I hope this partnership will continue into the future.

On my final note I’d like to wish Sonic a very happy 20th birthday, and that I hope that our celebrations continue to unite fans, old and new, with their mutual love of a little blue hedgehog.


Sonic Boom: Behind the Scenes

One of the most frequent questions we get asked every year is whether or not Summer of Sonic would ever be held in the United States, but due to many reasons “SoSUS” never come to fruition. Unsurprisingly though there has been a huge demand for a Sonic convention state-side, and it was really only a matter of time before one materialised.

With the Sonic’s 20th anniversary around the corner, SEGA of America spearheaded plans to create their own official convention, the appropriately named Sonic Boom. Aaron Webber, the newly appointed Sonic Brand Manager took on the role of chief coordinator for Sonic Boom and got in touch with Dreadknux and myself a few weeks back, and cordially invited us both to the event.

We didn’t need to be asked twice!

The convention had been carefully timed to coincide with the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles’ downtown convention centre venue. Sonic Boom was scheduled to take place in the moody and ambient environment of Club Nokia, a versatile bar come night club within walking distance of E3; a perfect site to celebrate twenty years of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I arrived at the venue early in the afternoon with Aaron, and before we’d even made our way upstairs we were greeted by fans queuing outside Club Nokia; some of them had been camped out since 6am that morning in order to score a place inside the venue as they had not been able to acquire a ticket. If that’s not dedication, I really don’t know what is! Kellie and Julian from the American community team (who you will know from the Free Stuff Friday videos!) were running around upstairs in the venue coordinating the setup of stands, pods and making sure everything was in place – a familiar scene to anyone who has been involved in the organisation of Summer of Sonic!

Even more familiar faces were up on stage as Jun Senoue, Johnny Gioeli and Alex Makhlouf (from Cash Cash, the band involved with the Sonic Colors soundtrack) were performing a dry run of the tracks they were going to be playing later on that evening. After a warm reunion with the guys I sat back to take some snaps and enjoy the privileged position of being an invited guest backstage at an event. I must have looked pretty dumb, but nevertheless I could not get rid of the huge grin on my face as the guys blistered through their fresh new set list, which included a brand new version of Sonic CD’s “Sonic Boom” and Sonic R’s “Super Sonic Racing”. What’s more, Alex’s accompaniment on synthesiser added another layer of ecstasy to the already monstrous set, and took the lead on the funky fresh new version of “Escape from the City” which will be gracing the in-game soundtrack for Sonic Generations!

I got an opportunity to briefly catch up with Johnny after rehearsals, and as always was up for a bit of laugh, as you can see from the picture (although I don’t think SEGA will be taking him on as their new mascot – stick to your day job, Johnny!). Another act rehearsing on stage before the doors opened was the cast of Needlemouse the musical. American fans will remember this bunch as the winners of the 19th anniversary competition last year, and were the lucky recipients of a trip to Japan to play Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode One. These guys were fantastic and incredibly animated on stage, so much so most of us assisting set up had to pause to watch and laugh at the jokes they were cracking. AJ and the bunch came to talk to me after their run-through, and were even kind enough to let me have my picture taken with them – an absolutely great bunch of guys and gals and well-deserving of the incredible ovation they received later in the evening (watch their performance here!).

By 5 o’clock the venue was taking shape, with the merchandise stands set up (each entrant received a Sonic hat, a special edition Sonic Generations T-Shirt and badge set) and nearly twenty gaming stations were primed and ready to give the throng of rabid Sonic fans outside a chance to play the demo of Sonic Generations. A number of photo booths had also been established to allow fans to record photographic postcards and video messages for Sonic’s birthday (you can check out Aaron and my postcard here, Dread’s postcard here and Yuji Naka’s here). Outside a huge queue of fans had formed, eagerly awaiting entry into the venue. Aaron and I went outside to rattle the crowd up a bit, and got to shake the hands of a few fans that had recognised Aaron and me.

At 6 o’clock sharp the doors opened and the mass of fans piled in. I took a brief trip upstairs to the VIP lounge, where the likes of Iizuka-san, Oshima-san and Naka-san were meeting other industry members at an exclusive VIP event. Unfortunately I was not introduced to Naka-san, but I was reintroduced to Iizuka-san, who smiled courteously as we had already met that week! Dreadknux appeared at the venue after his busy day at E3 (and was fashionably late as always!) and we proceeded downstairs to the main event floor.

A heap of guys came to greet Dread and I (there are far too many of you to mention!) and it really made our day – so if you came up and said hi, thanks loads; it really a pleasure to meet you all! TSS staffer, Sonic Retro writer and Sonic Show star Brad Flick was down on the time trial competition station hastily jotting down top scores on Green Hill Zone – you will have to keep an eye out for some hilarious pictures of Brad and Dreadknux in their bronik poses! Similarly to Summer of Sonic, there were a massive variety of cosplayers at the event too, including SSMB’s own mikeblastdude who came in an awesome Metal Sonic getup, and an excellent Charmy the Bee cosplayer. We also caught up with Scarred Sun from Retro and Shayne representing TSSZ news. I’ve never met either in reality before so we got to have a good chinwag and posed for a few photos for posterity – both are fantastic people and I certainly hope we get to all meet again in the near future.

Aaron appeared on stage to welcome all of the guests to Sonic Boom, and it wasn’t long before Jun, Johnny and Alex were on stage blowing the socks off all those in attendance. A lucky few spotted Naka-san on the event floor and managed to grab his autograph and a photo before he disappeared backstage once more. Jun, not one for passing up the opportunity to meet fans, came down off stage with the legendary Sonic guitar to sign autos and pose for pictures with a handful of fortunate fans.

Following Needlemouse: the Musical, the best of the cosplayers were invited on stage to participate in the cosplay contest, and Iizuka-san, Miyamoto-san and Senoue-san were all invited up to wish Sonic a happy birthday and to sing him a happy birthday song…and of course, Sonic was present too, along with his birthday cake! It wasn’t long before Dread and I found ourselves up on stage, telling the Los Angeles crowd all about Summer of Sonic. I had been really nervous beforehand about how the crowd would receive us on stage (especially considering the acts we were following!) but the audience were really receptive, and cheered us on – thank you all for letting us talk to you briefly, and hopefully we’ve enticed some of you to come to Summer of Sonic!

Naka-san and Miyamoto-san, along with Oshima-san joined the cast on stage at the end of the show once again and were presented with the graffiti artist’s drawing of classic and modern Sonic which had been created over the course of the evening. I’m sure most will agree the evening past all too quickly, and before long it was time to close up the evenings proceedings.

Dread and I pitched in to assist with the clean up, and ended up collapsing in the dressing room to have a chin-wag with Alex (who is also a massive Sonic nerd by the way!) After moving a precious cargo of guitars, we emerged on the street next to the Nokia theatre and ran into our good friend Richard Jacques, who was just as surprised to see us as we were to see him! Exhausted, we crashed for a few drinks at a local bar as well as a few last photographs of the day, and toasted the success of Sonic Boom.

I’d like to end by applauding the fantastic job Aaron and the team at SoA did putting together an event of this magnitude in such a short period of time, and all those involved in the stage entertainment over the course of the evening. America has now had a taste of a Sonic convention, and I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of Sonic Boom. I’d also like to thank Aaron on behalf of Dread and myself for sponsoring our trip to Sonic Boom; I’m sure I also speak for both of us by saying we are both honoured and flattered to have been considered during the creation of this event to represent Summer of Sonic; we’ve had the time of our lives, and I’m sure I speak for hundreds of other fans when I say…


Sonic Generations PSN/XBLA Demo Announced

In an update to their Twitter feed, SEGA reports that Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has announced a demo for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations at the SEGA of America’s Sonic Boom event. No details have been revealed as to when we can expect the demo to arrive on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace or what stage is included, but when that information is made available we’ll pass it along.

Source: SEGA’s Twitter Feed
Tweet 1 link
Tweet 2 link

SEGA Reveals E3 Lineup, M&S at the London 2012 Olympic Games Dated

SEGA has just revealed their lineup of software they will be showcasing at E3 2011, which includes Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games among their various other franchises. Along with this news, SEGA’s also set rough release dates for both versions of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Nintendo Wii version will launch in November this year and the Nintendo 3DS version will be released in February 2012.

Check out SEGA’s press release with their full E3 2011 lineup below:

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (June 2, 2011) – SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced its roster of titles to be presented at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2011). The company will present more than 13 new games across all major platforms, including several games in stunning stereoscopic 3D, support for PlayStation®Move for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Kinect™ for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Nintendo 3DS™. The lineup spans multiple genres and includes adaptations of blockbuster film franchises, an original squad-based shooter from the creative mind of some of SEGA’s most popular franchises, the first “M-rated” game on Kinect™ for Xbox360®, AAA digital titles, an all-new title from critically acclaimed developer PlatinumGames and many more!

To celebrate this year’s 20th birthday of Sonic the Hedgehog, one of gaming’s most iconic characters, SEGA will be hosting a celebratory community event featuring Sonic Generations™ on Wednesday, June 8th, 6PM PST at the Club NOKIA in Downtown Los Angeles.

The list of titles in display at SEGA’s E3 booth (South Exhibit Hall, Booth 2023) includes among others:

Aliens: Colonial Marines™ (Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system, PC) – Launch Date: Spring 2012
From the award-winning first-person shooter powerhouse Gearbox Software comes Aliens: Colonial Marines, the highly anticipated horror-based action FPS set in the Aliens™ universe with cooperative multiplayer at its core. Bringing new levels of bone-chilling suspense and adrenaline-filled action to the renowned franchise, the game pits players against the universe’s ultimate alien killing machines, the Xenomorphs, in claustrophobic environments guaranteed to produce horrifying shocks and surprises.

ANARCHY REIGNS™ (Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system) – Launch Date: January 2012
ANARCHY REIGNS is the much anticipated next title from critically acclaimed developer PlatinumGames. With ANARCHY REIGNS, PlatinumGames will be using their hallmark creativity and technical excellence to challenge the boundaries of the conventional brawler genre by allowing multiple players to get involved in heavy-hitting action simultaneously. ANARCHY REIGNS incorporates a diverse range of multiplayer modes to provide players with different challenges, including a co-op survival mode and an all-out Battle Royal mode, where players can challenge others in a full-on fight for victory. Additionally, all modes will be available as offline single-player experiences as well. In the single player campaign mode, players can choose between Jack and Leo for different story experiences.

Binary Domain™ (Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system) – Launch Date: Early 2012
Binary Domain is an original IP by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator behind some of SEGA’s most well-known video game franchises, including the critically acclaimed Yakuza series. The atmospheric squad-based shooter puts players in the middle of a fast-paced and intense battle against hordes of deadly robots, and a secret that could threaten all mankind. Fighting upward through the derelict lower levels of 2080 Tokyo into the beautiful upper city, players control an international Special Forces squad, specializing in covert ops, which sets out to battle to the heart of the crisis.

Captain America™: Super Soldier (Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system, Wii™, Nintendo DS™, Nintendo 3DS™) – Launch Date: (US) July 19; (EU) July, 15, 2011; 3DS in Fall 2011
Become Captain America™, the ultimate Super-Soldier, in the darkest days of World War II as you face the Red Skull and his army in this epic third-person action adventure. Wield Captain America’s legendary shield to take out multiple enemies at once, deflect incoming fire back at your enemies, solve puzzles, and scale walls. Above all, hurl yourself shield-first into the fray, with the superior force of the world’s first Super-Soldier at your fingertips. Engage in devastating open combat and acrobatic platforming to infiltrate Hydra’s massive and mysterious castle complex and battle the infamous Iron Cross, the forces of Hydra, and a host of nefarious enemies serving the Red Skull in an all-new Captain America story and adventure.

CRUSH3D™ (Nintendo 3DS™) – Launch Date: (US) September 6, (EU) September 9, 2011
Redesigned for Nintendo 3DS, CRUSH3D is the unique platform game that gives you the ability to change perspective from 2D to 3D as you try to solve brain-teasing puzzles. Built on the foundation of the award winning CRUSH™, CRUSH3D features a host of exciting new features specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS system, including new locations, characters and an intuitive hint system. Navigate across the surreal platforms of Danny’s mind by ‘crushing’ your way from a 2-dimensional to a 3-dimensional world and back again whenever you need to.

Guardian Heroes™ (Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation®Network & Steam) – Launch Date: Late Summer 2011
Coming exclusively to Xbox LIVE® Arcade, get ready for more swords and sorcery than you can shake your magical staff at. An ancient evil threatens the world after years of peace. Step into the shoes of one of five mighty heroes; each with their own unique attacks and customizable stats. As you fight through forests, graveyards, castles and volcanoes, your every decision will decide the ultimate fate of the world. Do you have what it takes to be a Guardian Hero? Due out this summer, Guardian Heroes features Co-Op and Online play for you and your friends, multiple game modes, optimized graphics, and brand new achievements for Xbox LIVE®.

House of the Dead: OVERKILLExtended Cut (PlayStation® Move for PlayStation®3 system) – Launch Date: (US) October 25, (EU) October 28, 2011
The pulp-style reinvention of the classic light-gun shooter comes to the PlayStation®3 in this exclusive Extended Cut with an avalanche of new content including brand new levels, weapons, mutants and more. Experience the over-the-top, mutant blasting madness with your PlayStation®Move motion controller for PS3 all in stunning 3D and re-mastered HD graphics.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™ (Wii™, Nintendo 3DS™) – Launch Date: November 2011 (Wii™), February 2012 (Nintendo 3DS™)
Mario™ and Sonic™ will once again join forces on the Wii™ home video game system and, for the first time ever, on Nintendo 3DS™ as the much loved duo head to London to participate in the officially licensed Olympic-themed video game, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™. A host of exciting new headline events, including Football and Equestrian will debut on the Wii version appearing alongside classic Olympic disciplines, such as Athletics, Aquatics and Table Tennis. The new handheld system from Nintendo will bring a whole new dimension to the Mario & Sonic universe with glasses-free 3D visuals and around 50 original Olympic themed events playable using the unique control systems of the Nintendo 3DS.

Renegade Ops™ (Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation®Network, PC digital download) – Launch Date: 2011
Created by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios, Renegade Ops will unleash unprecedented mayhem and exhilarating destruction. Players are sent behind enemy lines in a mobile commando unit to defeat Inferno, a madman intent on global domination. Defeat enemies across a range of stunning environments using a wide variety of vehicles and weapons, from dispersing electromagnetic shock waves to the deployment of a huge Gatling gun armed to the teeth. Players have the choice to fight alone in single-player mode, team up offline with two-player split screen or join the dynamic 4-player online co-op experience.

Rise of Nightmares™ (Kinect™ for Xbox 360®) – Launch Date: TBA
Rise of Nightmares offers a spine-tingling horror experience unique to the massively successful Kinect. Using their whole body the player will experience fear and tension as never before in this first-person horror adventure. Fight off hordes of undead creatures and mad scientists in this uniquely horror themed adventure that sees players desperately searching for their kidnapped wife.

SEGA Rally Online Arcade™ (Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system) – Launch Date: Out Now on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Coming Soon on PlayStation®Network)
When was the last time you enjoyed getting dragged through the mud? Race through five different types of terrain in more rally-bred vehicles than a baker can shake his dozen at – including the Ford Focus RS, the classic Lancia Delta Integrale and the ferocious Bowler Nemesis. Play through a slew of modes including Time Trials, Single Races, and Championship Events. Cut to the chase and face off online in a variety of 6 Player multiplayer racing events – isn’t it about time you showed your friends who’s numero uno?

Shinobi™ (Nintendo 3DS™) – Launch Date: September 2011
Shinobi for the Nintendo 3DS sees the eagerly anticipated return of the legendary Shinobi. We follow our hero, Jiro Musashi, through a wide variety of exotic locations as he battles his way past hordes of enemies using magical Ninja powers in this intense action-filled title. Shinobi will include some classic gameplay elements found in previous Shinobi titles, while introducing several exciting new features and experiences specifically designed to take advantage of the technology offered by the Nintendo 3DS system.

Sonic Generations™ (Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 system, Nintendo 3DS™) – Launch Date: Holiday 2011
Delivering the definitive gaming experience for Sonic fans old and new and part of the celebrations for Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary, Sonic Generations sees Sonic the Hedgehog playable as both the much loved classic 1991 character, and the modern day video game hero he has become. In this exciting new fast paced adventure set across three defining eras from 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, you can now speed through some of the most iconic environments, playing as Classic Sonic in re-imagined 2D side scrolling levels, and as Modern Sonic in all new, stunning 3D levels.

SEGA will be located at BOOTH 2023 in the South Exhibit Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. To schedule an appointment with SEGA at E3 2011, please contact media@sega.com.

Source: SEGA Europe Blog

Richard Jacques Attends Signing in Burbank. Possibly at Sonic Boom.


Music man of awesomeness Richard Jacques. Composer of well-known Sega games such as Sonic R, Sonic 3-D Blast, Headhunter and Jet Set Radio will be signing at “The Maestros of Video Games” event at Dark Delicacies Books & Collectables in Burbank, California on June 11th. Several other game composers such as Greg Edmonson, Mike Reagan and more will attend for an hour-long Q&A panel followed by a meet and greet signing.

With this news and Aaron Webber mentioning “special musical guests” for Sonic Boom, the chances of Jacques attending Sonic Boom seem pretty high. I’m getting my Jet Grind Radio and 3-D Blast covers ready to sign. Oh man! Can you feel the sunshine? Everybody jump around and get excited!



Aaron Webber Gives More Hints at Sonic Boom Event


Aaron Webber was recently on Gamespot’s Daily Demo. He discussed Sonic Generations for awhile and also talked about the upcoming Sonic Boom event on June 8th at Club Nokia. Some hints of what to be expected include “Musical Guests” and “stars from Sonic’s history”.

As always we’ll keep you informed as more details of this event emerge.