Comic Previews: Sonic the Hedgehog #286, Sonic Universe #89 and More

Let’s face it, all the build-up in world is going to be overshadowed here, isn’t it.

After another cooldown month to catch up with the delay, new solicitations and covers for August have finally been revealed courtesy of Comics Alliance! Their batch leads in with Sonic the Hedgehog #285, but we covered that in March so head back there if you want a refresher. What is new is Sonic the Hedgehog #286, which sees our heroes fighting back against Dr Eggman’s attack! Continue reading Comic Previews: Sonic the Hedgehog #286, Sonic Universe #89 and More

Sonic Boom Coming to US Hulu This Month

Sonic Boom will be made available for streaming in the US as a Hulu exclusive later this month. This will put an end to the show’s strange absence from digital services, which has made it notoriously difficult to watch legally for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the show on TV. Continue reading Sonic Boom Coming to US Hulu This Month

Sonic Boom Episodes to be Removed from YouTube

SEGA will soon be issuing takedown notices to YouTube channels hosting full Sonic Boom episodes. Aaron Webber announced on SEGA’s blog that the company would be issuing letters to the offending channels before any videos are taken down, to give them all a chance to remove the episodes. Any channels that don’t remove the videos afterwards will have the videos taken down by a DMCA takedown notice. Continue reading Sonic Boom Episodes to be Removed from YouTube

Sonic 2’s Special Stages Return in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

A listing for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice over at Play-Asia has revealed some new details about the game both in terms of plot and gameplay. First, the game will have only 4 bosses, there are also six exploration-based levels and bonus stages similar to those found in Sonic 2. Continue reading Sonic 2’s Special Stages Return in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Super Bunnyhop looks at the first level of every main Sonic game

The YouTube channel Super Bunnyhop has uploaded a 39-minute look at the first level of every main Sonic game. Hit the jump to see it, and also to get a full list of the games covered. Continue reading Super Bunnyhop looks at the first level of every main Sonic game

Sonic Revolution: Sonic Boom TV Show Producer & Writer Confirmed As Special Guests

Sonic Revolution 2016 has announced the attendance of two more special guests to their event roster.


Co-executive producer on the Sonic Boom TV series, Bill Freiberger, will be in attendance. In addition to his production role, Bill also provides the voices of Comedy Chimp and Lady Walrus, and was one of the writers on the Sonic Boom comics during their run.


Accompanying Bill is Alan Denton, Creative consultant and writer for the Sonic Boom TV series, accredited with penning such classic episodes as “Battle of the Boybands” and “Cowbot”.

An additional ticket option “Classic Sonic Pass” is now available for $4.99 via EventBrite, which grant entry into the event. All tickets are available at

To find out more about the event, visit the Sonic Revolution Website

Sonic Boom Season Two Coming Fall 2016

Toy manufacturer Tomy have revealed that the season two of the popular Sonic Boom cartoon is scheduled to launch Fall 2016.

Announced to be getting a second season last year, Tomy revealed via a flyer at Toy Fair 2016 the cartoon was scheduled to return later this year – only a year after it finished its initial season run of 52 episodes. Photographer Paul Nicholasi snapped the photo while taking various photographs of the Tomy booth. Continue reading Sonic Boom Season Two Coming Fall 2016

Iizuka and Rafei Discuss History and Future of Sonic


Polygon has published a lengthy new article detailing the history and future of the Sonic brand, and it contains several key contributions from big names such as Yuji Uekawa, Christian Whitehead, Al Nilsen and Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team. It also comes with some very… peculiar looking art to accompany it.

Continue reading Iizuka and Rafei Discuss History and Future of Sonic

More Sonic Boom: RoL Concept Art Discovered

Jason Norton Sonic Boom 18

The Sonic Stadium has discovered even more concept art from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and a few pieces from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. The images were among the portfolios of artists Oscar Ponce and Jason Norton who used to work at Big Red Button Entertainment. The latter’s artwork is especially intriguing as it reveals scrapped ideas for Eggman’s mech, a ‘battle mode tank’ and what we can assume is a golem boss battle. Check out all fifty seven of the images in our gallery below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

Continue reading More Sonic Boom: RoL Concept Art Discovered

Toy Fair 2016: New Sonic 25th Anniversary Toys Revealed!


It’s that time of the year again, Toy Fair season is in full swing and with London Toy Fair just coming to a close this week, we here at TSS decided that we would actually go along and see what there was.

Continue reading Toy Fair 2016: New Sonic 25th Anniversary Toys Revealed!

More Sonic Boom RoL Concepts Found

Sonic Boom Amped UX 14

The Sonic Stadium has discovered even more concept work for 2014’s Wii U exclusive Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. The work was found on Amped UX’s website revealing they too had a hand in the game’s development.

The studio provided the following services:
* UI/UX Design, Wireframes, and Project Management
* Heads Up Display (HUD) UI Actionscripting
* Progression/Systems Design
* Localization Production & Integration
* High Level Concept & Documentation
* Secondary Quest & NPC Design
* Level Geometry Whiteboxing & Visual Scripting
* Final Script ​Debugging and Level Layout Revisions

You can learn about these development procedures in huge detail over at Amped UX at the below links. They’re a good read if you’re interested in game development or getting into the industry.

Source: Amped UX [Link 1, Link 2]

Sonic Boom TV Development Footage Found

The Sonic Stadium has found some early animation from the Sonic Boom TV series in four developer showreels. The footage is from production on season 1 and was worked on by various artists at Infinite Frameworks Studios. Continue reading Sonic Boom TV Development Footage Found

Sonic Talk Episode 35: Jolly Holly Hedgehog

Merry Christmas from Sonic Talk!

While I have dreams of lightsabers dancing in my head (this was recorded on Dec 17 so I was pretty anxious to go see Star Wars), Alex and GX talk all things Xenoblade while I zone out. Then, We discuss the latest game from Yuji Naka “Rodea the Sky Soldier”. Other topics include Sonic Boom DVD coming to the UK, updates for Sonic Dash 2 and Sonic Runners, my opinion of Sonic Lost World on PC and much more! Merry Christmas and a Happy Life Day!

Tomy Reveals New 2016 Sonic Boom Toys


It never fails to amuse me when I see someone say “The Boom toys are a failure!” despite the fact that they’ve continued to expand over the last year, both in quantity and availability, well it looks like that trend is going to continue into 2016.

Tomy has just revealed via their catalogue for 2016 a boom in the number of new Sonic Boom toys. Coming in 2016 are new plush lines, including Metal Sonic, Shadow, Amy and for the first time ever Sticks is to get a plush incarnation.

Also included in the range are new action figures including the odd one or two badniks, Shadow, Metal Sonic and even a new Eggman model. But the surprises don’t stop there, Orbot and Cubot are also going to get a plush incarnation, another merchandise first for Tomy.

Thanks to Lhancat for bringing this to our attention.

Sonic Boom Monopoly Revealed


First announced several months ago, there has been little information regarding the Sonic Boom Monopoloy game depite both the show and the toyline doing really well, however retailer Forbidden Planet have today  posted a listing of the game which includes price and a release date.

The game is set to be released on November 30th of this year and it’s priced at quite a hefty £29.99.

From the quality of the photo it’s difficult to see what each board sapce is based on, however from a quick inspection it seems to be based on Sonic Boom the TV series and not the disasterous videogame which is exactly one year old today… happy birthday.

Furthermore, no game pieces can be seen but money has different characters on it depening on it’s value.

Just think, soon you’ll be able to build a hotel complex on Meh Burger or stay at Hotel Del Sticks or own property at Eggmans Base.

Going to buy this? Let us know in the comments.

Sonic Talk 34: Sonic Boomiversary with Aaron Webber Interview

It’s been almost one year Since the Sonic Boom franchise officially launched with both the games and T.V. series and we celebrate by looking back on the first season. Join Jason, GX and guest Evil Dr. Reef as we discuss not only Sonic Boom, but the latest Sonic news and make Stick puns. Mostly by accident.

After that, Jason gets a one hour, one-on-one interview with the man who made Sonic the coolest thing on Twitter, Sega’s own Aaron Webber! He talks about Sonic Boom, the upcoming Sonic Lost World and much more including some exclusive Sonic Boom info This one’s a must-listen!

Sega’s Booth At Brand Licensing Europe: 25th Anniversary & Boom Spotted

ble2015booth1More Brand Licensing news, several images of Sega’s booth have been posted on twitter by none other than Sega’s own Tadashi Takezaki!

The booth appears to at first be very Sonic Boom heavy, however there are other Sega games around the outside of the booth including a ‘retro collection’ area.

However, eagle eyed readers may also find the image at the top of this article of interest, we can see the 25th anniversary logo again but this one is on a mural of classic Sonic and Eggman from Sonic 1. Is this a further clue as to the tone/nature of next year?

But more interestingly… is the fact that it was Tadashi Takezaki who took these images in the first place, in previous licensing events, both in Europe and the United Stages, it’s normally the local staff who handle and run the event, this is the first time that someone from Sega of Japan has been brought over to oversee an event. Dare I suggest that there is something of high importance at Brand Licensing Europe which he has gone over to oversee?

You can see the rest of the images in the gallery, keep checking TSS for more updates as and when we get them.

Source: Twitter

UPDATE: Sonic Boom Amy & Tails Official Mascot Costumes Spotted at BLE 2015


UPDATE: A new photo has been discovered.



Well we’ve had Sonic, so why not Tails & Amy too?

London’s Brand Licensing Europe 2015 is under way and Sega are attending the event and it would appear that they are trying to sell more Sonic Boom licenses. Well to aid them with this, it would appear that the Sonic Mascot is now joined by Tails and Amy.

In a picture posted to twitter by twitter user Ahrani of the show floor, the photo caught a glimpse of Sega’s booth, if you look closer (you may need to check the original tweet itself for the best quality), you can make out Amy & Tails mascot characters.

This would be the first time Amy & Tails have been seen in their Sonic Boom designs as mascot characters. In fact it might be the first time that Amy has ever appeared as an official costume and Tails’ last outing was way back in the mid 90’s.

So if you thought that Boom would be going away, better think again, you don’t spend a small fortune on costumes like this if you intend to shelf it soon within a year.

Odds are more information will come to light in the next few days, keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Source: Twitter

Sonic Boom Season 2 Confirmed

Every year, TV show people meet up in Cannes for the annual MIPCOM event, it’s basically a place where broadcasters go in order to secure the rights to show various TV shows around the world on various networks.

Well, according to the company LER who aside from one or two nations, distributes Sonic Boom around the world, Season 2 of Sonic Boom has started production. Continue reading Sonic Boom Season 2 Confirmed

Sonic Talk 33: Long Time, No See

Although we uploaded our last episode very recently, it’s actually been almost 6 months since our last podcast. But now that we’re back on our feet, you can expect more of Sonic Talk in the upcoming months.

In this episode, Jason and GX go on a lengthy discussion on “Toys to Life” games including Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders Superchargers and Lego Dimensions while Alex gives us his two cents on the Metal Gear Solid series. We then discuss the recent delay of Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice and why we feel it may have been delayed. We’ll also go into GE Entertainments new line of Sonic plushies, a certain hedgehog soon to show up the Sonic Boom cartoon and why the cancellation of the Sonic Boom comic and Super Special magazine could be good for the Sonic digests. All this and more on Sonic Talk!

Sonic Talk 32: Sequential Sonic (Interview with Ian Flynn)

Welcome to the TSS premiere of Sonic Talk! We’ve moved our show from Segabits to here at the Sonic Stadium. Sadly this episode is very late but great and worth the wait! In this comic book heavy episode, we get a nice, long interview with Sonic comic book scribe Ian Flynn! We talk about the Sonic/Mega Man crossover,”World’s Unite”, the recent Sonic story arcs, writing comedy for Sonic Boom and a little behind the scenes on the reboot. Meanwhile, Alex gives his final two cents on a previous Sonic writer who shall remain nameless, but you can probably guess who. All this and more in the first Sonic Talk on Sonic Stadium!

(Update: Confirmed) Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Delayed to 2016


Update: It’s officially delayed to 2016! Thank Aaron! 😀

Perhaps someone’s listening eh? 😉

The online game rental site GameFly is now listing the game for a Dec 31 2016 release date at least in North America, however this is just another way of saying it’ll be out in 2016 at some point. This change is very recent, as looking through a Google Cache of the site, it showed that as recent as September 8th that the game was still listed for November 3 2015.

If this is indeed true, we may just be in a very rare turn of events where we go a whole year without a retail Sonic game. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Rio Olympics are also scheduled for 2016 as opposed to their usual release being in the year prior to said Olympics.

Wonder what’s up with this? I’ve wondered if the NX has anything to do with this, specifically for M&S if they want to do a premium NX version of the game, and also maybe they think releasing the game closer to the Olympics will give it more fanfare, what with the Olympics being the talk of the town at that point of course. 😉

For Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, I dunno, there’s never been a cross-gen handheld release (being released on a current handheld, and also it’s successor at the same time, like if for instance Sonic Advance 3 was delayed on GBA for a few months and appeared on both GBA and on DS at launch), but this IS a great sign that they want to take more time to give it a nice extra layer of polish and/or to try better things with it. Maybe this is going to be better than the first one after all. 😉


Opinion Zone 18: What Is The Point Of Sonic Conventions?

Why is sticking a bunch of nerds in one room so freaking awesome. I mean I want to go to one RIGHT NOW.
Continue reading Opinion Zone 18: What Is The Point Of Sonic Conventions?

Sonic Boom is the Number 1 Show on Boomerang UK

Well this was unexpected. Despite being limited to 14 episodes out of the 52 and only being broadcast in standard defenition for a while (it’s recently become a HD channel), according to a Press Release put out by Sega, Sonic Boom is the number 1 show on Boomerang UK. Continue reading Sonic Boom is the Number 1 Show on Boomerang UK

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to Get Fast Food Toys

sonicboomfireicecarlfastfoodAccording to a ‘now deleted’ tweet by the CDM company, Sonic Boom Fire & Ice toys are on the way to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s. For those who don’t live in the US, that’s a burger/fast food chain.

The exact tweet was as follows.

Meal bags are in! Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is coming to #carlsjr October 7 and #hardees October 5!

— The CDM Company (@TheCDMCompany) September 2, 2015

But this was soon deleted suggesting there was an embargo placed on this announcement for reasons we don’t understand.

Especially since the exact same announcement is still up and has been up for a rather lengthy period of time on the Carls Cool Kids website which CDM Company apparently handles (see pic above).

So anyway, it looks like fast food toys for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice are on the way, this is great news, now if only we could get a side order of a new trailer or a large screenshot of fires to go with that since there has been no news about the game at all since announcement.

What do you guys think? Excited about the toys? Going to go to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s just for the toot? Going to get Boom Fire & Ice despite there being no information about it? See that thing below that’s a comment box, you can say stuff like “I WANT TOYS!” or “TOYS!? YOU MEAN ACTION FIGURES!” Let us and your fellow blue believers know, Toys! Burgers! Fires oh my! TOYS! BURGERS! FRIES! OH MY!

Sonic Boom Event To Return in 2016?

If anyone were still in any doubt, odds are there won’t be a Sonic Boom event this year, however, Sega have hinted on their Facebook page that the event may return in 2016 if this post is anything to go by.


As of yet there has been no confirmation on a possible Summer of Sonic for 2016, but at least this bit of news seems to confirm that Sega are at least open to the idea of a future event.

So anyone interested in going to another Sonic Boom event, let us know in the comments.

Sonic Boom Costumes Now Available at Amazon

stickscostumeThe costumes have landed.

A few months ago, Rubies Costume Co announced that it would be making costumes based on Sonic Boom, well it looks like the first wave of costumes are now available to buy on Amazon.


The costumes are currently only in child sizes and so far only Amy & Sticks have been released. However, Rubies did previously release Sonic costumes in adult sizes so if you really want them you never know.

So if you have any younger siblings who are into Sonic Boom, these might interest them.

Source: Amazon

The Spin: Can a Sonic Boom game be done right? I think so


In today’s edition of The Spin, I want to talk about something I think that, despite being a question no one will ask; if a Sonic Boom game can be good let alone should be made, is that if such a game period can be good or even GREAT. Short answer? Of course it can!

The long answer? I have some ideas.


Back when the whole initiative was announced by Sega back on February 6, 2014, that they would launch a sub-brand of Sonic that would not only come with a new TV show, but two games to accompany it, and at the time, the games seemed to be the meat and potatoes of the sub-brand with the show existing to complement it, rather than the other way around. Well in the end the opposite felt like the truth, where the show felt like it was the true Sonic Boom product and the games were put out to market the show.

We know how the games turned out, but I think most will agree that the show itself is pretty damn good, and is one of the sole saving graces of the Sonic Boom name, that and the comics, but I don’t follow those personally. 😛

So back on June 9, 2015, just prior to E3 was the surprise announcement that Sega got Sanzaru Games, who developed Shattered Chrystal on 3DS, to make a sequel called Fire & Ice, once again for 3DS set for this year, making it the only Sonic game on traditional gaming platforms for this year (Rio 2016 is out next year breaking the Olympic series’ traditional release schedule).


And so far Fire & Ice is… not too shabby from what I’ve seen. Shattered Crystal was seen as the “not as bad but not that good anyway” of the two and this at least looks like it might just bump that opinion to “hopefully at least pretty decent”, thanks to some potential refinements to the previous game’s formula and adding in a few extra layers of polish.

This brings me to the main point of the article; can a game be not just good, but even GREAT as I asked? Let’s get to how that might be accomplished.

I don’t particularly think Big Red Button is fit for the job, mostly due to a really bad first impression (I think Rise of Lyric is on both of Sega and BRB’s hands for different reasons), and there’s no telling just how hard the team has been hit following ROL’s release (all we know at the moment is that they helped out with God of War 3 Remastered on PS4) and if they’re even able do a AAA release, even though they were formed for that purpose. The problem is, one, this was their first true game, the second, is that it’s their first game after being formed 6 years prior in 2008. The only dev I can think of that had a similar history that actually put out a damn good game (just one example anyway) is Zoonami who after so long put out an “eh” game with Zendoku on DS and PSP, but then worked with Nintendo directly to make Bonsai Barber on WiiWare which got really good reception for what it was, yeah it was a vegetable hair cut simulator (how many games can be called that?), but a damn fine vegetable hair cut simulator!


But when can we trim a hedgehog?

Ironically, both companies were formed by pretty notable folks from legendary companies, with BRB being formed by Naughty Dog vets, with Zoonami being formed by a Rare veteran (specifically by Martin Hollis, the director of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark).

Anyway, it’ll take some sort of great game, even a small scale one to restore faith in BRB in my opinion. It can be done, but I want to see it happen first naturally before I want to see them on another big game, and specifically a Sonic game in this case.

So what now then? Well, I’ve come up with two choices. One we already have if only to just make a really good one, but another if Sega REALLY want to do a AAA release without holding back.

Sanzaru Games logo

The former would be Sanzaru again on a Wii U game (talking from obvious history here with the games being on Nintendo systems, just work with me here), we have a very proven dev who earned their fame from working on not only remastering the Sly Cooper games, but created an all-new sequel on PS3 and Vita with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which of course was a full 3D platformer.

Do they own any of the tech used in Thieves in Time, I don’t know, but let’s assume they do. they can use the engine as a starting point, and bringing a PS3 engine to Wii U is way easier than from what we heard of BRB trying to bring PS4 and XBO-made tech to Wii U (supposedly the game started there and was forced to downport), also not using an engine not proven to shine on the platform and also Sanzaru would know their own tech inside and out, so they’d know how to get it working naturally (also they did port the game to Vita and that’s much weaker than Wii U).

I think this is a recipe that can work, if they make a true 3D platforming game that maybe takes some elements of Fire & Ice (I’d expect them wanting to as they are the same dev after all) and make a big adventure on Wii U, I’m thinking the results would surprise some people, especially if Sega do mean it when they said they’re sorry for the poor output recently. Who knows.

The other dev in mind if Sega really want to go all out, and it’s certainly one very familiar with western 3D platformers that really push boundaries, and can work on Wii U, that dev can only be; Insomniac.


These guys, unlike their pals at Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch, actually do still make 3D platformers, and Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time is supposed to the best in the series and each game is filled with personality and when they’re at their best, are outstanding experiences. And just look at Ratchet & Clank on PS4 which is a remake of sorts of the very first game. I said wow.

If Insomniac put the passion and quality they put in for example A Crack in Time in a Sonic Boom game on Wii U, I think we’d ALL be in for a real treat. It also depends if Sega would allow it by giving them the time and money needed to reach that kind of quality.

Of course, on the Wii U side of things, most would just say “wait until the NX”, whatever it ends up being, and you’re right. Wii U’s not having a good time (to say the least) and there’s a lot of talk about the NX being its successor that could be out in 2016 (it will be shown in whatever form it is next year, that much we know). Well let’s focus on the here and now and not straight away assume things. I’ve made my own but this probably isn’t the time or place for you to do the same, this is about Sonic Boom after all and not about what Nintendo’s doing next on the console front. 🙂

So yeah, this is just an idea of what Sega can do with the Sonic Boom series if they want to show people that a Sonic Boom game can be done right. Will they do it? I doubt it, but you never know what the future holds! What do you think of these ideas, and Sonic Boom as a whole? Do you think the Sonic Boom line can be salvaged gaming-wise, and would you like to see a truly serious effort in a game in the series? Do you have any ideas, like of who should make a Sonic Boom game, and what direction it should be taken? Let us know in the comments!

Check Out the Archie Sonic/Mega Man Panel from Comic Con 2015

Check out our coverage of the Archie action panel from San Diego Comic Con. Check out some new art, new info on World’s Unite, the fate of Sonic Boom, the new Silver arc and much, much more! Professionals chatting include Bill Freiberger (Sonic Boom), regular Sonic artist and writer of “The Silver Age” Evan Stanley, Marketing Man Alex Segura, New Archie Action editor Vincent Lovallo and Archie President Mike Pellerito. Headphones recommended as their voices echo in the room.

Credit for video goes to Alex Peal AKA Nuckles87.  He’ll have a video interview with Vincent Lovallo up on Segabits very soon with even more new stuff.