The Sonic Battle Stadium – Should It Continue or Not?

Public debate here – what do you want to do?

*EDIT* I tried posting a longer version of this topic not two minutes ago – but EzBread shat up (AGAIN) and lost my post >____< I can’t be biffed to go into any more detail than I have to now…

The SBS was quite popular when it was first unveiled, but now there seems to be less and less interest for it. I’m asking you lot, where do you think we should go with the RPG now?

  • Option 1: Call it a day. Say “It was fun while it lasted” and shut down the Sonic Battle Stadium. A piece of SSMB History would have ended, but never forgotten.
  • Option 2: Continue with the SBS in a vain attempt to pull back popularity. We can either make more or less rules to make the place more interesting, or if you like, even bring back the good old ‘Level Ups’ System.
  • Option 3: Close down The Sonic Battle Stadium, but come up with an all-new RPG game to play on the SSMB, using a different type of way to play rather than beating each other to pulp – I think less people are willing to land themselves into mortal combat nowadays, even if it is fictional.

So…. what are your thoughts? Reply to this topic, with your opinion and an explanation of why you think that option is the best choice.

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The Sonic Stadium News Group/SBS Season II

OK, Announcement Time from everyone’s favourite echidna. Erm, yes. ^^

Right, first off, the Sonic Battle Stadium Season II. The rules are well underway in the form of being written (^_^) and should be finished very soon. I’m hoping to launch the new Season next week – probably Saturday. New things to expect in the battles will be Items, Weapons, more Element-based battling, many Battle Variations such as Team Battles and Sudden Death matches, Boss Matches, Item purchasing and Trading between fellow battlers, and even the opportunity to create a Battle Variation based on your own rules (as long as they are easy to comprehend, and don’t stray too far from the basic rules). I’m hoping to implement an Adventure feature too, apart from the Battling bit – it will give players Special Items when they complete the Adventures available, and is set more like an RPG adventure based on the SBS, rather than straight out battling (although the battling is key and the whole point of the SBS)

The best bit? I’ve successfully done away with the crappy Level Up System – this ties in very nicely with the Items system, which has been primarily implemented to replace it. More details when the new SBS is launched next week. Also, expect the actual watching audience to play a part in battles as well…

OK, the second announcement of the day/week/month/whatever. If you hadn’t plainly noticed, there’s a new Sonic site doing the rounds, and will be nearing completion soon. Continue reading The Sonic Stadium News Group/SBS Season II

SSMB UPDATE: Conclusion of SBS Final Battle… NEXT WEEK

In Sonic Battle Stadium news… I closed the topic of the Final Battle so that no-one can sneak in and change anything. I want to totally supervise this event, for one thing, and also, the number of battlers was decreasing more and more. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: Conclusion of SBS Final Battle… NEXT WEEK