SATBK confirmed to attend Comic Con

SEGA of America have put out a new blog entry confirming four of their upcoming games that will be playable in their booth at Comic Con which is going to be held at New York City between Feb 6-8. Sonic and the Black Knight for Nintendo Wii will be one of those games and the event will be one of the first times the public will have seen the game.

Other games confirmed to be playable at the event are –
The House of the Dead: Overkill(Wii)
The Conduit(Wii)
That’s alot of love for Wii fans.

Is anyone here going who lives in the U.S. or can afford travel to the U.S.? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game.

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SBK: Shadow Screenshots Show No Chopped Off Limbs [Update]

sbk-shad2 sbk-shad1

Will we ever run out of Monty Python references before Sonic and the Black Knight is released? Probably not, because it’s so much fun! A Chinese Sonic fansite, SONIC HUB, has managed to discover these latest screenshots, which happen to be the first images of former doppelganger Shadow the Hedgehog. Seems weird that every other character is wearing armour yet Sonic’s quite fine to run about in his birthday suit. I guess he’s too hardcore.

Either way, Sonic Team are clearly having a Black Knight gag here, as the surroundings and Shadow’s mask are clear homages to the classic Holy Grail comedy. But who will win between Sonic and Shadow? My guess is, Shadow will call it a draw.

Update (11th January): SEGA America’s product page, that SONIC HUB links to, appear to have more screenshots on offer, including a few that haven’t been seen before and some special artwork too. We’ve included these after the jump, because we’re too good to you. I’m amazed nobody picked up on these – even myself until now, as they’ve been on SEGA’s page for quite a while. Expect them to circulate the interwebs pretty soon after this. Continue reading SBK: Shadow Screenshots Show No Chopped Off Limbs [Update]

Sonic and the Black Knight – UK Box Artwork

sbk-ukIf you’re desperate to see the box artwork of Sonic and the Black Knight for European audiences, then you’re in luck. In what must be about the only activity in the Sonic games world this month, appear to have a final render of what will adorn Wii boxes come Spring. SEGA have not officially released this via their press channels, but retailers are usually pretty accurate when it comes to box artwork. It’d have to be, when they keep changing release dates all the time.

It’s pretty close to the North American box artwork, recently posted by Sonic Retro, with the exception of the ‘Sonic Storybook’ corner and the ‘Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection’ logo. Wonder what the deal is with the Wi-Fi anyway? Mind you, a few Sonic games have advertised Wi-Fi before release and then dropped it (Sonic Chronicles, for example), so I wouldn’t get too excited about that just yet.

Click the image to the left to see it in full size. Product Page (Thanks to Supa Neo)

New Sonic and the Black Knight artwork and screens

Nintendo fan site Nintendo Everything have managed to nab some new screens and artwork of upcoming Nintendo Wii game Sonic and the Black Knight. The images look a little grainy as if they’ve been scanned from a magazine but no magazine is mentioned in the sites post. Most of the screens we’ve already seen but a couple are new and there’s also some artwork of the big bad wolf Black Knight riding horse-back, we’re yet to find out the horse’s name though but for now I’ll call him Dreadagus since he’s dark and he looks as bad ass as Dreadknux Pegasus came to mind.

Another screenshot of Sonic outside of a dark town with a fiery sky looks like possible artwork but Sonic’s model looks like the in-game model so I’ll let you be the judge on wether that is art or in-game screenshot.

You can check out all of the images here

UPDATE: I have been informed that these images are from the latest issue of Nintendo Power, thanks to SSMB Member: Hero of legend

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Sonic and the Black Knight Screens Make You Say ‘Ni’

“So hey, about Sonic Unleashed…” – What you say? Sonic Unleashed? That game is sooo last week. Let’s say we focus on something a bit more next year, girlfriend? Luckily SEGA Europe’s been sending out some screenshots of Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii so we can be next year… in 2008. Yeah, we’re rocking that DeLorean.

Sonic and the Black Knight is the continuation of the ‘Storybook’ series of the franchise that was kicked off with Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii. So we’ll treat it as the spinoff that it is and not facepalm ourselves into the ground. That would be impolite. There’s not an awful lot going on in these screenshots, and they’ve appeared on other sites before, but it’s nice to see that the game still exists, especially since a lot of you are going to have your artwork stashed onto it.

Enjoy these screens, a few of which are in ‘Extreeeeeeme’ blurrovision, and some which feature a familiar red knight. Hm, his face is covered. Now I can’t tell who it is…

Hit the jump for the screens. Continue reading Sonic and the Black Knight Screens Make You Say ‘Ni’

Sonic and the Black Knight box art revealed

Sega Europe has revealed the box-art cover to Sonic and the Black Knight (sorry its so small, there are no larger sizes available at present). It look’s like their going with the Nintendo Power cover which was published for their exclusive first look at the game a few months back. No Wi-Fi logo can be seen, so that confirms there will be no Wi-Fi features. The game’s PEGI rating can also be seen on the cover, the game’s been given a 12+. Guess the European ratings board are getting pretty touchy again, no doubt the swordplay has them thinking “OMG SONIC HAS A SWORD, KIDS WILL COPY!!!”.

Nice box art anyway!

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Tallarico, Jacques Working on Sonic and the Black Knight

Whilst the TSS crew were at Video Games Live last night watching things rock out, we were surprised that the set contained no Sonic the Hedgehog medley this year. We didn’t mind though, as someone on stage let slip that co-creator and presenter, Tommy Tallarico, is to be working on the music to Sonic and the Black Knight.

The reveal came during the evening show when the editor for the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, Keith Pullin, took the stage to award Tommy with for his contribution to video game music (some 200-odd games he’s composed for, from Earthworm Jim to Disney’s Alladin to Metroid Prime). Pullin stated that Tallarico is working on a Sonic the Hedgehog game, whilst the presenter turned to the audience and shhh’d everyone down. Even ArchAngelUK, Sega Europe’s community manager, was surprised of the detail. Continue reading Tallarico, Jacques Working on Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic and the Black Knight: TGS Screens

We’re a bit late to the party with this one, but during the Tokyo Game Show a few weeks ago Sonic and the Black Knight got its first proper showing. As you could probably tell with all the trailers and mp3s flying around. Now you get some screenshots of the game in action, courtesy of SEGA Europe. They don’t really show anything new, but it’s nice to have a good look at what we’ve already seen, right?

Crush 40 Rock Tokyo Game Show

Junny Baby!

This has been coming for a long, long time.

Finally! the mighty guitar skills of the legendary Jun Senoue, and the vocal tenacity of Axel Rudi Pell lead singer Johnny Gioeli have reunited to perform what can only be described as an electrifying medley of classic Crush 40 tracks at the Tokyo Game Show on the 12th of October. I had been talking to Jun about a month ago, and although he told me to keep it all very hush hush, he said there would be a little surprise for those in attendance; that being a live performance of the new title track for the upcoming Wii title Sonic and the Black Knight, “Knight of the Wind”.

Johnny and Jun crash onto stage with an extra long opening version of “I am…All of Me”, before burning rubber into their version of “His World” (which we all know rocks the hardest, sorry Zebrahead). Other performed tracks include the “Sonic Heroes Theme”, “What I’m Made of” and of course, the obligatory “Live and Learn” theme from SA2. Continue reading Crush 40 Rock Tokyo Game Show

Download Sonic and the Black Knight Theme – Twice

No sooner did those Sonic and the Black Knight videos hit the Internet, that people just had to rip the theme songs and offer them for download. Who are we to say no? TMS has done a good job of ripping both the instrumental theme heard in the video we posted earlier, and the full theme in the Japanese trailer featuring vocals.

We’re quite sure that’s Johnny and Jun back in the saddle for this theme, making it a Crush 40, super-cheesy rock extravaganza. Is it just us, or are C40 really trying to be more “80’s children’s cartoon rock” with each passing Sonic title? Although, that never hurt the Transformers.

Give Sonic fans ten minutes to learn it and we’ll be seeing everyone sing it like they did ‘Endless Possibility’ at Summer of Sonic. Thanks for the rip, TMS!

Crush 40: SatBK Main Theme (TSS Media Portal) – 1.3MB
Crush 40: SatBK Main Theme (Instrumental) (TSS Media Portal) – 1.3MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

TGS: Sonic and the Black Knight Trailer

Sega decided to show a trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight at the Tokyo Game Show this year, which is quite an unprecedented move given that we still have no firm release date for the next Wii adventure. It expands a little bit on the three-second teaser that was contained in the Wii showcase we posted a few days ago, and much like Secret Rings, involves Sonic going into storyland to beat an evil force. It’s his destiny, apparently. It still looks like Sonic-on-rails to me, so the jury’s still out here.

UK Winners of Black Knight Contest Slowly Revealed

The Sonic and the Black Knight Artwork contest has come to a close, and community art pieces from around the world have been judged by SEGA for inclusion in the upcoming Wii title. TSSZ has reported on several winners residing in Sonic Retro – and it turns out from the European side, some of our own SSMB Forum members have won too!

ArchAngelUK has been emailing the 20 European winners throughout the last day or so, but the full list has not been publically released, leaving us a waiting game to see who will pipe up in sheer joy and euphoria. Among the winners that have publically claimed WinRar is Violet who is a regular at our UK Sonic Meetups and was one of the main contributors to the Summer of Sonic convention this year. Word has it that TSS Merch Hog T-Bird has also won a place in the game. UK fans Mahzes, ENVY16, Sock-fox and Adamis from Belgium were also rocking winning pictures yesterday.

Other community members that voiced joy at the Sonic Retro forums was well-known community artist Purity; other namedrops include G. Silver, known best at the Green Hill Zone forums; Radrappy and DeviantArt member Aedelthryd.

The annoying thing? None of the winning entries are allowed to be shown until the game’s release next year. Bummer, I’m sure all the winners will want to show their piece to every man, woman and child right now. Congratulations to all the winners all over the world!

Your drawings in Sonic and the Black Knight! – SSMB Forums
Sonic and the Black Knight – Sonic Retro

Nintendo Show First Clip of Sonic and the Black Knight

The other day, Nintendo Japan held a conference and showed the world that they did care somewhat for their core gamers, announcing a heap of games for Wii and DS that are likely to satisfy a few people at least. What interested us however, was the inclusion of the first ever footage of upcoming game Sonic and the Black Knight. You can see the three-or-so second clip towards the end of the video, above, round about 3:45.

It basically looks exactly like Sonic and the Secret Rings, with a sword. And more grey. And an assumption of much more flailing about. There was an open green field though, so that will sort of make up for… something. Interesting reveal nonetheless. Thanks to Brent and Christian who pointed this out to us.

Nintendo Japan Conference Videos

SatBK Art Competition – Europe Entries Borked, Contest Restart

ArchangelUK of Sega Europe community staff has updated the Sonic City Blognik with an important update regarding the European side of the Sonic and the Black Knight art contest.




Now, due to the issues with this and also the looooong delay in the other language sites going online we’ve managed to get the the closing date for European/Australian entries ONLY put back til Friday September 26th.


Black Knight Art Competition Update

Firstly, Sega Europe have captured ArchangelUK and dragged him back to Sega Europe’s London HQ and we at TSS welcome him back with open arms (and hands, where’s our presents? lol). Seriously though, welcome back to Mr.AAUK, we hope you enjoyed your trip.

To the headline in question, AAUK has updated the Sonic City Blognik with some updates regarding the Sonic and the Black Knight art competition.

Q: Can I enter? I live in (Country).
A: Because of the way the Terms & Conditions had to be it wasn’t really possible to have EVERY country listed and have individual terms for them. So please take whatever the terms and conditions for whatever language you can read and simply assume any instance of (country name) being your country.

So basically if you live in *deep breath* Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom which are the formally recognised European Union members as well as Australia (which comes under SEGA Europe bizarrely), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and should His Holiness wish to enter even Vatican City.

You will need to send your entry to the same place as everyone else! PLEASE check out the Sonic & The Black Knight page for details of this and the information you need to include as this is vital. The deadline is still September 19th at this time so you will need to hurry.

Q: Why does the US version of the site say you can include more characters?
A: I have absolutely no idea. I suspect it just wasn’t updated. For the record you can draw Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Blaze and other characters (or any combination of one or more of them together) in your favorite scene from your favorite Sonic game. They must be Sonic characters, no fan characters or other series – showing Sonic punching Master Chief in the face might be fun, but won’t get in the game.

So, with all queries, problems and issues laid to rest, get those pictures in, you have but 4 days European arteests.

Sonic City Blognik update

European Sonic and the Black Knight art contest site up

ArchangelUK over at the Sonic City Blognik and Martin The Fat Ninja at the Sega Europe blogs have updated with news regarding the Sonic and the Black Knight art contest that went live in the U.S. last week. The European site is now up and taking entries and it looks like every region will be getting it’s top piece of art in Sonic and the Black Knight’s Special Book. You can’t say fairer than that.

European’s can check out the rules and details for submitting your art at the contest’s site here.

U.S. site is here; ArchangelUK’s Sonic City Blog is here; Martin’s blog is here

Sonic & the Black Knight Art Contest: Update

Right, it seems there’s been some crossed wires along the way as far as the Sonic and the Black Knight competition is concerned, but as per usual Mr. AAUK (or should that be Mr. AAUSA?) has been on to clue us in on some of the more hazey parts of the contest – it appears there is a bit of a delay with this news hitting the SEGA Blognik in his absence, and due to there having to be translations into several European languages.

  • First off, the competition WILL be open to the Europeans too; the competition rules are virtually identical to the US rules, so you can get cracking on your masterpieces immediately!
  • Austrailia is classed as part of SOE’s territory, so your Aussies can also feel free to enter.
  • Finally, the use of fan characters or non-Sonic Universe characters in the art is advised against, purely on the grounds they probably won’t be used.

It also turns out this is something that the Japanese branch of SEGA came up with, not their European counterparts! Maybe Japan have also finally realised getting the fans involved isn’t such a bad thing afterall…isn’t it?

Thanks again to AAUK for clearing this up.

Sonic and the Black Knight Art Contest

No matter what you may think about Sonic’s upcoming Wii exclusive, you can’t deny that SEGA has just discovered a great way to involve the fan community. Apparently, Black Knight is going to feature some sort of gallery illustrating Sonic’s past, and SEGA wants you, the fans, to draw it. See the quote below for details:

Hey Sonic fans! We are looking for artists to help us tell the story of Sonic in a special animated gallery in the upcoming new title, Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii, spring 2009).

Draw Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Blaze and other characters (or any combination of one or more of them together) in your favorite scene from your favorite Sonic game and send it to us before the deadline of September 19th. We’ll choose 20 of the best to feature and each of those winners will also receive a free copy of Sonic and the Black Knight

Before you get busy with the paint, here are a few of the RULES: Continue reading Sonic and the Black Knight Art Contest

BlueTube: SatBK Gameplay… apparently.

It’s such a good job we can always rely on Youtube to bring us the newest and most reliable game footage before any other place on the Internet, isn’t it?

It appears a user named ‘JesseMeza07’ has managed to get his hands on a first look at the gameplay of the upcoming ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ title for the Nintendo Wii released next Spring. There’s something wrong here though… but we at TSS can’t quite put our fingers on it.

Jesse writes –

This is the first footage of the new Wii game, Sonic & The Black Knight, courtesy of IGN. I can tell you one thing, this game is shaping up to be pretty good. 🙂

Source: YouTube.

No Motion+ For Sonic and the Black Knight?

Forgive me! I'm without Photoshop.

With the recent announcement of Sonic’s sword wielding Wii adventure coming out next Spring, fans and gamers as a whole were stoked wondering whether or not this was to be the first game incorporating Nintendo’s recently E3 announced ‘Wii MotionPlus’ accessory. Unfortunately however, after some investigation work on Game Informers part, it doesn’t look like any games boasting the new Waggle Plus peripheral are set to emerge for quite some time.

Continue reading No Motion+ For Sonic and the Black Knight?

Sonic and the Black Knight: New Info

Fellow Sonic fan-site Blue Blur have got a copy of the new issue of Nintendo Power and have scanned up some Sonic and the Black Knight screenshots and artwork. They have also typed up all the info Sonic Team were willing to reveal which is as follows –

  • Developed by the same people as Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • ”This time, a sorceress named Merlina summons Sonic to the mythical realm of King Arthur, but it seems the fabled monarch has somehow been corrupted and now rules the land as the tyranical Black Knight.”
  • Uses a similar storybook device as Secret Rings
  • ”As Sonic runs along, a simple flick of the Wii remote will execute a basic slash, which is enough to dispatch most low-level grunts.”
  • More advanced swordplay consists of the ability to thrust, parry, and even pull off a buzz-saw maneuver midjump.
  • ”During out demo, we saw the hedgehog leap from a high precipice, then thrust the blade into a wall to slow his decent, sparks flying impressivly as steel cut through brick”
  • ”Combat is integrated in such a way that most of the time you can slice through any who stand in your path without even slowing down”
  • Sonic is controlled with the Control Stick. Continue reading Sonic and the Black Knight: New Info

The Crossfire: Grinding

What’s up? It’s “the bad guy” here and in honor of introducing new features to the front page, and respecting both sides of the story, I have got another one up your sleeve: The Crossfire – where two sides rise, but where do you fall? Now that opinions are at the forefront at this time and other bloggers are sweeping up tidbits to fulfill your traditional “Sonic News,” I guess I can take this route. Let’s begin!

Today’s topic: Sonic has been in a lot of adventures. I mean, a lot. Like…totally…lots. However, it was not until 2001 in Sonic Adventure 2, that we were introduced to the concept of “grinding.” Grinding has appeared in every single game since, but has it worn out its welcome in the Sonic world? Or, has it kept itself fresh and interesting to remain relevant? Continue reading The Crossfire: Grinding

Sonic and the Black Knight officially announced

Sega Europe have officially announced Sonic and the Black Knight for Wii. Here is their press release –

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (July 21, 2008) –SEGA of Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced Sonic™ and the Black Knight, an all-new Wii-exclusive adventure. Part of the storybook series of games that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings, this new title brings Sonic into the world of Arthurian legend and offers the worlds most infamous blue hedgehog the chance to become a knight. Using the unique Wii control system, this exciting game will take advantage of both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk to offer an interactive experience that any Sonic fans will love. Continue reading Sonic and the Black Knight officially announced

Sonic and the Black Knight – The “Defend Sonic” Brigade

A ‘true Sonic fan’, reading The Sonic Stadium yesterday. Like, chill out man. Walk outside for a bit.

Looks like a few people want Sonic to go all ‘Legend of Zelda’ on us after all. Since our (note) not-news-story broke of the new Wii game, we have had a few comments of complaint. It’s nice when people don’t bother to use the ‘Contact’ form to inform us of new Sonic happenings, but it’s used up the wazoo when a BLOG states its opinion on a new title. Guess all people can do is complain.

But we thought we’d address each comment directly, and provide a broad generalisation as to just why we reacted the way we did. So here goes.

dude seriously i dont think you are a sonic fan i mean seriously mario had to travel through space to find a freaking princess its the same story line over and over again, so what if sonic makes a game about sub characters it just adds to the story line, at least sega is trying unlike  nintendo, or YOU, they have great ideas, u can take this feed back anyway u want, seriously just let sonic be the way he is, and stop bitching about something new about him,

yous sincerely a true sonic fan

We’re not Sonic fans at all, no. Oh sorry, for a second there I thought we were on the Mario Stadium and not the Sonic Stadium. OK, so Super Mario has to repeat the same basic storyline ad nauseum. But think about it. Do you play a Sonic game for its gripping storyline? If you do, you’re probably better off grabbing an RPG and playing that – recent attempts to add a ‘serious’ tone to the Sonic games have been poor, and it shows it’s just not possible in the realm of Sonic. When you consider we’ve had seven years of poor console Sonic titles you’d think Sonic Team would drop the whole ‘plot’ thing by now.

Funnily enough, if we wanted to bitch about Sonic, we would really be having a go at Sonic Unleashed right now. But we’re not, because 50% of that game is looking absolutely fantastic. There’s this weird perception at the moment that, because a game concept is totally rubbish (Sonic with a sword? Really?) and we say it is, that means we’re automatically ‘bitching’.

You like the idea of Sonic and the Black Knight. Good for you. Seriously. Have a brownie. But don’t tell us where to get off because a lot of other people are facepalming themselves right now. Consider: Sonic Rush Adventure, the Sonic side of Sonic Unleashed. Now consider: Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 2006. The latter two games sucked – you might love Shadow or Sonic 2006, but no opinion will get around the fact that they are poor, misprogrammed, rubbish-concept games.

What is a ‘true Sonic fan’ anyway?

Continue reading Sonic and the Black Knight – The “Defend Sonic” Brigade

Sonic & The Black Knight!? Oh. God.

Words cannot express how pissed off I am right now.  This “leaked” Nintendo Power cover better be a hilarious prank. Knowing SEGA, though, I doubt that it is.

Svend: “Dear SEGA…


Yours sincerely,


EDIT: Whoever scanned this cover is obviously unaware of the rules of the Internets, so we removed his name and address where necessary. Can we learn how to do this in future so we don’t end up having to do proper work? (EDIT 2: This was a joke at ourselves and not at the awesome dude who originally scanned this page. We had to write this disclaimer because several retards kept assuming we were taking the piss out of the poor chap.)