Hero of Legend’s Look Back – Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Western release of the Sega Dreamcast and flagship launch title Sonic Adventure (its European anniversary was actually yesterday)! But, while everyone can talk about the game’s original release until the cows come home, a lot less remembered is its Gamecube/PC port, Sonic Adventure DX. Let’s take a Look Back at it! Continue reading Hero of Legend’s Look Back – Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut

Freak-Out Friday: Werehog Generations

It has been four years since the beast has been unleashed… Now he has come out to play a new game.

Hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of a community that once shunned him, Sonic the Werehog takes to the streets of Speed Highway with all the speed, power, and ferocity he can muster!


Special thanks to Indigo Rush for the tip!

Played through by Melpontro; Werehog model and animations ported by samothethief.

Sound Test Saturday: Summer is Upon Us!

Rocketing temperatures, trips planned to a number of resorts, schools closing their doors, burdens of all sorts being lifted from people’s shoulders… It can only mean one thing!

What time is it? Summertime! It’s our vacation!

And, to celebrate the oncoming season, it’s only fair that this week’s Sound Test Saturday joins in on the party as well, wouldn’t you say? We’ve got a total of five tracks to mark this joyous occasion (barring insanely hot temperatures), so kick back, take a nice swig of whatever you have in your glass or bottle, and relax!

First up on the playlist is a cover of Emerald Coast’s “Azure Blue World” from Sonic Adventure, put together by jparecki95!

Continue reading Sound Test Saturday: Summer is Upon Us!

Summer Games Done Quick set to Speedrun Sonic Games

Update: The segment is over, but recordings are available: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure DX


Speed Demos Archive‘s Summer Games Done Quick is running right now, a live stream speedrunning 70-some games in aid of the Organisation for Autism Research.

Their Sonic segment is set to start at around 9pm tonight (depending on how fast the preceding games are), and feature runs of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Mega Drive, and Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut.

If you like seeing games played with speed, this should be your bag.

Summer Games Done Quick (full schedule)

Sonic Adventure DX DLC Pack Now On EU PS Store


SEGA Europe has today released the Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut downloadable content pack on the European PlayStation Store. EU PS3 owners of Sonic Adventure can now now upgrade the game with 60 missions and playable Metal Sonic character for (£3.19/€3.99). Be warned though, you need to collect all of the 130 emblems in the game before you can play as Metal Sonic. To see Sonic’s robotic rival in action, check out the above video of him in action on the Gamecube/PC version of the game, courtesy of YouTube user burgerkingJ.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Will you be downloading the pack? Let us know in the comments.

Sonic Adventure Officially Announced for XBLA and PSN With Enhancements

Well, if the leaked Sony documents, various ratings from the different ratings boards, and leaked photos from Xbox Live’s BETA service weren’t proof enough, SEGA has finally announced that Sonic Adventure, along with Crazy Taxi, will be coming to Xbox Live and PSN. These games will be the first in a slew of Dreamcast games that will be hitting the service in the future. Continue reading Sonic Adventure Officially Announced for XBLA and PSN With Enhancements

Sonic Adventure DX XBLA Officially Revealed In 360 Gamer Magazine

You may remember a while back a couple of photo’s hit the internet outing Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut for Xbox Live Arcade, well a Destructoid reader picked up a recent issue of 360 Gamer magazine which contains a review for the game in which the port received a 5/10 as the reviewer doesnt think the game has aged well. Details such as price and release date are to be confirmed which is more than likely due to the fact SEGA havent announced the game on any of their websites, we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Destructoid

Thanks to Brad for the heads up!

New Screenshots and Achievements From SA XBLA

SEGAOnline have gotten hold of some new screenshots and achievements from the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic Adventure we informed you about Jan 11th. Sonic’s model in the screenshots confirm this is definitely the Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut version we’re looking at here, more than likely a port of the PC version. Judging by the borders it appears this port hasn’t received a wide-screen upgrade.

For all you Achievement/Gamer score hunters SEGAOnline have also written up what the game’s Achievements are. Check out the list below –


Miles “Tails” Power:
Become friends with Tails.

Knuckles the Echidna:
Become friends with Knuckles.

Amy Rose:
Become friends with Amy.

E-102 “y”:
Become friends with E-102.

Big the Cat:
Become friends with Big.

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Clear the Sonic story.

Super Sonic:
Clear all character stories.

The Fastest & Stongest:
Get Level A on all the Action Stages.

Sub Game Master:
Get all Emblems of the Sub Game.

Chao’s Best Friend:
Get all Emblems of the Chao Race.

The Adventurer:
Get all Emblems in the Adventure Field.

The Perfect Adventurer:
Get all 130 Emblems.

Screenshots :

TSS REVIEW: Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut

The game that has been praised by many Sonic fans as the better of two Sonic Adventures has been re-released on Nintendo GameCube. After SA2 Battle and Mega Collection (the only other two Sonic games on the console), this comes as no real surprise – Sonic Team is milking its mascot as much as they can by enticing Nintendo fans into the world of the blue blur. Continue reading TSS REVIEW: Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut