The Spin: How SEGA is Ignoring the Middle Children of Sonic’s Legacy

2010 was the year Sonic the Hedgehog came back. Yes, we all heard the stories about how the franchise had declined not long after the jump to 3D, how gaming news outlets and critics even now would begin their pieces with some variation of “Sonic has had a rocky history,” and how every new Sonic game released around the “dark ages” period couldn’t shake off the dreaded “Sonic Cycle.” Continue reading The Spin: How SEGA is Ignoring the Middle Children of Sonic’s Legacy

Sonic Advance 2 Heading to the Wii U VC in Japan on Feb 24th

Yep. After the first Sonic Advance from the Game Boy Advance made its way onto the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan back on Feburary 18th last year in 2015, it’s been announced that Sonic Advance 2 is next in the series to make it to the Wii U VC in Japan next week on February 24th for ¥702, same as Sonic Advance 1. Continue reading Sonic Advance 2 Heading to the Wii U VC in Japan on Feb 24th

Sonic Advance 2 – Hot new Sonic Team Information

12th December 2002… Sonic Team finally reveal to the world the Official Sonic Advance 2 Website. Packed with new information on the game, The Sonic Stadium’s Dreadknux set eyes on it, the very moment it was released.

The website is just like you’d expect any other Sonic Team webby – noice and clean. We loosely translated the information on the website to give you a rough idea of what to expect in new sections of the game.

First off, the new character. Cream the Rabit. Indeed. Not much has been said about this new Sonic youngster, but now, as we all suspected, Cream and Cheese will be the ‘easy’ option throughout the game, should you find Sonic, Knuckles or Tails’ story too hard. Which must mean that Dimps has upped the tempo a little bit. Cream is also designed, it seems, for the ‘easier’ gamer – we mean that beginners won’t find any surprises to the game when playing as Cream, and there have also been moves included at Cream’s disposal. Here’s a rundown of them:

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New Sonic Advance 2 Information

This is an article from IGNPocket reading the the latest Famitsu magazine about Sonic Advance 2 for GBA:

The three stages shown…include “Leaf Forest” (the game’s first stage), “Hot Crater” (the fire stage starring Knuckles) and a third, unnamed stage featuring a musical design and an over-abundance of color (look for Tails floating through a pink wonderland.) No features were announced in the magazine’s article (no word on if there’s a link-up with the upcoming Gamecube Sonic game), but we do know that the game’s speed has been upped from the previous game (possibly a very good thing, since Sonic’s trademark speed was left at a cruising third gear for the last handheld adventure). Specifics on the developer were not given, but it looks like DIMPS has once again handled the design for Sonic Team on this one.

Sonic Games on Gamecube and GBA

This article comes from Gaming Age:

Nintendo seems to be the company of choice for Sonic Team’s blue hedgehog hero; Sega has announced titles spinning the critter onto the hardware maker’s platforms. Sonic Adventure (the original) and Sonic Mega Collection are headed to the GameCube and Sonic Advance 2 for the Game Boy Advance.

Japan will be receiving Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Advance 2 at the end of the year, while Sonic Adventure does not yet have a release date. The contents of the proposed collection or what types of upgrades we can expect from the Sonic Adventure port have not yet been announced, nor has any prospective US releases.

Get excited, 3 more Sonic games, don’t forget that mystery title as well! Keep visiting The Sonic Stadium for more news.