Best Buy Black Friday: Buy A 360, Get “Sonic 360”


Hey, my American brosks, I have good news.  Sonic the Hedgehog for the X360 is now at a “best buy:” free.

On Black Friday, that famed day after Thanksgiving where mothers kill each other over a laughing muppet, those in the U.S. can head on down to Best Buy and get an X360 Elite and six games, including the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog.

Xbox 360 bundle: Numerically, Best Buy pulled together an even better deal for gamers eying a new Xbox 360. But reviews may say differently. This Black Friday deal includes the high-end Elite console and six games, all for $299. The Xbox itself is a great value, with more online features than the PS3, a larger catalog of games, and a higher install base – so more of your friends are likely to own one. But the six selected games are a little weak. Here’s the list (with review scores from Metacritic): Sonic the Hedgehog (46 percent), Spider Man: Web of Shadows (68), Wall-E (50), LEGO Batman (76), Pure (85), Ghost Recon 2 (86).

So, if you don’t own a X360, want one, and like this game, you can get it at a steal with the purchase of a console.  If you don’t own a X360, want one, and are curious to play this trainwreck, then it’s at a reasonable price of zero dollars and zero cents.

[Via Christian Science Monitor]

‘Sonic 360’ Fangame Engine Does Hedgehog Proud

Hey, hands up who’s kinda sick of the way the 3D Sonic games are going? Oh, a lot of you? Yeah, me too. Well, Sonic Unleashed is looking like an interesting direction, and a somewhat return to form in terms of at least not-broken gameplay. We’re looking forward to blasting around dragons, yesiree.

But Sonic Unleashed isn’t out yet. Won’t be out for a bit. So until then, cast your eyes on the video above, which is a fangame engine that first cropped up on Sonic Fan Games HQ some months ago. Creators ‘Mark the Echidna’ and ‘Damizean’ have built a crude, if not absolutely awesome Sonic the Hedgehog 3D game engine (nicknamed ‘Sonic 360’).

It ticks all the right boxes for everything we feel should be present and correct in a Sonic game – open, expansive areas, multiple routes, momentum and physics based gameplay, slow platforming elements to complement the ability to run like a maniac, spin dash, pudgy Sonic (we’ve never seen a cuter, more awesome looking Sonic model), loops, no homing attack, etc. You see? ‘No bottomless pits’ can be done, and this is proof that you can inject some forward thinking in a classic-looking 3D Sonic game – watch that little bugger run up those walls! Awesome.

Best thing? You can actually download this engine. Trufax. You can grab it here, found via the Youtube page.

SEGA, Sonic Team? Take notes. Hire these guys. Whatever. Just get it done. K?