Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Rumours have been flying around the Internet for years now about a Sonic The Hedgehog motion picture, however, one of these trails it seems may finally come into fruition. Film maker Richard Kuta has been working on an animated film based on the series known commonly to fans as Sonic SatAM, and has recently received approval for the project from Soloakai Animation.

After successful negotiations with SEGA throughout last year, Kuta and his co-writer initially pitched the film to IDT Entertainment, who mulled over the idea before eventually rejecting it. Since then the team proposed the film to Solokai Animation, who were more than happy to take the project onboard. Continue reading Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Sonic Comic Seller Challenged

A Sonic the Comic fan community has recently called to question the honesty of an online trader, offering back issues of the Fleetway publication for various sums of money.

The Sonic the Comic Archive forum was approached on March 2nd by Pete Wilcock, owner of the Comical Games store. While his offer appeared otherwise genuine, an issue over front cover images led to a community-wide inquiry to Wilcock’s honesty.

The images used on the website were in fact scans from the Sonic the Comic Archive (StCA). ‘Hogfather’, co-webmaster of the website, expressed his initial concern: “I was at first impressed, he had all the cover scans of every issue… I had thought he was a long time subscriber to the comic, but then I discarded that when I noticed that he had issues that were “out of stock”… The images of the comics he had on his site were in fact my comics that I own. I could tell this because of the damage on the covers where the free gifts had been removed.Continue reading Sonic Comic Seller Challenged

Online Sonic Game ‘confirmed’

A member from the SEGA Forums has managed to talk to Panovation Studios, who are apparently working on an online game of Sonic the Hedgehog.

SEGA Forums member “Mondo-Cool” secured an online interview with Mark Greig, “Head Founder” of Panovation Studios, and the result is a confirmation from a incredibly unknown developer that they are legitimately creating an online Sonic title. Greig made distinct comments on the project – which could mean the game is well in development – including the notion that it will be an “Online Sonic RPG”, and not a “Sonic MMORPG”. Bizarre in itself. A small portion of what Mark said is below: Continue reading Online Sonic Game ‘confirmed’