Meme Watch: Sega is Making a Game, Probably About Sonic

It’s hard not to pay attention to SEGA’s official Sonic the Hedgehog social media channels when it looks like the poor bloke running it is having a meltdown every day. In today’s episode of Meme Watch, we see the Sonic Tumblr account drop some crazy clues regarding a game that SEGA may (or may not) be making. Continue reading Meme Watch: Sega is Making a Game, Probably About Sonic

2015: The Year of the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter Account


Today saw the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account featured on prolific internet social media hub Buzzfeed.

For those who aren’t connected to the Twitterverse, you will have missed the rather spectacular recent awakening of the account, which gained a new level of sentience this year. In among it’s now self-awareness of the sizable collection of Sonic the Hedgehog internet memes, the account also called out several big name commentators and competitors this year, including Nintendo, and was temporarily taken over by Doctor Eggman for a day (although we’re sure we’ve heard that voice somewhere else before). Needless to say this has caused several internet-breaking moments, so much so it has caught the attention of many media outlets.

The account has even received an endorsement from Sonic the Hedgehog creator Naoto Oshima:

TwitterOshimaSanWe at TSS salute the Sonic Twitter account and crafty creatures on the media team running it (including a certain Aaron Webber!), and we can’t wait for the next post!

Gotta go fatsr.