Win a M&S Snowboard From OCRemix & SEGA Europe

We told you before that we would tell you when another Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games snowboard would be given away.  Well… I’d hate to not fulfill a promise.

OCRemix announced yesterday that they would be partnering with SEGA Europe to give away another one of these bad boys.  The contest’s site explains how you can enter to win:


1. Email us ( with the following info:
* Your name
* Your YouTube account name, AND
* The name & description of a cool made-up snowboarding trick!

Trick Examples!

“IceCap Dash” – Sonic does a 360 rotation while spin dashing on the board!
“Space Harrier” – Hang in the air for more than 5 seconds, with a rocket pack attached to your back!
“pixietricks” – Sonic gets some air and jumps off the board, while Amy Rose jumps and lands on the board in mid-air! <3

You don’t need to be this literal. Be creative & cool and have fun with it! Your snowboarding trick idea can be Mario & Sonic-based, Olympic Games-based, OC ReMix-based, it can be ANYTHING! The coolest snowboarding trick sent in will win!

2. You ALSO must be subscribed to the OC ReMix YouTube channel. YouTube is how we’ll contact you if you win! Click to subscribe!

Entries are due on Monday, January 18th, 2010, 11:59PM EST (GMT -5).  You can enter as many tricks as you’d like, but try to keep it to ONE e-mail.  The OCRemix judges panel will decide the winner and inform you via YouTube.

This contest is not limited to the UK.  It is open to everybody!

The Official Snowboard Contest Page

More Chances To Win Mario & Sonic Snowboard Teased

Sega Europe Community Manager ArchangelUK apparently loves to tease people. For example, I present to you the official Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games branded Snowboard he showcased earlier today.

It looks great doesn’t it? In fact it looks even better if you go here to see them full size. So how about an opportunity to get your hands on this fabulous merchandise? Alas, you can’t buy this thing in the shops but it can be won in the UK Mario & Sonic Sweepstakes. I’d hurry though, the competition is only open until November 17th so you need to be as fast as Sonic himself to enter before the deadline. Terms and conditions for the competition can be found here and should you not be the lucky winner don’t fret, AAUK has also teased that there may be other opportunities to grab one. TSS will endeavour to keep you posted.