Metal Sonic is in Sonic Boom!

So yesterday, Sega released trailers for both the 3DS & Wii U versions of Sonic Boom. However hidden away in one of the trailers is a character yet to be confirmed, and it’s Metal Sonic.


At around 0:34 seconds, Sonic blasts through a wall and theres a transition to another part of the gameplay. At this moment, for a split second you can clearly see Metal Sonic jumping on a spring pad as Sonic blasts through another wall.

See these screens for the exact moment. metalsonicboom metalsonicboom2

So, random cameo? Or is Metal Sonic going to play a major part in Sonic Boom? No official word yet from Sega, but take a look in the trailer and you can clearly see he’s right there.

Thanks to TSS commentator Neo Metal Sonic (how appropriate is that username?) for bringing this to my attention.