Mash-Up Monday: Flash Battery Zone

With Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman set to cross over throughout the upcoming year, thanks to Archie Comics, it’s about time some music has been mashed together, wouldn’t you all say?

For the most mega occasion of Mash-Up Monday, Dr. Wily sends one of his Robot Masters to take over one of Dr. Eggman’s airships!

Flash Man’s stage from Megaman 2 with Flying Battery Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, everyone!


Mashed together by KatamariParadox!

I have no idea how well the minds of two evil scientists will work together… That’ll be interesting!

Sonic’s Pants! Sonic Underwear hits UK River Island Stores

pantsTurns out that if you think Sonic is pants, you are right! River Island, one of the UK’s leading high street fashion outlets has recently started selling a couple of pieces of underwear for the discerning gentleman (or lady if they prefer the comfort of the boxer briefs!).

The line currently includes a snazzy pair of boxers which will set you back a whopping £9.99 per pair, and a pair of funky checkered socks retailing at £6.99 a pop.

If you really are Sonic mad (and I know a lot of you are) but a bit shy, then you can now proudly wear the hedgehog at all times without attracting too much attention. However, it does look like he’s about to spin-attack your groin (or is he sniffing your crotch?).

Both products are available at the UK River Island Online store.

Props to Rich for spotting these.