Subscribe to ONM, Get Sonic Slot Car Racing Or M&S Olympics


Remember that “meh” slot car racing set that we showed you last month?  Well, now you don’t have to pay for it.  Among the latest subscription offers for Official Nintendo Magazine, one of them is the Sonic & Tails tabletop racing set, complete with FOUR FOOT OF ACTION.

This fantastic collector’s edition racing set is an ideal way to pass the time after a heavy gaming session. Can Tails actually beat Sonic in a race? There is only one way to find out and that is to subscribe to Official Nintendo Magazine, bag yourself this awesome gift and save an impressive 20% off the cover price as well! (Requires 4xAA batteries that aren’t included – sorry)

Key errors in that statement: “fantastic” and “ideal.”  But hey, it’s free now, I guess.  Subscriptions to ONM with these promotional offers cost £10.37 for every three months.  Gift alternatives to the slot car racing set include Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the DS (uh… wow, awesome), Guiness Book of World Records for the DS (the only item worse than the slot car racing), a 2 GB SD gaming card, or a Wii courier bag.  I don’t know why the racing set is the “premiere” item to subscribe.  You can actually play M&S Olympiad for more than 15 minutes.


Subscribe to Official Nintendo Magazine and get free stuff already.

More All-Stars Racing Toys: RC & Slot Cars Coming

Toy company NKOK has acquired the rights to SEGA characters through a licensing agreement with SEGA of America.  The company will use their new gain to produce a line of RC cars and slot car racing sets based on the upcoming Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. President of NKOK comments:

“Sega has had a wonderful history of introducing exciting brands and characters to gaming audiences around the world. With the release of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing we’re extremely excited to bring these evergreen characters to life through our product offering,”

NKOK currently plans to release products in North America around the game’s launch in early 2010.

[Via Playthings]

Mildly Amusing Sonic Slot Car Racing


The dudes over at Emerald Coast have a review up of the latest Sonic merchandise from Impact Innovations, “The Super Sonic Racing System.”  Impact Innovations’ products have been featured on this site before, as they have been responsible for some sweet backpacks and plushes over the past year.  Is “FOUR FOOT OF ACTION” enough for your £10?  Emerald Coast says “not really.”

Once the nostalgia of the classic figures wears off, this slot car set is pretty unremarkable due to its short track length, slow speed, and technical issues (such as Sonic’s car always flying off the track).  Emerald Coast strictly recommends this set to be for the kids and the hardcore collectors.

[via Emerald Coast]