Naganuma Monday: Mash-Ups R What U Need

As Jet Set Radio will see its first release onto the digital marketplace in a few short days (PSN+ users, you lucky gits), this week’s Mash-Up Monday is entirely dedicated to the man responsible behind most of JSR‘s delicious soundtrack. You may also recognize his work in Sonic Rush as well!

Yes, this week, we’ll be looking into mash-ups involving the music of the one and only Hideki Naganuma! We got a total of five mash-ups to celebrate his work!

First up is a mash-up by Seenik09, comprised of Naganuma’s Teknopathic from Jet Set Radio Future and something I’m sure you all miss dearly.

Put your slam jams together for SlamnoJamthetic!


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Slam-Up Jamday 3 & Knuckles

Because there’s no such thing as Adventure 3.

Good afternoon, do-gooders! Today is Monday, and you all know what that means! It’s time for some more mash-ups! And not just any kind of mash-ups, no! Hope you’ve had some on your toast this morning, because if you haven’t, get ready to be blasted with a hefty dose of slam jam!

For today’s Slam-Up Jamday, Slamnic and Miles “Jam” Prower explore the depths of Angel Jamland’s Slam-o-City Zone before tackling the Balloon Slam, found after the jump. Get your Jamnesis ready!

…kinda disappointed that there’s no Ice Jam Zone out there.


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Slam-Up Jamday: Adventure 2

Because “Act 1” didn’t sound epic enough.

Hello readers, and welcome back to a special second edition of Slam-Up Jamday! If the rumours circulating around SASASR2 don’t add your needed slam jam on your morning toast, then this surely will!

Like its predecessor, this week’s Mash-Up Monday brings you another batch of Sonic music mashed up with Quad City DJs’ infamous  “Space Jam”, the main theme for the movie bearing the same name. As you may have guessed, we’re looking at a couple of slam-ups with famous tunes from Sonic Adventure 2!

With that out of the way, dust off your SEGA Jamcast as we continue to follow the adventures of Slamnic the Hedgehog and friends!

Now, back to adventure! *badum-TSH*

The Lost Slam Colony!


If you’re still itching for an extra jam, catch “Live and Slam” after the jump!

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