Sonic Generations Sponsoring The Simpsons, Brief New Gameplay Footage


SEGA has launched a new sponsorship deal with UK TV network Sky and popular animated comedy The Simpsons to promote Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary game Sonic Generations over the next 3 months. This new marketing push started two days ago and will end December 31st 2011.

The first episodes of The Simpsons featuring the Sonic Generations sponsorship aired yesterday and courtesy of YouTube user poppitzman, we have two video clips of the coinciding Sonic Generations ads. The first video (above) contains some new gameplay footage, including a portion of Modern Sonic’s Rooftop Run stage that sees him running up the clock tower from the original level in Sonic Unleashed.

The second clip (below) just shows Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic posing.

Source: Sonic Wrecks

Thanks to YouTube user poppitzman for recording the footage and to SSMB members Dr Spudhead and Shockhog for the heads up!

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