Big, Silver & Cream Added to Sonic Runners

Sega have been on a bit of a streak with their support of Sonic Runners since the game launched worldwide. New content and events have been a monthly occurrence, in fact, Sega have just added three new characters to Sonic Runners which you can actually buy through the character select screen as opposed to gambling via roulette wheel.

sonicrunnersbigsilvercreamBig the Cat, Cream and Silver have been added to the game, however they come with some very unique abilities.

For starters, fans have already dubbed these characters easy mode, due to the fact that they cut the speed of the game by 10% if you use a single character, or 19% if you use two. However, as a consequence, they also cut your score by either 50% or 75% depending if you use two or not.

Sega have said these are designed for new players who may not be used to the high speed sections in the game. However, those new players will have to spend money in order to get them. Each of these characters costs 250 red star rings to unlock, or 5 million golden rings.

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