More New M&SATOWG Screens, Silver Confirmed

Some more new screenshots of both the Wii and DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games have appeared from E3 on Sonic fansite Planete Sonic. The most interesting of the screens is the above screenshot(click to go large) of Tails skiing in what looks like one of the Dream Events but what is so interesting you ask? Eagle eyed SSMB Member speedfreak has pointed out a Silver The Hedgehog icon flag among the other character icon flags in the background confirming him to be a playable character in this game.

Silver was discovered to be a playable character in the Wii version of the last game at one point in development when leftover data was discovered in the final game so it’s no surprise they would add him in to this title. We’ll keep an eye open for any further media/info on this game as it happens.

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