[UPDATED!] Get even more DLC for your Deadly Six Edition!

shoptodlclostworldSonic Lost World is the game that just keeps on giving! On top of what looks to be a title already packed with content, we also have the Deadly Six Edition for Wii U containing DLC inspired by NiGHTS into Dreams… and now, thanks to UK retailer ShopTo, it looks like we have even more extra goodies to look forward to as well!

ShopTo recently made the below announcement on their Facebook page:

Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition on WiiU now comes with another 2 DLC codes!

The first one includes 5 Black Bombs Colour Powers to devastate your enemies five times over. The second includes a Rare Omochao RC Gadget, a chao-tastic way to help out Sonic. This title already comes with the NiGHTMARE DLC pack, which contains an extra level with enemies inspired by the Sega Saturn classic NiGHTS into Dreams, meaning you’ll get 3 DLC codes in total!

So, on top of NiGHTS-themed boss battles, we also have a golden Omochao RC and five uses of the Black Bomb Wisp to download on release day. You can pre-order Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Edition at ShopTo for £32.86 by clicking here.

Thanks to SSMB member Phil Collins for pointing this out!

UPDATE: US retailer GameStop are also offering a similar bonus DLC offer, however there is no mention of the Black Bomb Wisp and it advertises an Omochao inspired by Sonic himself rather than the golden one ShopTo are giving away. Looks like there’s some region-exclusive DLC being distributed! Thanks to SSMB member Sonic CD for the heads up!


UPDATE #2: Hot off the press… there’s yet another pre-order bonus if you get the game from a different retailer, in this case Amazon.com! This one’s a little less exciting though – 25 extra lives. Still, a free bonus is a bonus, and you never know when some 1-ups might come in handy!


ShopTo & 365Games Now Listing Sonic Generations CE, More Gameplay Clips

UPDATE: ShopTo.net has now sold out of the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition on both platforms.

Two more UK retailers are now listing the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition on their websites. ShopTo.net is now taking pre-orders for both versions at £97.85 each, while 365Games.co.uk is listing it, but hasn’t opened pre-orders just yet. If you leave your e-mail address with the latter, they’ll let you know when pre-orders open up.

Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): £97.85
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): £97.85

ShopTo.net ships worldwide.

Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3)

365Games.co.uk ships worldwide, with free delivery offered to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to jennytablina at the SSMB for the heads up on ShopTo!


In other news, we have some more brief gameplay footage from Sonic Generations‘ UK sponsorship campaign with The Simpsons and Sky, including clips of Modern Sonic’s Seaside Hill stage and Classic Sonic’s Rooftop Run stage.

Thanks to KrazyBean14 at the SSMB for recording the footage!

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Pre-order ASR Wii @ ShopTo & Get ASR Wii Wheel

ShopTo.net have uploaded a new picture to their Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Wii version product page. The new picture contains the game and what look’s like a Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing themed Wii Wheel peripheral. The peripheral has the game’s logo and SEGA’s logo making it look pretty official.

No info is given on the product page about the peripheral so there’s no telling wether this comes as standard, wether it’s a ShopTo exclusive or not or even wether it’s for pre-orders only.

Least the price hasn’t gone up and there’s no seperate listing for this bundle so we can at least guess that this peripheral is a free gift. We’ve had a look around many other retailers websites and can’t see this peripheral so for now at least it’s a ShopTo exclusive but it wouldn’t be surprising if the wheel comes as standard like with many racing games on Wii such as Mario Kart Wii and F1 2009.

Source: ShopTo.net

Thanks to Hero of Legend for the higher res pic.

ShopTo Wants Banjo-Kazooie In Wii ASR

ShopTo.net don’t seem very pleased with the recent announcement of Banjo-Kazooie being an Xbox 360 exclusive, they’d rather the bear and bird come back to the Nintendo side and be included in the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. The site has even left the Xbox 360 box art blank compared to the other 3 box arts out of protest.

But seriously how did they make an error like that with the box arts?

Seems ShopTo have fixed the error now but it was still funny none the less.
Xbox 360