Freak-Out Friday: ParadoxPowerPlays Syobon Action with ShadowRemix

This particular Freak-Out Friday was a long time coming.

Syobon Action, also known as Cat Mario or Neko Mario, is a notoriously difficult platformer which parodies the original Super Mario Bros from the NES era. It’s cheap in the worst possible manner, it plays dirty, it betrays every convention of the platforming genre…

…and it makes for awesome cases of schadenfreude. One brilliant example right from the community!

Cue the folks at ParadoxPowerPlays, who have decided to tackle this unholy monster! ShadowRemix (from SS:R’s radio affiliate SonicRadio) takes on the many abominations littered throughout the game, as CelestOrion, SSF1991, and Cosmic_Eternity poke fun at his every failure for Rage Night – Syobon Action!



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Freak-Out Friday: S3&K.exe with ParadoxPowerPlays

We’ve had a few Sonic oddballs brought to us by ParadoxPowerPlays (Sonic Paradox’s gaming channel) for Freak-Out Friday. With the Kaizo Trap CelestOrion accidentally set upon himself in Metropolis Zone to playing All Blanks Racing Transformed, the fun doesn’t end there!

The gang recently attempted another playthrough of Sonic 3 & Knuckles… but accidentally got the game running with CPU at 100% usage. Complete with commentary and messed up sound beyond belief, we’ve got the first two parts for your viewing pleasure right here! Watch as CelestOrion, Cosmic_Eternity, WhiteSonic, Dr. Mack Foxx, SSF1991, ShadowRemix, Recorderdude and Duskye tackle the perils of Devil Island for this week’s Freak-Out Friday!



You can check out the rest of the ongoing Let’s Play (along with a regular S3&K run) in this playlist.

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