20 Years of TSS: Twelve Ways We Were More Than Just a Website

It’s true that for the last two decades, we’ve been on top of the latest and greatest Sonic the Hedgehog news. But I wanted The Sonic Stadium to be more than just an information resource. My goal has been to create meaningful contributions to expand and enrich the online Sonic community. Which is why you might remember Sonic Stadium just as much for its list of wacky projects as you might for news and opinion.

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SONIC NEWS: Coming Soon

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates in a month or so. Things are kinda slow on the Sonic front anyway, save for the NOM Yuji Naka Interview that everyone at GameSpot seemed to misinterpret (apparently NiGHTS 2 and Burning Rangers 2 was in development). The SSMB was the first place to check this out and completely debunk those rumours, as it appears Naka-san actually said nothing of the sort at all. Oh, you crazy kids. Head to the SSMB for more mature Sonic discussion and lovin’.

On another note, work on TSS “Interactive” (the codename I apparently seemed to have given the project) is well underway, but work’s stalled a bit to focus on more important things. Namely, the re-launch of SONIC NEWS, one of the best resources for the latest Sonic Team news. A team of reporters will now be on the case to bring you the latest of Sonic around the world, in the stead of pioneer Sonic_Hedgehogs. We’re working on the new SN mini-site, and should have a full relaunch within a week or so. I know, crazy innit. Of course, we will let you know closer to the time.

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SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Ultimate Rehaul (or perhaps, Restart)

Now, as many of you know, Sonic Ultimate is my main Shadow Team project, but as many of you also know, it’s the buggiest ST project in production. Now, I’m sure many of you have noticed I’ve been modding alot, and spriting alot over the last two months, combine that with the fact that I am a very lazy person, and you can prolly guess what SU has been doing since March. Thats right, sitting. Well, recently due to some problems with my internet I tried to pick up work on it, getting into it though, with a clear head, I realized, that it was going to be alot more work then it was truely, truely worth.

Realizing that I could get much better results through restarting, I sent an E mail to Roareye saying basically what I have just said. He also thinks that restarting that project would be much better then trying to fix every bug. I could prolly, through alot of work, correct the current version of Sonic Ultimate, but it’s a giant mess. Every time I’d patch something, another bug would come out of it, regardless of the amount of work put in. Continue reading SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Ultimate Rehaul (or perhaps, Restart)

SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Boom Racing, New Shadow Team Project

I’ve set myself a bit of a task but nothing too big considering the free time I have. As you all know, SAGE is coming up and I know you’re all probably going to be dribbling over Sonic the Fighters 2 and wanting to know what else has happened since you last got your grubby mitts on a copy. Well, that’ll all be shown on the day, since Sonic the Fighters 2 is mainly Anarchy Rat’s game as he does all the excellent programming.

However, Shadow Team doesn’t wish to put all it’s eggs in one basket. As you know, from ST:UK there are four members – Anarchy Rat, Dreadknux, CyberBlade and me. Since Anarchy Rat’s been working hard on STF2 you’re probably wondering where the rest of us have been? Continue reading SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Boom Racing, New Shadow Team Project

You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^

Hands up those who thought the old ZX Spectrum was dead? Oh, a lot of hands there. Well, I don’t blame you. But, thanks to some talented guys online, Sonic is set to hit the classic 1980’s UK micro computer! No lie. Of course, it’s not SEGA, but rather some groovy Spectrum enthusiasts giving a go of porting Sonic 1 (the 8-Bit Master System/Game Gear version) onto the Speccy. Click here to check out Sonic ZX, and thanks to Psychobob for finding this webpage. As well as looking to the future of console gaming, it seems Sonic is also speeding backwards through time too.

Aside from that surprising but cool news, this is a pretty boring period for us Sonic fans isn’t it? I mean, at least the Americans got Sonic Advance 3 a few weeks back. PSO III: CARD Revolution is out now in stores, but only in GAME stores (bunch of butchers… gimme a freckin’ job!), so until the 25th June (Sonic Advance 3’s UK release) we’re just sitting on our thumbs here for something Sonic-y. Continue reading You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^


Yeah, as it stands at this moment, I’m redesigning Eggman Tug as an engine overhaul, however I’m hoping to add some new characters and such soon.

First of all, this engine has been rebuilt from scratch so that I can avoid any glitches present in the original. It’s still quite early (I’ve only been working on it for two days) but the two player (including character and level select) works and the animations are flowing well. The only problem is that some characters are out of sync (since they require a different rope I’ve not yet implemented) and that they’re only the right height on Eggman’s level (as I’ve merged all the levels into one, same with all the menu’s being one level). Continue reading SHADOWTEAM: Eggman Tug

Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE is less than a month away, and we’re giving you the exclusive details on a new Fan Game developer who will be rearing it’s head among the entire Online Sonic Community. Labelled Shadow Team, regular visitors of TSS will know them as the home-grown antics of Roareye, Anarchy Rat and Dreadknux (Click HERE to visit the website), but this will be their first real appearance onto the public.

Their first game, Sonic Avalanche, met with a very good reception at Sonic Fan Games HQ, but with SAGE hopefully shedding of it’s niche audience, Shadow Team and other Fan Game teams will be able to get more recognition for their work. Continue reading Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE 2003 Registration

Yes, SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) is coming up fast once again, and entries are being accepted by Perfect Chaos Zero until the 24th August!

For those that do not yet know what SAGE is, we can’t really blame you. SAGE is a showcase of everyone’s Fan Games, much like what E3 does for professional video games. It pops up twice a year, and the first opening in 2000/2001 caused a huge reaction within the Online Sonic Community. Thank Blaze Hedgehog for that.

But as time went on, interest for the event waned, as the event slowly became more and more the property of popular site Sonic Fan Games HQ. The last Sonic Amateur Game Expos have been alright, but didn’t really catch mainstream like it used to – only people who visited SFGHQ on a regular basis showed their items. Continue reading SAGE 2003 Registration

Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Race Against Time… and UCAS is not helping!

God dammit! This month is being SO stressful to me, both for the website, and in Real Life. The irony is, is that the stress I’m getting in RL is completely unnecessary! Take my college. I’m trying to get into University for next year, and therefore must fill in an admission form and have it sent to an organisation called ‘UCAS’. The College I am at now has a Student Support section, a part of which specialises in helping students with their UCAS forms… Hah. Hah hah bloody ha ha.

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