Check Out the New “Flooded Capital” in Sonic Fusion


More fangame action flyin’ at ya!

We’ve covered Sonic Fusion (by Felik of SFGHQ) here at TSS before and it has been better with each demo.  We haven’t played anything since the demo at SAGE 2009 in July, but this video is more than good enough.  On display here is “Flooded Capital Zone,” a lost empire submerged underwater, complete with ancient Greek/Roman architecture.

The level design is incredibly well thought-out and creative.  It bears a striking play-style to that of Marble Zone, except with a bit more bells and whistles.  Have I mentioned the graphics yet?  I haven’t?  Oh, uh… well… they’re THE BEST.  Rarely do you see custom graphics for an Advance-style fangame, so I’m thoroughly impressed.

Nostalgia Trippin’


A resident member of the SFGHQ forums, my buddy Cstyler showed up on Monday with a pleasant and awesome surprise.  He has created these images of the old Genesis levels with a pseudo-3D viewpoint.  Each aspect of a level’s background is twisted and skewed to create a new, yet trippy, perspective.  In short, they’re epic.

These images have become an instant hit and I thought that I’d share them with the rest of you.  If you have a standard 4:3 monitor, they make a great desktop wallpaper (they’re not quite to scale, but they’re close enough). Spring Yard, pictured above, is especially epic.  Check out the entire gallery of these new look classics past the jump:

Continue reading Nostalgia Trippin’

Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2009 Now Open!

sage_inviteThe 2009 Sonic Amateur Games Expo is celebrating its 14th showing and does not disappoint yet again with 40+ fangames for you to play.  InstantSonic, KTZ, and the members of Sonic Fan Games HQ have been working for months to put this annual event on for all of you, so head on over there and have some fun!

Aside from the fangames, there are many cool events to check out.  The SAGE chat room is always happenin’ and ridiculous.  An awesome chat client is provided on the site, but can be accessed through programs like mIRC (, #sagexpo).  In the chat room, you will be able to talk to Mike Pollock, the voice of Doctor Eggman, and Tom Payne, the level artist for Sonic 2.  Check the “Events” tab to see when they pop in the chat room.

Also, the ever-entertaining SAGEcasts are broadcast from a flash player on the site.  Sonic community members from all over will be broadcasting their music, thoughts, and sketches throughout the week.

The biggest online Sonic community event is waiting for you to come on over and enjoy yourself!  It runs from July 25th through the 31st.


Exclusive: 14th Annual Sonic Amateur Games Expo DATED!

A long-standing community tradition run by Sonic Fan Games HQ, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo is an online showcase of the dozens of Sonic fan projects in the works.  This year’s event will be run by community oldbie, InstantSonic, along with KTZ.  The show will be a week-long celebration from July 25th through the 31st. With the show a little over three months away, that gives prospective participators enough time to whip up a project and a booth (website).

Submit all booth registrations to, along with a game demo to be displayed in a SAGE Attraction video.

Submit all SAGEcast radio show concepts to If you DO NOT send InstantSonic a concept of what your show will be called and what it will be about, you will not be able to broadcast. Also, try to limit all broadcasts to 30 minutes to an hour.

The show will feature regulars like Sonic: The Fated Hour, Sonic Nexus, Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates, Sonic Nebulous, and much more!  I am truly optimistic for this year’s show.

Read up on the last few years of the expo at Sonic Retro’s Wiki. Ah, 2007… so many memories for me as director…

Sonic Stadium is your place for all kinds of positive, community happenings.  Stick with us and you’ll find more fun things to do with that blue hedgehog who happens to run fast.

Make Your Own Fangame with a New Build of Sonic Worlds

We have a community project over at Sonic Fan Games HQ that’s not a fangame, but rather, the essential tools for you to create your own.  Yeah, it’s something manageable and not a community game, which never see development past the first stage (if even that far).  Making an engine is one of the most tedious parts of the game creation process, especially with a Sonic game, so Worlds provides a pre-made engine with a basic set of objects and features in order to allow designers to mainly focus on level design. Due the collaborative nature of this project, everyone can freely use this pre-made engine, modify it and submit additions to the official releases to enhance the quality of the engine.  The engine is created in the Multimedia Fusion 2 software.

The engine has been used a countless number of times since its initial release in mid-2007.  It was debuted alongside the release of Sonic Nexus’ second demo at the 2007 Sonic Amateur Games Expo.  The engine has become incredibly popular for fangamers and you can see many YouTube videos whoring it out.  Yeah, the downside to a engine completed for the public is that there’s only about one good project for every dozen or so.  Still, when you get a good project, it is good.

Here is the entire list of improvements, with authors cited, to Sonic Worlds:

Ceiling Landing – If Sonic hits a curved ceiling at a high enough speed, he’ll “land” on it and continue run on it. (Damizean)
Peel Out – This has been set so only sonic can do this action (look in Actions [10] Peel Out) (APPO)
A save point – This saves all the data such as ring count, what shield you had etc.. so that at the beginning of the app if you press continue all of this will be loaded (AZU)
Checkpoints – Not the same as a save point as this only places sonic at the last checkpoint you ran through and doesn’t hold ring count, or what shied you had, just position (APPO)
Protection shield – Sonic can be hit a number of times before loosing his rings (AZU)
Magnetic shield – Rings are attracted to sonic when in frame also sonic does an extra jump if you press jump in the air again (NITEMARE & APPO)
Flame shield – Makes sonic immune to fire and also allows sonic to do a little dash forward if you press jump again while in the air (APPO)
Water shield – Stops sonic from drowning and does that bounce thing if you press jump again in the air (APPO)
Boost pads – gives sonic a boost as he runs over them (APPO)
Water slides – sonic slides down them (APPO)
Drowning – If sonic is underwater for to long the music will change and a warning will flash above sonic if he doesn’t manage to get air, sonic will drown (APPO)
Air bubbles (under water) – Gives sonic air if he’s drowning (APPO)
Water run – the ability to run on water at a fast speed (AZU & APPO)
Breakable Rockswall – When jumped on or rolled into destroy and produce

I hope you fangamers create a nice, solid product out of what is provided for you.  Study how these gimmicks and badniks are programmed so that you can create your own, thus making your game more original!

Click here to get the .mfa file of the latest Sonic Worlds build!

EDIT: Link updated to a site that didn’t exceed bandwidth!

Fanatics: A New Take on the Special Stage

Today’s featured fan-work is the winner of the mini-game contest over at Sonic Fan Games HQ.  LarkSS made this special stage without even thinking that he would win, but he ended up running away with the entire thing.  The stage’s premise is to get from point A to point B without falling into the bottomless pit below.  There’s a strict time limit, so collect the blue spheres scattered across the stage to gain boost energy.  Here’s Lark’s record setting run through his stage:

The minigame has a sweet, 80s vector look that I absolutely love.  It’s like colorful version of Metal Gear Solid’s VR Missions.

Download the special stage in normal resolution. (7z file)

Download with high resolution (recommended). (ZIP file)

Z is jump and X is boost.

Fanatics: True Chaotix

Don’t you tell me that this isn’t cool!  SFGHQ member, Ironrind, posted this yesterday in the General Fangame Discussion forum and I j’d in my p.  He explains his concept:

This is still an early protype, but the idea is that each act is broken up into three ‘tracks’. Scattered throughout each track will be buttons, switches, doors and various types of gimmicks which link all tracks together. I plan to design most of this game in a team-based fashion simular to Knuckles Chaotix.

Visit the True Chaotix thread.

Fanatics: Game Gear Fangame Action!

January 8th’s 9th’s  featured player is my main man, Amesuki, and his glorious return to the fangaming scene. He has returned to shed some light on new details of his fangame, Sonic Chase, formerly known as Sonic Mayhem 2. Sonic Chase is an 8-bit, Game Gear adventure, something that is rarely seen in the fangaming scene. Did I mention that there’s a demo?

Amesuki is planning on making a staggering 25 zones for Sonic Chase. A number that is down from his originally planned 35, but it’s still a feat nonetheless. He is also trucking along in order to finish this game in time for SAGE 2009. He might be the only person there with a finished game!

Hit the break for a gameplay video of Mechanic Coil, Act 1. Continue reading Fanatics: Game Gear Fangame Action!

Mecha Madness fangame releases new demo

Mecha Madness, a well-off Sonic fangame by Streak Thunderstorm, has a new demo for everybody to play. Check out the bitchin’ gameplay in a video that Streak has provided for TSS above.

Mecha Madness differentiated itself from the pack with its “metal” (like the music) feel, widescreen presentation, emphasis on fighting with a combo system, and stunning backgrounds. This new demo presents improved framerate (for some computers), new visual effects, a new boss AI engine for multiple movement routines, and the release of the full combo level. The full combo level’s release will allow players to try out the extended combo system, making Sonic more destructive than he was in the past demo.


Win $20 worth of PSN/XB/Wii Points at SFGHQ

Sonic Fan Games HQ is having its third annual “Sonic Minigame Contest” and is offering a sweet grand prize this time around.  The winner of this year’s contest can choose from either $20 at the PlayStation Network, 1600 Microsoft Points, or 2000 Wii *ahem* I mean…Nintendo Points.  Check out these rules, straight from the source:

  1. Contestant submits one Sonic themed minigame for the contest.
  2. Minigame is defined by a shorter game with simple mechanics, typically inserted into a game to add brief bits of variety.
  3. Sonic examples include snowboarding, the star post bonus stages from Sonic 3&K, or ANY special stage.
  4. Entry may be made using any format as long as it runs on my (or a Judge’s) PC without having to buy anything.
  5. 3 Judges picked from all over the Sonic community.
  6. Open to anyone, but an SFGHQ forum account would be nice.
  7. Prize will be one of the following based on the winner’s choice: $20.00 PSN Card OR 1600 Microsoft Points OR 2000 Wii Points. If winner is unable to use any prize, sorry. If less than 5 entries, the prize will be substituted for something else.
  8. Due to Gmail’s file restrictions, entries will be submitted by yousendit. Optionally AIM file transfer may be used, or just e-mail with a URL. e-mail is ilascottATgmailDOTcom.
  9. Entries due by Noon, December 1, 2008.

That’s right, guys!  Any format!  That means it can be made in flash, Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion, Game Maker, C, anything!  Hop to it, because the contest ends in a month!

Play Sonic Nexus

Yeah, the demo is here. Once we missed SAGE, we took our dear sweet time, but now it is here to make your Labor Day even more awesome. You can play two acts of Sunset Shore and that’s about it. However, the level is sprawling with branching paths, so it warrants a few playthroughs for you to see everything. Nexus truly illustrates what a person can do in the brand new Retro-Sonic interface, so we hope it is a clear too you indication that this summer was a long, time-consuming process on making a brand new iteration of the engine. We also felt that we should take our time in creating our ideal product, as a hasty release definitely will piss people off (see: ProSonic). It was time well spent.

Secondly, you can record your best time with screen capture software and upload it to YouTube for a chance win $15. Yes! All you have to do is post your time attack run as a video response to the contest “hub” video, WHICH IS RIGHT HERE!

Finally, I encourage everybody to read our Nexus website and development blog, as the team and I will be updating it frequently, Smash Bros. Dojo style! You’ll see new screenshots, features, gameplay videos, and updates at least once a week, if not more. New music will be added to the on-site player periodically, as well. The community has always been left in the dark when it comes to Nexus’ development, as I only have been shedding light on details around SAGE time, but now, you can read about it year round. The website is essentially the game’s manual, so it will have all the goods. The first feature on the site is “Meet That Badnik,” where we go in-depth on one of Robotnik’s mechanical mercenaries. You can expect articles of similar quality coming down the pipe.

So, without further adieu…


SAGE 08: Sonic Frenzy Adventure

Sonic Frenzy Adventure is one of those games that started a long long time ago and was never quite finished. Unlike most projects which ended up being canned though, SFA has stuck with it and is here to prove that ambitious fangames can be seen through from beginning to end. The question is though, is it still relevant in today’s fangaming scene, with Sonic Nexus and Retro Sonic ushering us into a new, exciting era of the hobby?

What it does, it does pretty well and in an entertaining fashion. You’re not going to walk away from the latest Frenzy Adventure demo thinking it’s a poor excuse for a fangame. Clearly a lot of detail and attention has gone into this game so far, with a stonking 16 Zones promised plus a Chao raising minigame. The presentation for each Zone is impressive, and BlueFrenzy has thrown some good gimmicks and ideas into each one. Continue reading SAGE 08: Sonic Frenzy Adventure

SAGE ’08: Sonic – Time Twisted

Time Twisted and I have a history together. The game debuted during the same SAGE as my project and we have made an appearance at the show for three years running now. It is always a good sight to see that a project is still alive. Secondly, we both chose the path of emulating Sonic CD, which is a plus, in my book. It remains a highlight of the show for anybody looking for a demo with more content than most (three zones here, broskis). Nonetheless, personally, I am gradually more and more disappointed with each subsequent release.

When it came down to gameplay, the physics are similar to Sonic Panic, in that they are manageable and are not intrusive to the action. A much needed improvement that I noticed this year was the beefed-up spin-dash. It only takes one touch of the space bar to power up Sonic to full speed and that is a godsend, in my opinion. The core gameplay experience does not twist the fun, but there are a few questionable gameplay choices that will. For example, ring loss is, apparently, absent. Sure, it happens, but I cannot collect any rings. None.

Time Twisted, as stated earlier, takes after Sonic CD and its time travel element. In previous years, I did not think there was a reason for the time travel, as Overbound, the creator, might not have thought of a purpose for it at the time. That said, now that development is three years in, there should be a reason why I should even bother going back to the past. I had to destroy something in the past levels of Sonic CD, so there was a reward for keeping my speed up in the present. Here, I am simply unmotivated to brave the journey through time. Time Twisted treats this feature like a novelty and it feels phoned in for the sake of having time travel while other fangames do not. Continue reading SAGE ’08: Sonic – Time Twisted

SAGE 2008 Interview: Richard Jacques

SAGE director, Shadix, and I got to interview Richard Jacques during SAGE and we had an extensive discussion on his favorites, creative process, and various other thoughts. The interview takes about a minute to get into it, as there’s a strange hiss for a bit, but yes, there is an interview after that noise. Also, whenever a caller-hangs up, there’s a bit of dead air. Technical difficulties, ya know.


Also, reminder! At 9 PM EST on Thursday, August 20th (which would be today), Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr. Eggman, will be in the chat channel to field questions and on the air to host a gameshow! It’s a can’t miss event!

[SAGE ’08 Review] Review Round-Up #1

There are always short demos on the show floor, so I’m combining them into one post here. Today, I’ll be reviewing a few of the lesser known titles at the show, in order to give them some exposure. The bigger games you already know about and will be getting larger reviews, like Fated Hour, later this year. I’m holding those off, as they always update with bug fixes and stuff throughout the expo.

The following, arbitrary scoring system will be used for these review round-ups:

  • Sucks: Avoid at all costs
  • Kinda Sucks: You might like it, but probably not
  • Meh: Doesn’t suck, but isn’t cool either
  • Interesting: Worth your time
  • Way Past Cool: Must see!


Spike has had this game running for nearly 3 years now and this year, we get new content and a brand new name. Formerly named, “Sonic the Hedgehog 4,” Sonic Panic follows Sonic as he chases Robotnik across various galaxies and planets. The demo features the Planet Mech level of Rail Road, which is a Genesis revamp of Sunset Park from Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble on the Game Gear. I am a complete sucker for Game Gear levels, so I went into the demo with modest expectations.

First off, you will notice that the music is awful. The instrumentation is simply horrific and you will be cursing FL Studio for having such poor guitar samples. Once you get past that, your attention will be directed towards the “close, but not quite” physics of the game, which are decent enough. Jumping could use some improving and the spindash is extremely weak, but otherwise, the whole gameplay experience is serviceable and is hardly game-breaking in the slightest.

As a Genesis-styled game, the level design features branching paths and “awesome secret walkthough wall shit.” While it is nice to have many places to go, there is simply not much to do. The whole level is devoid of any activity, mostly due to the lack of badniks, as I only encountered a couple. There are a few industrial-themed gimmicks in there to tide you over in spots, however.

Augmenting the demo’s emptiness has to be the graphics. Essentially everything is black and any variety the foreground tries to offer is thrown out the window. There is the occasional yellow, construction stripe, but that is about it. The background is nice, with the sunset and all, but the black silhouettes of the towers in the background have no contrast to the foreground, thus adding to the black attack. Continue reading [SAGE ’08 Review] Review Round-Up #1



We invite any and all Sonic fans to come to the 13th iteration of this long-standing, Sonic community tradition, hosted by one of the community’s original sites, Sonic Fan Games HQ. Play the latest and greatest fan projects all in one place for one glorious week of celebrating not only Sonic the Hedgehog, but our community as well.

Please, hop right into the chat room, look at the schedule, and just read everything there is to read about the show! It’s going to be great!

A word of warning about certain booths: Sunday is usually the slowest day for the booths section, as dead links will be weeded out and some people will be putting up their demos throughout the day, due to time zone differences. Bear with that fact, because it happens every year. Come Monday, everybody should be ready to roll.

Be sure to check here for TSS Staff’s input on all the fangaming action!

With that said…


SAGE ’08: Previews, Mecha Madness Release, LeeBro

It must be that time of the year, being that the few days before SAGE are always filled with last minute hype videos for just about every project. I am well prepared to wait and let ’em all pile up, rather than flooding this here front page, devoting a single news post to a game’s preview video.

With one entire day before the show (which starts at 12 AM EST, by the way), SFGHQ members Aylingling, Nitemare, and Shadow5561 have released preview videos of their SAGE demos of Sonic Zenith, Super Mario Kingdoms, and Sonic Unleashed Advance, respectively. You can check them all out in the links below:

Check out Sonic Zenith in action!

Check out Super Mario Kingdoms in action!

Check out Sonic Unleashed Advance in action!

In other news, SFGHQ member, Streak Thunderstorm, has jumped the gun and has released the SAGE demo of Mecha Madness early. You can access his SAGE booth, which has the download to the demo, at the following link:

Mecha Madness’ SAGE ’08 Booth

One last thing to be on the look out for is the ever-updating schedule, because we have added two new guests to SAGE: Lee Brotherton and Eric Iwasaki, a developer from Naughty Dog studios (Crash Bandicoot series). Times have yet to be set in stone, but they are confirmed to be guests in the SAGE chat room. Special thanks goes out to SSMB member EXshad for annoying the living shit out of us until we got him into the chat room schedule.

When the show begins, we will have the entire front page staff reviewing all the games with playable builds. You read correctly, I will not be the only one doing SAGE reporting. Please check back throughout the week for more SAGE 2008 coverage (100% free of pretentiousness and the word “first”).

SAGE Booth Registration Extended to August 16th

I pretty much called this one.  Since everybody always works up until the last minute on their games, booths, or both, you can register your booth all the way up to the 16th of August, the last day before the show.  If you have already registered, but did not submit a link to your playable demo, you can re-register to make your booth a “featured booth.”

Remember, only booths with demos will be accepted as “featured booths,” getting bigger advertising than those without.  Another key point to remember is that if you are a banned member at Sonic Fan Games HQ, you are not allowed to enter SAGE under any circumstance.  If a member on your team happens to be a banned member, but you are not, you should probably consider kicking him out if you plan to register to what is to be the biggest SAGE of them all.  Finally, booths that have dead links on day 1 will be removed without notice.  That is all.

SAGE ’08 Extended Promo Video


This 3-minute video ran at the Summer of Sonic during the day, but if you didn’t go, catch a glimpse of Sonic Nexus’ new engine and animated cutscenes, the action of Sonic: Time Twisted, the beauty of Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates, and more!

Click here to watch the movie in high quality (and to comment and vote 5!)

Current SAGE Schedule released, confirms times and more


Pink slots are workshops, red slots are SAGEcasts, skin-tone (wtf color is that) slots are interviews in the chat room, and baby blue slots are concerts.  Other colors are just random events.

Well, now we can finally confirm the first SAGE workshop, as Chris Senn, the developer of Sonic X-Treme, has agreed to hold a workshop on game design on Monday, August 18th at 6 PM EST! His regular interview time in the SAGE chat room has been changed from the last post.  He is now appearing at 6 PM EST on Thursday, August 21st. Continue reading Current SAGE Schedule released, confirms times and more

Richard Jacques, Chris Senn, Live Concerts for SAGE

In addition to the last SAGE 2008 informational news update, posted here at TSS, SAGE director, Shadix, has released new information! The updated post includes updated photos of the games that were previously confirmed, as well as brand new confirmations:


  • Dlpha – A Sonic RPG based in the AoStH universe.


  • RICHARD JACQUES – the composer from Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R comes to chat with SAGE visitors. A time has yet to be determined.
  • CHRIS SENN – designer of Sonic X-Treme. A time has yet to be determined


  • LIVE CONCERTS – concerts will be airing over the SAGEcast channel! Three bands are confirmed: Riker Out (featuring Hunter Bridges, the composer of Sonic Nexus’ soundtrack), The Polites (headed by The Taxman, creator of Retro Sonic), and Dom (live requests and the all around Sonic jukebox).

Stay tuned for even more SAGE 2008 confirmations! A SAGE news thread has now appeared at TSS in the Sonic the Hedgehog forum as a sticky.  Check it out here!

SAGE, again, will take place on August 17th through the 24th at

Check out the SAGE 2008 news thread at Sonic Fan Games HQ.

Check it out at SSMB!

SAGE 2008 Teaser Surfaces on YouTube

The 2008 Sonic Amateur Game Expo, hosted by Sonic Fan Games HQ, is exactly one month away and to celebrate, TSS member Huepow00 is helping build excitement by releasing a teaser video.  The video also serves as a reminder for those who are thinking of entering to start working if you haven’t already, so get going people!  The show can never have enough projects!  Guests (most notably, Ryan Drummond, who is back for his second year) and events are being finalized and added as we speak, so it looks to be another stellar community event.

SAGE 2008 will start August 17th at 12 AM GMT.  Registration for booths will happen August 4th through the 8th.

Check out Huepow’s SAGE 2008 Teaser

Check out the SAGE 2008 Press Site

The Sonic Site Awards 2005 Launches

The Sonic Stadium’s annual awards ceremony, The Sonic Site Awards, has launched its website, with a brand new design and some promised new features. Official starting of the event will happen this Friday (15th July).

The event, which has grown to be one of the biggest attractions of the online Sonic world, will this year have its awards divided into categories. These categories neatly seperate the awards up so they are easier to take in, while providing more specialised ones. In association with Sonic Fan Games HQ and The Sonic Stadium’s close affiliation with the SAGE event, there is a “SFGHQ Category” that focuses on fangame commendation, for example. Continue reading The Sonic Site Awards 2005 Launches

SAGE 2005 Opens!

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo ( has kicked off once again, but is currently recovering from a server problem that occured during the first day.

SAGE had a big awareness level attached to it, through support from sites such as The Sonic Stadium and Sonic HQ. Fans United for SatAM and organiser “PerfectChaos0” organised a chatroom event featuring Ben Hurst, writer for the SatAM cartoon series. Continue reading SAGE 2005 Opens!

SAGE Seeking Workshops

The Sonic Fan Games HQ is gearing up the opening of it’s latest Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) event, and the organisers are currently setting up hosts for ‘Workshops’, a recent addition that debuted in the last show.

To further cater for and cover all aspects of the Sonic Fan Gaming community, the aim of the ‘Workshops’ is for experienced fangame creators to tutor others in a dedicated chatroom in real time, about certain elements of fangame creation that usually prove troublesome for the novice.

The ‘Workshops’ first arrived at the last SAGE event, but recieved little attention. TSS and SFGHQ hope that this time the feature will be more appreciated – by more novice fangamers attending for help, and more experienced people to host these chats.

Continue reading SAGE Seeking Workshops

Sonic Fan Games HQ Returns

Sonic Fan Games HQ administrator Smidge has reopened the SFGHQ site. The backend of the site has been improved, and a second site “skin” has been added.

In his returning update, Smidge affirmed that online games show the Sonic Amateur Games Expo is still planned for the week of July 3rd, and the SFGHQ is scheduled to return in time for it.

SFGHQ Starts Rebuilding

Smidge, who heads the Sonic FanGame HQ, recently updated the site with an explanation of what happened involving the hack threats.

In mid-March, the SFGHQ forum was hacked by an individual called Manickillaz, who proceeded to make themselves an administrator and mess up the forum. After this, they threatened to hack the SFGHQ Website unless they were made an op at the unofficial IRC chatroom #srb2. Later Smidge refused the deal and deleted the entire site himself.

In his new update, Smidge estimates that rebuilding of the SFGHQ site will be complete towards the end of April. Importantly, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) is still planned for July, with the forum’s return scheduled to be in time for it.

Sonic Fan Games HQ Shut Down

Sonic Fan Games HQ was shut down for reasons unconfirmed on Tuesday – whereas SFGHQ owners were unavailable for comment, the problem has been revealed by fans of the website.

Visit SFGHQ and a visitor is greeted with a page including the text: “For a ‘lose lose’ situation, it sure feels like I won…”. As dubious and confusing as it sounds, regular IRC #SRB2 Channel member Gerbilsoft (speaking to us yesterday at the TSS IRC Chatroom) has revealed to SONIC NEWS some information that may shed some light on the situation:

Smidge [the current maintainer of SFGHQ] took the site down… some guy threatened to hack it unless Smidge either gave him ops in #srb2 or made him a mod on SFGHQ and apparently Smidge decided to just take down the site.

Continue reading Sonic Fan Games HQ Shut Down

Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE is less than a month away, and we’re giving you the exclusive details on a new Fan Game developer who will be rearing it’s head among the entire Online Sonic Community. Labelled Shadow Team, regular visitors of TSS will know them as the home-grown antics of Roareye, Anarchy Rat and Dreadknux (Click HERE to visit the website), but this will be their first real appearance onto the public.

Their first game, Sonic Avalanche, met with a very good reception at Sonic Fan Games HQ, but with SAGE hopefully shedding of it’s niche audience, Shadow Team and other Fan Game teams will be able to get more recognition for their work. Continue reading Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE 2003 Registration

Yes, SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) is coming up fast once again, and entries are being accepted by Perfect Chaos Zero until the 24th August!

For those that do not yet know what SAGE is, we can’t really blame you. SAGE is a showcase of everyone’s Fan Games, much like what E3 does for professional video games. It pops up twice a year, and the first opening in 2000/2001 caused a huge reaction within the Online Sonic Community. Thank Blaze Hedgehog for that.

But as time went on, interest for the event waned, as the event slowly became more and more the property of popular site Sonic Fan Games HQ. The last Sonic Amateur Game Expos have been alright, but didn’t really catch mainstream like it used to – only people who visited SFGHQ on a regular basis showed their items. Continue reading SAGE 2003 Registration

Fate of ‘The Darkness 2′ in Fans’ Hands as Project Suffers Critical Setback

Bit of bad news on the fan gaming front, as Blaze Hedgehog has announced that the engine to his latest project has been permanently corrupted. This means that work on The Darkness 2 is indefinitely stalled – and the fan creator is asking the community what they would like him to do next.

Continue reading Fate of ‘The Darkness 2′ in Fans’ Hands as Project Suffers Critical Setback