The Sonic Hour Returns! Sunday 12th July 2009!

RSS CoverSEGASonic Radio will see the return of its flagship LiVECAST very soon! The Sonic Hour has been a weekly comedy podcast that covers the week’s events in Sonic the Hedgehog, with the presenters (Dreadknux and Roareye Black) generally getting off topic and talking about random things in the process.

The plan was to bring back TSH in time for Sonic the Hedgehog’s 18th birthday (which, given the show regularly broadcasts on a Sunday evening, would have made that tomorrow night) but there’s another birthday sitting in the way of proceedings. Svend’s very own one!

So while Dread celebrates his 24th birthday, you can relive classic episodes of The Sonic Hour with the brand new podcast feed! Click here to find the feed, or you can find the listing on iTunes (due to a technical hitch we have had to change the iTunes feed URL, so you may still be getting a 404 error if you subscribe that way. Should be fixed in a while).

TSH has been going for as long as SEGASonic Radio’s been doing live broadcasts, so we’re periodically adding episodes over the next week. You can already catch the entirety of Series 1 and 3, with Series 4 being populated and the elusive, rare Series 2 coming very soon. The SSR website will also be getting updated soon with a page dedicated to TSH and all it stands for – keep an eye on SSR’s website for details.

Series 5 will begin on SEGASonic Radio, on Sunday 12th July 2009 at 6pm BST (11am US Pacific time). Make sure you keep the date booked for listening to our live feed, and visit our live IRC chatroom at to chat while we relaunch the LiVECAST! See you then!