Production of Sonic Movie 2, Codename ‘Emerald Hill’, to Start in March 2021

We now have the first concrete details of the Sonic Movie sequel’s active production, after Paramount confirmed in May that it was being worked on. According to newly-filed documents with a Canadian film board, Sonic Movie 2 – codenamed ‘Emerald Hill’ – will start production from March 2021.

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RUMOUR: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2 to Feature Green Hill & Casino Night Tracks?

In January we brought you word of a possible Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel, then earlier this month Kotaku also heard about it at a Toy Fair in New York where toys based on the game were on show. Well, it appears those toys were also on private show at the London Toy Fair in January and are from the same toy range Meccano announced that month.

Toyworld Magazine reports that Meccano’s Sonic toy collection features Sonic and Knuckles alongside their respective vehicles from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with Green Hill Zone and Casino Night Zone added value play-sets also revealed to be on the way. Could this mean that these two levels will be included as tracks in the game’s sequel? SEGA often tie-in merchandise with their games to maximise sales, so it would be odd for them to not continue that trend.

Meccano’s Sonic the Hedgehog collection includes Sonic and Speedstar and Knuckles and Landbreaker, plus a range of added value play-sets; Sonic and Ramp Green Hill Play-set and Sonic and Casino Night Environment Play-set.

Source: Toyworld Magazine

Thanks to Hogfather at the SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sequel Confirmed at New York Toy Fair?

Following our exclusive report last month, Kotaku has heard from a representative at the New York Toy Fair 2012 today that a sequel to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is in development. The sequel is to be released this Christmas holiday season and will include new characters and vehicles that will be revealed later this year. Kotaku says toys based on the franchise are on display at the Toy Fair, but no photographs have been provided.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Source: Kotaku

Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up!

[UPDATE: Comment From Sumo]Rumor: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Getting A Sequel?

Sumo Digital representative SumoRex at the SEGA Forums has made a couple of posts in a topic there regarding this rumor.

lol …youz guys!
It’s true we *are doing a sequel. No! no! Wait …don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m kidding.
Or am I?
I definitely am.
or is that the lie?
or this?

Rumours totally crack me up! lol

Official line:
“I can neither confirm nor deny the existance (nor absence) of the truth or a lie in the above statement”

Is that clear enough for you? If that doesn’t stop these pesky rumours one way or the other nothing will!



According to the above 18th Feb 2010 report from WatchMojo Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is getting a sequel and that’s not all, they say SEGA have hinted they are saving characters from other games in their library for this sequel. WatchMojo also say SEGA Miles are also used to unlock artwork in the game which as you know is nowhere to be seen in the game, maybe a scrapped feature? (Thanks to Veritech Guardian at the SSMB for pointing that bit out) Whether any of this is true or not is unknown so we advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

Would you like a sequel with characters from other SEGA games? Sound off in the comments.

Bioware ready to make Chronicles sequel

PALGN have interviewed Bioware’s Sonic Chronices Associate Producer Dorian Kieken.

When PALGN asked Dorian “If Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is successful once released, will there potentially be a sequel?”

Dorian replied “I would be surprised to see Sega refusing a sequel opportunity if the game is indeed successful! In any case, our team is definitively ready to work on a sequel. We even have a precise idea on what to do next if this were to happen… And if you play the game, you might find some hints on what that idea is.”

Bioware already gave a hint at a sequel when the game was revealed with the title ‘Sonic Chronicles’: The Dark Brotherhood and now this. Bioware have obviously worked hard and must have alot of faith in their first DS outing. Let’s hope the game does well and Bioware are approved to work on the sequel they are so keen to start on.

You can read the full interview here.

What do you think Bioware are planning? Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Retailers Reveal Sonic Riders Sequel

Video game retailers EBgames and Gamestop have put up the supposed Sonic Riders sequel up ready for pre-ordering on their sites! The game is titled “Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity” and is listed as having a proposed shipping date of the 1st of February 2008. Currently revealed details on the sites also say that the game will be availiable on both Nintendo Wii (For the pre-order price of $49.99) and Playstation 2 (For the price of $29.99)

No other information has been revealed as of yet about Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity’s details except for the title. It’s not even yet known if it will be available for other consoles other than Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2 (Indeed, SEGA’S American and European sites make no mention of the game) but when we know, so shall you. So please stay tuned to The Sonic Stadium and Sonic News for more information as it breaks.

Many thanks to Holy Nightmare on the Sonic stadium forums for the tip-off!

Sonic Rivals 2 announced!

Not much to say here, really, but various sources have confirmed (GameInformer, some random online store, GameTrailers) the existence of a sequel to Sonic’s PSP debut, Sonic Rivals! The game is set to come out on November 6th this year, and will be on sale for $39.99.

No other details have been revealed regarding the content of the game. Stay tuned to Sonic News for further developments!

New Sonic Rush game in the works?

A member of the Sonic Stadium Message Board has dug up a new trademark filed by SEGA on April 2nd 2007, for a product titled “Sonic Rush Adventure”. SEGA neither confirmed or denied such a project when we contacted them this morning.

Sonic Rush was revered as the best Sonic game of recent years when it was released on Nintendo DS in 2005, but it was largely ignored for its home console flop Shadow the Hedgehog instead. This trademark, using a similar name, suggests that a sequel is perhaps in the works. Considering the insane popularity of the DS handheld worldwide, that’s probably not a bad idea.

It is worth pointing out that many trademarks taken out by companies with the best intentions of releasing it as a product end up cancelled or the result of stillborn ideas. Judging by the nature of the title itself, SEGA could even be taking out a trademark to protect the ‘Sonic Rush’/’Sonic Adventure’ name from potential unauthorised games from other companies. So there is a chance that this could turn out to be nothing.

But hey, if it does… more wonderful 2.5D platforming may await us. Many thanks to super sleuth Keiji Dragon from SSMB for the tip. You can view the trademark for yourself here.

New info on the upcoming Nights game

Sega has recently revealed new information regarding Nights 2. The game’s official name is “Nights: Journey of Dreams”. It will feature 7 new worlds, 3 new powers up called “Persona Masks”, a 2 player mode, will use the WiiConnect24 feature to allow players to send currently unknown items to friends Wiis, and will make use of the Wii’s forecast channel to change the scenery in accordance to the seasons.

The Persona Masks offer new shape shifting abilities to allow Nights to better navigate the land of Nightopia:

  • Dragon mask: Transforms NiGHTS into a huge dragon and makes him resistant to wind effects.
  • Dolphin mask: NiGHTS can change into a dolphin and explore under water.
  • Rocket mask: NiGHTS takes the shape of a rocket and travels at supersonic speeds.

Little else is known about Nights: Journey of Dreams. Stay tuned!

NiGHTS Sequel for Nintendo Wii

SEGA are getting ready to announce a new NiGHTS Into Dreams game for the Nintendo Wii, it has been reported. Gaming website first revealed the information, where it writes that SEGA all but confirmed ‘NiGHTS 2’, yet wasn’t prepared to state this on the record.

Before SPOnG’s article, the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK printed a teaser image in their current issue that has been rumoured to be a reference to NiGHTS. The magazine stated that it was a secret project to be revealed next month, but fears and doubts were raised when it was made clear this was to co-incide with April Fools Day. Continue reading NiGHTS Sequel for Nintendo Wii

Sonic Riders sequel confirmed

Shockingly enough, word has already found its way onto the internet of a sequel to SEGA/Sonic Team’s Sonic Riders, which is due for release next year. This information was brought forward by Takashi Yuda, the producer of Sonic Riders whose past work spans back from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 right through to Space Channel 5.

Eurogamer were lucky enough to talk with Yuda at a press event in London, the following is an extract from their report of the interview:

Speaking at a press event in London this week, Yuda-san told Eurogamer, “there will be a sequel to Sonic Riders, and it will definitely be on PS3 and Xbox 360”. Definitely, we responded, parrot-like to the last? “Yes.” Continue reading Sonic Riders sequel confirmed

Where do Babies Come From? Website Launched

Earlier this week we saw the announcement of the Feel The Magic/Project Rub sequel, Where do Babies Come From?. Naturally, just days after the announcement SEGA have added a page to their Japanese site for the game containing some teaser images, the new logo and more of those wacky Japanese vocals featured in the first game.

We have ninjas currently working on translating the little information available, bear with us until more is available. Stay with SONIC NEWS to find out first.

Feel The Magic Sequel In the Works

Feel The Magic XY/XX was arguably one of the best, if not strangest title to be released with the Nintendo DS last November. It’s no surprise that a sequel is in the works after the games success, the latest incarnation to be titled “Where Do Babies Come From?”. IGN Reports:

Sega has a new DS title in the works from the makers of Feel the Magic. According to reports out of Japan, the new game is a sequel of sorts to the DS launch title, although it has a completely new name, “Akachan wa Dokokara Kuruno?”. This name translates to English as “Where do Babies Come From?”.

The name alone ensures us this title will be the next chapter in the ongoing bizarre love story between our blue haired protagonist and the female whom he chased throughout the first game.

Thanks to Invader Tails from The Sonic Stadium’s own SSMB forums for the link. Stay with SONIC NEWS for more information and the first images as they surface.