Sega confirm to be a phishing scam, the site that over the last few days has been asking “Do you still own a Dreamcast?” has now been 100% proven a fake phishing scam. Sega have revealed that they no longer own Sega plan to take action against the site owners for using their logo’s illegally and request that no-one gives any of their information to the website.

SEGA suing humour website over AoStH gag

“Of course you know this means war!”

SEGA Europe has sensationally filed a lawsuit against humour website YTMND (You’re The Man Now Dog!) over jokes it contains involving Sonic the Hedgehog.

YTMND, for the uninitiated, is a website where users can create their own webpage consisting of only an image for a background and a voice clip as background music. Many trends are built on the back of this, where Star Trek’s ‘Epic Manoeuvres’ and Star Fox’s ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ being gags that has spawned countless YTMND joke pages.

The most popular of the Sonic jokes, a mickey take on the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon motto “That’s NO Good!”, involves editing the voice clip to include various random quotes from films and other cult references. Many different versions of this Sonic gag suggest furry rape or sex or some other kind of ‘NO Good!’ activity, which is likely the reason that SEGA have kicked off in such a way. Continue reading SEGA suing humour website over AoStH gag

Sonic Revolution is confirmed

Thanks to the quick thinking of ‘Gamestatin’ German forum goer and lifelong Sonic fan ‘Knucklessupersaiyan’ Sonic News is able to bring you this report. Knucklessupersaiyan (Luca Koch Wanderbusen) contacted us with a full account detailing the events that occurred on Gamestatin after the information, mentioned in this article, was released.

Countdown to Chaos

About 4:15 CEST on the 30th March, the small German gaming site ‘Gamestatin’ lifted the vale on SEGA’s long kept secret: the Sonic Revolution project. Within minutes of the news breaking Gamestatin’s forum became a flurry of activity amongst German SEGA and Sonic fans alike, but ultimately it was not the news itself that would cause the ensuing controversy, but rather what SEGA did next. Continue reading Sonic Revolution is confirmed

PSO Hackers to be Charged

Sonic Team will now attempt to press criminal charges against individuals hacking into Phantasy Star Online servers. Hacking into a server is illegal under the Japanese penal code. The ‘Team is working with the police to track hackers inside Japan and out, and in some cases, the International Interpol has been notified.

SEGA Sues Kmart for Alleged Non-Payment of Dreamcast Shipments

With all the news/rumours flying around about Sega ceasing production of the Dreamcast, you’d be forgiven for thinking that US retailer Kmart’s removal of the console from its shelves was some sort of reaction to that. Well, you’d be wrong – Sega is suing the chain for allegedly failing to pay around $2.2 million for hardware shipments since 1999.
Continue reading SEGA Sues Kmart for Alleged Non-Payment of Dreamcast Shipments