SEGA’s New Human Super Hero Has A SEGA Saturn-Themed Backstory

You might be aware of this already, but 2020 marks SEGA’s 60th anniversary – and the company has gone to great lengths to celebrate, including building an awesome-looking microsite covering its long history. SEGA recently revealed a new ‘hero’ called ‘Sega Shirou’, a new ‘mascot’ to promote the publisher in adverts – and a new video has included a truly random twist on the character’s backstory. Continue reading SEGA’s New Human Super Hero Has A SEGA Saturn-Themed Backstory

Freak-Out Friday: Segata Sanshiro, SEGA’s Greatest Hero

Source: Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog, Issue #269 – “Ready to Rumble”

Consider this Freak-Out Friday a history lesson in gaming, one that dates back to the bygone era of the mid-1990s.

What’s that? “This doesn’t have anything to do with Sonic the Hedgehog,” you say?

You fools.

What you are about to bear witness to has everything to do with Sonic. In fact, this is about something much, much bigger than Sonic, for had it not been for this man, the Blue Blur — no, SEGA as a whole — would not be around today.

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Community Challenged to Decide Transformed DLC Characters

Selecting characters for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: Transformed has been no easy task for the SUMO Digital team, with many fans voicing their opinions as to which SEGA characters they want to see included in the roster.

A few days ago, Steve Lycett of SUMO Digital (otherwise known as S0L on the interwebs) issued the community a challenge via the SEGA forums:

I’ll set you a challange. Without any policing from the SUMO or SEGA crew, if you can all agree on three characters by the 1st of December and prove there is sufficient interest of at least 1000 unique people *per* character, I will present the result to SEGA. I can’t promise anything will happen as a result, but since you’re starting it…

While nothing is set in stone as to what the outcome of any response will be, the community have already formed a collective and responded. T B from the SEGA forums has organised a set of petitions for the introduction of several SEGA characters as DLC for ASR:T.

Included in the list of characters you can petition for are Axel Stone from Streets of Rage, Ristar, Segata Sanshiro and Bayonetta amongst a whole host of familiar characters.

If you want to participate by adding your signature to one or more of the petitions, follow this link to the SEGA forum which outlines what is required to add your name to the cause.

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Sonic Community Win SEGA’s Needlemouse Challenge

It’s been a very long four days for Sonic fans everywhere thanks to SEGA’s Project Needlemouse Character Countdown. Starved for information about the game with naught but a teaser trailer and rumours of it possibly being a downloadable title for 360 and PS3 to go on, fans leapt on SEGA’s challenge to whittle down a frankly ridiculous list of possible playable characters. The first two challenges were easy with fans racking up 250 correct replies on SEGA’s blog and Facebook page in a matter of hours. The third day was harder with the target of 1000 answers on SEGA’s forum failing to be reached.

In the final challenge yesterday SEGA were asking for a mammoth 1250 correct answers to be posted to their Twitter account or for SEGA or Needlemouse to reach the trending topic list. It was a long night with an extraordinary effort put in by everyone to push for the goal. Many fans had never used Twitter before and set up an account just for this challenge. Others helped members struggling to Tweet correctly by showing them how. It wasn’t long before Twitter was drown under a wave of #SEGA and #Needlemouse posts. SEGA offered words of encouragement and for a short period we were actually posting more topics per minute than some of the top 10 trending topics. It was a valiant effort but while we never made the trending topics list we still won. At around 7am GMT SEGA gave us the word:

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Old-School Japanese SEGA Saturn ‘Sonic R’ Commercial Unearthed

We all know about SEGA’s crazy TV commercials in the UK and US, but little is really known about the ones that ran in Japan (outside of the Sonic ones included in Sonic Jam). Recently, a SEGA Saturn fansite uncovered a bunch of Japanese adverts featuring a weird karate hero called ‘Segata Sanshiro’, and one of them is advertising Sonic R!

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