Project 24 Returns December 15th as Four Station Collaboration

Project 24

9 days from now, a once time-honoured tradition on SEGASonic:Radio is set to return to its airwaves. Those who stuck around long enough will no doubt have heard of it – it is a sweet little day long marathon of DJs bantering around, quality music blasting from the speakers, and more.

Coming round for its 5th edition, Project 24 has been a massive success in its runs and will go live on SS:R as soon as the bell tolls at midnight, December 15th GMT! Listeners are invited to tune in on this special occasion and chat with our esteemed masters of ceremony, especially if they are up for winning sweet, sweet prizes!

In the past, Project 24 brought together DJs old and new from the station’s history, but this year, things have been shaken up quite a bit, for not only will SEGASonic:Radio play host to this event once more, but it will be joined by friends and affiliates at RadioSEGASonic Radio, and RadioNintendo as well!

Here is the tentative schedule for the event – take note that it is not final and is therefore subject to change!

  • 12am – Welcome Show / The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog [SS:R]
  • 1am – The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog [SS:R]
  • 2am – Sanity Within Chaos with cdrom1019 [RN]
  • 3am – Sanity Within Chaos with cdrom1019 [RN]
  • 4am – A/V Hijack with Biafra Republic [SS:R]
  • 5am – A/V Hijack with Biafra Republic [SS:R]
  • 6am – Paraphernalia Radio with JayZeach [SS:R*]
  • 7am – Paraphernalia Radio with JayZeach [SS:R*]
  • 8am – Random Hour with foreversonic [RS]
  • 9am – Random Hour with foreversonic [RS]
  • 10am – Turbo Drive Live with Turbo [SS:R]
  • 11am – Turbo Drive Live with Turbo [SS:R]
  • 12pm – Cyber Razor Cut with SonicYoda [RS]
  • 1pm – Cyber Razor Cut with SonicYoda [RS]
  • 2pm – The Late Late Late Afternoon Breakfast Show with Shadow Remix [SR]
  • 3pm – The Late Late Late Afternoon Breakfast Show with Shadow Remix [SR]
  • 4pm – T-Time with T-Bird [SS:R*]
  • 5pm – T-Time with T-Bird [SS:R*]
  • 6pm – SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy [RS]
  • 7pm – SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy [RS]
  • 8pm – Top 40 Countdown with KC [RS]
  • 9pm – Top 40 Countdown with KC [RS]
  • 10pm – Silver’s Saturday Show with SilverSonic [RN]
  • 11pm – Silver’s Saturday Show with SilverSonic [RN]
  • 12pm – Closing Show / The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog [SS:R]

More details will be trickling through the grapevine, so it would be in your best interest to keep tabs on the four stations involved. As head of SEGASonic:Radio and on behalf of the P24 crew, I hope to see you all on December 15th! Check back for frequent updates!





Mash-Up Monday: Generations of a Lost World – TENDERONI Cinema

And now, for something completely different, here’s a quirky yet pretty cool mash-up TailsChannel put together not too long ago!

When Sonic Generations was formally announced by SEGA through a trailer showcasing Sonics classic and modern in action, many were quick to discover that the track used in the anniversary title’s first preview was Kele’s TENDERONI.

With the trailer to Sonic Lost World gone online via a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, it was soon pointed out that the tune accompanying the video was none other than Benny Banasi and Gary Go’s Cinema.

I don’t think I have to tell you much else about what we’re showing off for Mash-Up Monday!


Don’t forget to send your mash-up tips over via!

Mash-Up Monday: Toot Toot Green Hills Warrior

Hey, TSSers! Long time no see!

To those who’ve been asking what happened to the mash-ups, well, my health plummeted, I got bedridden, this, that, a little bit o’this. Didn’t have a ton of energy to even write, but hey, kicked pneumonia square in the rear since then! It’s good to be back!

So, it’s Labour Day today! Cozy? Good. Relaxed? Great! Well rested? Awesome! Bored? Outstan–wait, wait, not outstanding! We can’t have that, not at a time like this! With that diagnosis, there is only one known cure… The return of Mash-Up Mondays, of course! And what better way to celebrate than to highlight a game with some of the cheesiest theme songs ever, like Sonic CD?

Now, it’s no mystery that You Can Do Anything, the Japanese main theme to the time-travelling SEGA CD escapades of the Blue Blur, and Green Hills of Sonic 2 8-bit fame share the same melody. This shouldn’t come across as much of a surprise, seeing that both tracks share the one and only Masafumi Ogata as the composer. Many have wondered of a possible combination of the two songs, and many others have attempted at mixing the two together, but there is one arrangement that I feel stands above the others!

Put together by Hyper-Shan of the SSMB, this particular mash-up not only combines the two aforementioned tracks, as it incorporates the similar sounding Mecha Green Hill from Sonic Chaos as well into a 5 minute masterpiece! So plug in those headphones and enjoy what many consider to be the definitive version of You Can Do Anything! Sing along, now!


Don’t forget to keep sending your Mash-Up tips and creations at!

You will also be pleased to know that Mash-Up Monday is also part of the now active #SSRisBack revival campaign – assembling a new crew of DJs was only Phase One; social media presence is Phase Two! For all sorts of music updates, including latest discoveries and occasional previews of The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 & Knuckles, and for a roaring good time altogether, don’t delay! Follow us today at SEGASonic:Radio!

And if everything goes according to plan…


LiVECAST: The Music Plant Zone 105 – Sound Check with The Blast Processors

Ya know, that tab is called “Videos and Podcasts” for a reason! Time to put the latter half of the title to good use!

Folks, welcome to The Music Plant Zone, SEGASonic:Radio’s remix-centric LiVECAST, taking up the mantle for BlitzChris’ Blitz n’ Pieces. Essentially integrating Sound Test Saturdays, and The Sound Check on occasion, into a one hour Saturday show, that time is spent highlighting various Sonic, SEGA, and other remixes and original tracks put together by the community.


Last night, I’ve had the honour to interview the Toronto-based SEGA music cover band called The Blast Processors, who have recently released their first EP via Bandcamp. Claiming to have come from the year 2101 in the middle of a civil war (a ripple effect of the Nintendo vs. SEGA Console War), the band is composed of Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Saturn, and The Menacer, and specializes in rock music.

You can check out The Sound Check with the Blast Processors for yourself in the Depository, where we spent most of the time discussing their EP, MAGFest hopes, an upcoming album possibly slated for release by the end of the year, the Worlds Collide Sonic and Mega Man comic crossover, and, as Team Reaverbot, their Mega Man 25th fan game, the interview sprinkled with lots and lots of Seaman.

Also included in this Sound Check are the four tunes of their EP: The Last Stand of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Death Egg Robot of Sonic 2 fame), Sonic Boom, For Family Slain (played live as a tribute to Golden Axe), and Casualties of War (Flying Battery Zone with the Sonic & Knuckles mini-boss theme)!

Support the band by purchasing the EP (for only $3 CAD, mere pocket change!), following them on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook. To those in the area, The Blast Processors are planning some gigs not too far off in the future, so it’d be advisable to keep track!

On a related note, one of the band members also put together a free of charge Worlds Collide-themed album, where 6 select tunes from both Sonic and Mega Man franchises are redone in the opposite’s musical style! You can also download the OST of Mega Man 25th there.

Don’t forget to check out the new SEGASonic:Radio page for the station’s complete schedule. Expect a bigger SS:R presence on the site, to be phased out over the coming weeks!

Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, SEGASonic:Radio Fan Music Festival Schedule for June 23rd


Oh yeah, folks. It’s happening. That three-way collaboration between Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, and our own SEGASonic:Radio, is happening this Sunday.

Hosted by Sonic Radio, the Sonic Fan Music Festival is gunning for its second year this 2013, right on June 23rd! Join us for a birthday bash to remember as we dedicate 12 straight hours of remix goodness to Sonic’s 22nd anniversary!

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM PDT – The Sonic R Show w/Sonic & Shadow Remix of Sonic Radio
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM UK

9:30 AM – 11:00 AM PDT – The Sonic Hour w/Dreadknux of SEGASonic:Radio
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM UK

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT – ForeverSonic’s Random Hour w/ForeverSonic of RadioSEGA
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM UK

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT – Radio Redux w/ArchAngelUK of RadioSEGA
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM UK

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT – SEGA Mixer Drive w/Rexy of RadioSEGA
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT
9:00 PM – 11:00 PM UK

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT – Ultra Wave w/TallGuy-91 of RadioSEGA
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
11:00 PM – 12:00 AM UK

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT – The Music Plant Zone w/VizardJeffhog of SEGASonic:Radio
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
12:00 AM – 2:00 AM UK

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT – The Sonic R Countdown w/Sonic & Shadow Remix of Sonic Radio
9:00 PM – 11:00 PM EDT
2:00 AM – 4:00 AM UK

That being said, The Music Plant Zone and A/V Hijack won’t be airing on their regular timeslots this weekend (consult SS:R schedule here). The Music Plant Zone will be airing at the time written above this June 23rd on Sonic Radio; we’ll see if we can get a relay of the festival onto our stream, but just in case, tune in to Sonic Radio! Meanwhile, the upcoming A/V Hijack broadcast has been delayed to next Sunday.

If you have plans this Sunday, cancel them! …unless this is one of your plans this Sunday, don’t cancel that. Okay? Cool! Cool.

See you there!

SEGASonic:Radio Relaunches June 14th


We’ve shut down for maintenance, we’ve sought some fresh blood, we’ve got ourselves a new crew, and we’ve worked pretty damn hard behind the scenes to prepare the best Sonic-themed radio experience.

Thus, at long last, we are ready. Maintenance time is finally over, because SEGASonic:Radio is returning for good this very week!

For starters, as some keen-eyed visitors of TSS have noticed, adding a certain word in the address bar led to a brand new page, where everything is all bright and green! To likely be added underneath the Media Tab, SS:R has gained its own mini-site, which includes the complete schedule, and streamchatroom, Twitter and Facebook links. DJs will also soon be able to post updates via the front page when episodes of their recent shows are uploaded into the Archive. A few further surprises should roll out over the coming weeks, but I’ll keep mum on those in the meantime… though I could say that the site will become more SS:R friendly as updates go along~!

So, how big of a relaunch are we talking about? Well… SEGASonic:Radio now has a line-up of eight shows – yikes, that’s just about a show every single day! Two returning shows, one taken aboard, and five premieres on this very station! What do we got?

Shows in Season

groove.Rush – Blizooka and Kirbopher
Mondays at 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT; Tuesdays at 1am GMT
Tumblr Blog

The Super Power Flower Hour – FTA and Smoovies
Tuesdays at 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT; Wednesdays at 12am GMT
YouTube – iTunes

Insert Show with DJ EAR – DJ EAR
Wednesdays at 3pm PDT, 6pm EDT, 11pm GMT

Club Rouge – Shadsy
Thursdays at 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT; Fridays at 1am GMT

Turbo Drive Live – Turbo
Fridays at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm GMT

The Kickass Kawaii Show with Edo – Edobean
Fridays at 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT, 10pm GMT

The Music Plant Zone – VizardJeffhog
Saturdays at 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT; Sundays at 1am GMT

A/V Hijack – Biafra Republic
Sundays at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm GMT

I know. Wow.

With all of this said and done, the party resumes this Friday, June 14th. Tune in to Turbo on the ongoing Turbo Drive Live, followed by The Kickass Kawaii Show with Edo …with Edobean! From then on, the schedule rolls as slated above: yours truly on Saturday, Biafra on Sunday, Liz and Kirb on Monday, etc… and with E3 going on, we’ll all likely have lots to talk about! Be sure to tune in!

UPDATE: The Super Power Flower Hour might not be airing next Tuesday due to persisting computer difficulties on FTA’s end. Unless otherwise stated, there might not be a TSPFH broadcast until these troubles are sorted out. A warning from the guy himself!

UPDATE 2: I lost the ability to read a calendar properly. The 14th is what I meant!

SEGASonic:Radio DJ Auditions – The Results!


As many of you might recall, SEGASonic:Radio has not received a whole lot of tender love and care these days. Following the preview for the Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011 last year, SS:R purportedly shut down for much needed renovations. During this downtime, two shows loyally kept on airing – Biafra Republic’s A/V Hijack, and Turbo’s Turbo Drive Live.

Numerous attempts and plans have been conceptualized to relaunch the station, but unfortunately, nothing has quite taken off at 100%. With the former Station Manager, BlitzChris, becoming more and more occupied with life offline (and make no mistake, this is ALWAYS a priority), SS:R had a difficult time retaining relevance within the community. And as time dragged on, things were getting worse.

Sooooooo tl;dr, Dreadknux (who owns both TSS and SS:R) and BlitzChris were at their end of their rope, so they both invested in SS:R Revival Plan C and hoped for the best! That was a joke.

So, as the new Station Manager, I would like to say, on behalf of everyone aboard SEGASonic:Radio: thank you. Thank you for putting up with our collective absence as a station, and a big thanks to all who took the time to audition for spots as SS:R DJs. Your concern for this station’s wellbeing means a whole lot to us, and we are thankful to have received your pitches! The enthusiasm throughout the last three weeks was just about palpable!

Unfortunately, it is as we said when we first put up the notice. While many have indeed entered, only a select few have succeeded. We have received numerous entries, but those that have been picked out have been chosen based on the criteria we have listed in the notice: their pitches were fun, bearable, enjoyable, entertaining, interesting, professional, and most of all, unique. The candidates were chosen based on these qualities, and these qualities alone, so if you have any qualms against us for not having chosen your show, then all I can do is apologize.

Everyone gave it all they got, so to those who’ve passed, I congratulate you in advance and look forward to working with you! To those who did not, you’ve indeed tried, but I regret to inform you that you hadn’t passed – however, though you hadn’t made the cut, we won’t cut contact with you just yet, so keep your eyes on your inboxes in the near future.

Now then! I’ve talked and rambled long enough. I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting antsy (or shaking their computer screens while shouting “GET ON WITH IT”), so enough stalling from me! Without further ado, I think it’s about time to unveil who the three new show candidates are. Shall we?


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Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, and SEGASonic:Radio Team Up for Sonic Fan Music Festival 2013

A follow-up of last year’s event, our friends at Sonic Radio will be hosting the 2013 edition of the Sonic Fan Music Festival, once again in conjunction with Sonic’s anniversary!

A collaborative effort between Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, and SEGASonic:Radio, the 12 hour extravaganza will be taking place via the former two’s servers on Sonic’s 22nd! Handpicked by you, we’ll be celebrating with some of the best and most favourite tunes put together by various musicians in the community!

Sonic Remix and Shadow Remix – Sonic Radio’s Sonic R TV and The Sonic R Show

Dreadknux – Owner of The Sonic Stadium and SEGASonic Radio, The Sonic Hour

Rexy – RadioSEGA’s SEGA Mixer Drive, OverClocked Remix musician

ArchangelUK – Owner of Sonic Wrecks, SW/RadioSEGA’s Radio Redux

ForeverSonic – RadioSEGA’s ForeverSonic’s Random Hour

TallGuy-91 – RadioSEGA’s Ultra Wave

VizardJeffhog – The Sonic Stadium and SEGASonic Radio’s The Music Plant Zone

The fun starts at 8am PDT | 11am EDT | 4pm UK on June 23rd, 2013, so be sure to tune in! Remixers, listeners, submit and vote for the top 20 on the Sonic R Show through!

Speaking of which, did you know that we are currently looking for new DJs on SS:R? Do you think you have what it takes? Auditions close in two weeks!

December Community Update: Mike Pollock UK Appearance, Charity Event and SS:R Christmas Shows

Ho ho ho! We at the Sonic Stadium hope you are all getting into the festive spirit!
If you’re still not feeling it quite yet (or you haven’t seen the Coca Cola advert on TV) here are some announcements that might help you get in the mood!

Mike Pollock to Attend London Gaming Con

The London Gaming Convention returns next year on May 4th and 5th with two days of activities including arcade gaming to cosplaying. This year’s event will also play host to the voice of Dr. Eggman himself, Mike Pollock. May the 5th will also include the “Super-Sonic Sunday” event, with loads of Sonic-orientated antics to entice you to attend.

For more information about the location and costs of the event, check out the London Gaming Convention Website.


48-hour Sonic the Hedgehog Gaming Marathon for Charity

In aid of the Child’s Play charity, Alex and Alex will be taking on 2 days of non-stop Sonic gaming to test their endurance to the maximum. You can tune in to watch their progress from 7PM GMT this coming Friday (14th). All donations made will go directly to the charity, and donors will also be able to influence the choice of games played.

SEGASonic:Radio Christmas Blast!

Tune in to SEGASonic:Radio this Sunday (16th of December) from 3:00PM GMT for a whole afternoon and evening of programming brought to you by a flock of SS:R DJs including Vger (3pm), T-Bird (4pm), Biafra Republic (6pm), Turbo (7pm) and Vizard Jeffhog (8pm).

Expect a huge selection of Sonical songs over six hours, as well as a preview of the new Sonic Stadium Music Album during Vizard Jeffhog’s show and a chance to win yourself a copy of the Crush 40 Live album amongst other prizes during T-TIME.

Don’t forget to join in and chat with DJs and other fans in the Sonic Stadium chatroom too!

SEGASonic:Radio Project 24 – 24 Hours Of Live Sonic Music!

Once again SEGASonic:Radio returns with it’s annual day long radio event on Sunday the 11th of December 2011! This year’s 24-hour LiveCast will play host once more to your favourite SS:R DJs old and now, bringing you the best of Sonic the Hedgehog music and related banter throughout.

Now in it’s fourth installment, Project 24 has been a massive success in recent years giving fans a chance to request and listen to some of their favourite tracks, as well as to engage in conversation with the DJs and other fans on air and via the SS:R Chatroom…and this year we hope to see even more of you guys and girls!From midnight on the 11th of December (0:00GMT), come and join our gang of DJs, including some notable characters from the community!

We’ve brushed the dust off veteran oldies including Hawkz who will return with Hawkz In Da House, and Roarey Raccoon will also be bringing his usual brand of banter once more for the Raccoon Zone. Long-running DJs such as Turbo with Turbo Drive Live and P24 coordinator BlitzChris with Blitz n’ Pieces will be playing host to special P24 versions of their shows, and even head honcho Dreadknux will be returning for a special edition of the Sonic Hour. Those are just but a few shows joining the massive roster for the day’s festivities!

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Bumper Prizes To Be Won On SEGASonic:Radio’s Project 24!

Hohoho! It’s only just turned December,yet all of us here in merry old England are already snowed under! Don’t worry though; we’re all wrapped up warm at TSS HQ eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine. Christmas is coming though, and Santa will be loading his sleigh with merch! Unfortunately to make room for the new, and we need to get rid of it all on Sunday during Project 24!

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[UPDATE] SEGA Sonic Radio Project 24 Returns! Postponed to Sunday 5th December 2010

[UPDATE] Due to a large number of DJs being unable to broadcast next Sunday, Project 24 has been postponed to December 5th. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. To make up for this, T-Time will be filling your stockings early with bumper prize give-aways throughout the show! Stay tuned for more details! [UPDATE END]

Back by popular demand! SEGASonic: Radio‘s day-long event returns for the second year running on November 21st! This year’s 24-hour LiveCast includes a whole host of regular and one-off shows hosted by SS:R DJs old and new, bringing you the best of Sonic the Hedgehog music as well as a whole host of prizes to be given out over the course of the day!

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SegaSonic:Radio – Schedules and New Shows!

SEGASonic:Radio, as many of you will know is the Sonic Stadium’s radio station, run by our team of resident DJ’s bringing you news, reviews, banter and of course the best selection of Sonic the Hedgehog related music!

As well as the current line up, T-TIME Season 3, hosted by your truely, will be back this Sunday at 5PM BST after a long hiatus with a special 2 hour episode! Tune in for some metal-themed mayhem and some opportunities to nab some merch!

Of course, there’s also the full array of other shows to listen in to all week round:

Talk It Up: Monday, 4pm GMT

A/V Hijack: Monday, 6pm GMT

The Raccoon Zone: Tuesday, 9pm GMT

SpeedKnux Pie: Thursdays, 7pm GMT

Turbo Drive Live: Friday, 8pm GMT

The Realm of Awkward  Banter: Saturdays, 1am GMT

Paraphernalia Radio: Saturdays, 10pm GMT

EC-Airwaves: Sunday, 10am GMT

DJ Darkspeeds (Once a Month): Sundays, 4pm GMT

Radio Redux: Sunday, 8pm GMT

You can find all you need to tune in and to join in the chat in the IRC Chat room at the SEGASonic:Radio Web page!

SEGASonic:Radio 2010 Program Line Up!

The Sonic Stadium’s radio station SEGASonic:Radio is back with a brand new attack for 2010! For those not familar with the station, we provide a 24/7 music stream with all your favourite Sonic and SEGA tunes playing around the clock. Not only that, but we have a plethora of SS:R DJs broadcasting throughout the week bringing you news, reviews, chat and much much more!

Check out the schedule!

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The Countdown to Project 24 – A Day of Music and Prizes!


With only 10 days to go until Project 24 kicks in, it’s about time we showed off just some of the reasons you should tune in!

Project 24 is an all-day radio livecast on SEGASonic:Radio, the Sonic Stadium‘s much-loved radio channel with 24/7 music and shows hosted by a swarm of SSR DJs, taking place from 0:00GMT on Sunday the 15th of November and continuing until Midnight the next day! Spearheading the organisation of the project is resident SS:R DJ and Sonic Remix Expert BlitzChris, who has painstakingly promoted the event and even ressurrected some DJs from the bygone days of the SS:R airwaves such as Hawkz and Iceman to brush off the dust on the headset and to take to their shows once more! Also joining the ranks during the day are TSS Staff writer and fangirl heart-throb Slingerland,  Scottish random-rambler JayZeach, a delicious slice of Speedknux Pie,  the husband-wife antics of AAUK and EchoHawk on Radio Redux and the all-too hillarious flagship show The Sonic Hour with our hosts Dreadknux and Roareye…just to mention a few! Even I will be cracking out a collection of my favourite face-melters and metal monsters for a T-TIME! special!


Not only do you have a whole day of back-to-back tunes, requests, programming and chat on the Sonic Stadium IRC,  there will be a huge hoard of prizes to be won during the day including T-Shirts, Sonic Unleashed Beachballs, SEGA Superstars Tennis branded controllers and Smash Brothers Prima Guides. Because this simply is not enough, we’ve even got a signed copy of Jun Senoue’s new album “The Works” to giveaway, yes, GIVE, to one of you lucky hedgehogs or hedgehogettes, complete with Sonic Adventure 2 stickers and an official Jun Senoue guitar pick, used by the man himself! How do you win this you ask? Well…we’ll have more details of that next week! All I can say is, keep Sunday the 15th of November free in your diary! (Props to Roarz for the awesome artwork!).

signed works

Check out more Project 24 details on the Project 24 forum thread!

Personalised Copies of Jun Senoue’s “The Works” on Sale!

worksJun Senoue is a man who needs little introduction. He’s had his hands in the Sonic pie since way back when, working alongside others such as Howard Drossin on the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 soundtrack. Mr Senoue really stepped into the spotlight with the launch of Sonic Adventure back in 1999, when Jun’s band Crush 40, fronted by Johnny Gioeli, blew most of the community away with its blistering soundtrack of fast-paced rock and epic power anthems. He’s just as awesome in real life too!

Well as most of you know Jun has been busy then, and not just with Sonic stuff. “The Works is a selection of tracks from other games such as the NASCAR and Daytona USA racing titles, along with music from the only-released-in-Japan titles, Managing Baseball Team Game / Managing J-League Football Team Game. Those of you who are fans of Ted Poley and Eric Martin will be pleased to know they both feature heavily on the album providing more awesome-sauce vocals.

Anyway, for a limited time Jun Senoue will be personally autographing copies of the soundtrack, which can be purchased on the official Jun Senoue fansite for the meagre price of $30 plus a small postage charge (works out at about £22 in total for UK peoples). Not bad eh? It also looks like Jun will be doing a similar thing with the Best of Crush 40 album “Super Sonic Songs” that will be released next month. The full track listings for both of the albums are listed on the website should you wish to examine them before purchase.

Head over to the Official Jun Senoue Site and follow the instructions to buy

If you’re feeling a little tight fisted, or you simply haven’t got enough pocket money to blow on a copy, then don’t fret! There will be a chance to win yourself a copy of the album over the SEGASonic:Radio Project 24 livecast on the 15th of November! Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Props to Martin aka SOA, webmaster of, for helping sort out this amazing offer for us lucky, lucky fans!