Clean Footage of SegaSonic Bros Emerges!

It’s hard to believe that we first found out about this game back in 2016 and only now we have some clean footage of the game at last!

Clean footage of Sega Sonic Bros has been posted online, directly taken from a new modified version of MAME.

The footage showcases a few new things which we didn’t know previously. When the game reaches level 30, a new SegaSonic Bro enters the game, a white/silver Sonic!

Another new discovery is that at level 40 the music changes to the Blue Spheres theme from Sonic 3, this predates that game by over 2 years! You can check that out in the second video at around 22 seconds.

I’m being told that the individual who compiled this version of MAME goes by the name of GerbilSoft, so send your thanks to them!

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UPDATE: Unreleased Sonic Game SegaSonic Bros Found!


UPDATE: This is starting to look more and more like the real deal, aside from old magazine scans supporting the claim, a second image has now come to light along with more details.


It was created by the creator of Bubble Bobble, Fukio Mitsuji, apparently the game went to a location test and failed.

Source: Tumblr

Original Story: If this is a hoax, well done. If not… Oh my!

An unreleased, unknown Sonic game entitled ‘SegaSonic Bros’ has been found and a single photo shared online, now you might be thinking ‘anyone could have done this’ that’s right, however, when that someone is the same guy who recently found and dumped the SegaSonic Popcorn maker game, odds are it’s the real deal.

No footage has been released yet, but we’ll be keeping a VERY close eye on this one.

Source: Tumblr